Dyson Flashing Red Light – What To Do?

Isn't it frustrating when your Dyson vacuum cleaner acts up and won't allow you to clean? But what is the meaning when your Dyson flashes red light? We are curious about the answer to that question, too. That is why we have conducted thorough research to feed both our curiosities.

Your Dyson vacuum cleaner flashes a red light because its battery has defects or is no longer usable. This particular issue will cause your Dyson vacuum not to start. Eventually, for a majority of these cases, a replacement battery is necessary.

In this post, we will tackle more about a Dyson vacuum cleaner. So, we suggest you keep reading to know the details. Reading the entire article will also help you solve some of the Dyson vacuum's issues.

A popular vacuum cleaner from the company Dyson, Dyson Flashing Red Light - What To Do?

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Flashes Red Light

A flashing red light on your Dyson vacuum means the battery is defective. And that red light warns you, usually because of wear and tear. In addition, you must know that there is no other solution than to change to a new battery. However, there are some factors or regulations that you should consider first before starting to replace the battery of your Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Dyson v6 vacuum cleaner

You have to make sure that the root of the issue is the battery by performing the following:

  1. Get your Dyson vacuum cleaner and try having it on a long charge; for about three and a half hours. Once you finish charging it, try again if it works.
  2. Check if the Dyson vacuum cleaner flashes red when connecting it to the charging station. If so, remove it and plug it straight into the appliance. Alternatively, if the battery indicator is flashing blue light, we suggest you try to charge it once more for three and a half hours. And if it flashes red again, that means the battery is faulty, and you must replace it.
  3. If the device starts to flash an orange light, it triggers something on its security system to shield the vacuum's battery from severe temperatures. And if this happens, it would be best to put the vacuum cleaner in another area with a temperature of between 37 and 96 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Lastly, if you notice that the max button flashes a yellow or an orange light, it indicates that a blockage possibly exists in the device or the filters are dirty. So, if this happens, we suggest you check for blockages in the resivoir compartments, brush, and suction tube of your Dyson vacuum cleaner. Then check and clean the filters. See if there is existing damage to know if you need to change it.

Diagnosing A Failed Battery When Dyson Flashes Red Light

Dyson vacuum cleaner in the store

Before you start changing the faulty battery of your Dyson vacuum, you must learn how to diagnose it correctly. Once you know how to diagnose it, it is time to change it to a new one and choose which battery suits it best.

Diagnosing a battery defect is indeed tricky, especially if you can't open the device. That is why it is a good thing that the Dyson vacuum flashes red when there is a problem with its batteries, and you won't need to conduct extensive testing anymore. However, there are cases where the problem is the connections and not the batteries, so you should be aware.

First, to immediately know if the battery is the problem, you might want to inspect it to see if it has cracks or any visible damage. If so, then you should replace it immediately.

Second, you might want to go direct by replacing it with a battery compatible with the device. You can borrow batteries from your neighbor who also has the same vacuum model, or you can buy a new one. 

Furthermore, you should know that unhealthy device practices can contribute to battery failure due to wear and tear.

Unhealthy Dyson Vacuum Practices

  • Suppose you tend to place the battery of your Dyson vacuum in a place where it reaches extreme temperatures. Usually less than 37 degrees Fahrenheit and more than 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind that batteries are highly susceptible to heat and cold.
  • If you always use the batteries of your vacuum for less than 25% of its load capacity. And just like cell phones, you need to keep your vacuum batteries between 20% to 100% charged. So, bear in mind to immediately charge it to total capacity when you reach 20% battery life.
  • The battery you are using is not the original one or is not compatible with your Dyson vacuum.

Replacing The Battery Of Your Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson display their high quality latest vacuum cleaner V11 in Harvey Norman electrical store

Since the battery is the problem why your Dyson vacuum flashes red, you now have to change it. You can do the job alone, or you can opt to call for the help of a professional. Anything will do as long as the battery is compatible with the device and you insert it correctly.

Contact a professional if you have even the slightest distrust about where the default originates or if your device is still under warranty. The professional can then find the solution that your device needs. You will be able to receive a return label once the technician confirms the failure. You will have to return your Dyson vacuum to a Dyson repair shop to replace the battery. 

The replacement process typically takes three to five days. However, that will depend on the availability of the battery or any parts that it needs.

You don't have to worry about the repair costs if your Dyson vacuum cleaner is still under warranty. If not, then you will cover all the expenses. It would be better to replace the defective vacuum battery yourself.

How To Replace The Battery Of Your Dyson Vacuum?

Dyson is a British company known for it's vacuum cleaners and hand dryers

To avoid the expensive battery repair or replacement cost, we suggest performing it yourself. And for you to do it correctly, you should follow the procedures below:

  • Switch off the Dyson vacuum cleaner. Then unplug it from the power source.
  • Get a screwdriver and use it to remove the screws that you can see at the rear of the vacuum's handle.
  • And to detach the reservoir, you should push the red clasp two times.
  • Then you will now have to remove the screw in front of the vacuum's battery.
  • After that, all you need to do is to remove the battery.
  • Get the new battery and put it into the battery slot to replace the old, faulty one.
  • You should carefully place and position the battery correctly.
  • Put the screws back in their place in reverse order.
  • Once you finish replacing the battery of your Dyson vacuum, reassemble the tank utilizing the given tab.

Here is a visual of this process of replacing the battery in a Dyson V6 model: 

After the battery replacement, the flashing red light on your Dyson vacuum cleaner should disappear. However, if the red light still keeps on flashing, then it is time that you should contact a Dyson after-sales service. Prepare your unit since sending it to them will most likely happen so that they can perform an extensive vacuum diagnostic test.

Finally, if you purchased an original or certified Dyson vacuum battery, expect that you can have a refund because Dyson spare parts have one-year insurance.

Wrapping It All Up

Now that you know what to do in a Dyson vacuum that flashes red light, we suggest that you address and resolve the problem immediately if you must. Resolving the issue will help keep your Dyson away from further damage. 

We hope you find this post helpful. And if you need more solutions to your home and appliances issues, you are free to check our website, or you may click the links below for further reading.

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