11 Fantastic Eclectic Bedroom Ideas (With Pictures)

The term eclectic is defined as deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. Eclectic decorating consists of mixing colors, patterns, textures, shapes, and finishes with various styles from different time periods and decorative genres. Decorating a space using eclectic design concepts offers endless decorative freedom and allows you to personalize your space in a fun, unique way. We have researched many sources to bring you a diverse but condensed inventory of eleven examples of some eclectic bedrooms to inspire your decorative process. 
Neutral toned focal points (such as beds or large furniture) or neutral-colored dominant spaces (such as walls or large window coverings) within your room used to achieve balance within your space are a hallmark trait of eclectic design. Decorations throughout your space in various colors within your color palette can be used to accent your neutral-colored focal point or wall while maintaining an overall color theme. This can be achieved by unifying colors with a piece such as but not limited to a colorful rug, throw pillows, or wall art with colors similar to those used throughout the room. While there are no hard and fast rules for decorating your space, eclectic decorating style consists of a purposeful cohesion within your space. 
Luxurious bright colors classic eclectic style bedroom with king-size bed, 11 Fantastic Eclectic Bedroom Ideas (With Pictures)

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1. Exotic pink

Bold pink, red, purple, and blue hues in various textures and patterns combine with animal print throw pillows and a bright floral throw within the same color palette bring life to this neutral bedding. The animal print accent pillows on the bed, along with the brightly colored bedding, coordinate with the tiger wall art. This intentional joining of the various colors used throughout the room is an important part of the eclectic look, as discussed above.

The unique pink striped ceilings contrast beautifully with the grey and white print wall, and balance is achieved through the dominant neutral space, the white wall -another signature feature of the eclectic look. The formal chandelier lighting and calligraphy art provide contrast to the fun stripes and floral print that might otherwise dominate this space’s overall look. Another cohesive element to this room is the warm brown wood used in several places in this room, which almost matches the tiger print’s color.

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2. Freshly Grown Jewel-toned Garden

The deep jewel-toned hues of this greenery inspired bedding, purple accent pillows, and vase contribute contrasting colors to break up the neutral backdrop typical of eclectic design. This color palette is a cool complement to the warm sunny yellow shade of the overhead print and bedside table. The mismatched hanging lights perfectly accent this entire look.

Fresh bedroom design with modern combination of texture and color

3. Mixed neutrals with warm metallic accents

In this example of eclectic decor, various lines and textures are the main focal points of this bedroom. The metallic hanging light fixtures coordinate with the bedside table to maintain a purposeful cohesion within the room. These light fixtures’ sharp lines contrast with the more subtle lines in the brick wall and the delicate curves of the filigree wall art. Pillows and bedding provide some texture contrast to the bed.

The brick wall behind the filigree wall plaque in the same white color combine to provide a neutral backdrop for the warm neutral shades of tan and the cool neutral shades of grey bedding. Deep red flowers are thrown in the midst of several neutral shades for a splash of deep color.  

Luxurious bright colors classic eclectic style bedroom with king-size bed

4. Mixed beach tones

These neutral colored walls provide the perfect cream-colored backdrop for this eclectic beach look while coordinating with the bedside table, lampshade, and bed linens to create this fun mix of colors and patterns. Mixed textured throw pillows combine the shades of green, blue, brown, and neutrals to inspire this room’s color palette.


5. Grey urban jungle

Live greenery in the room below provides a bright contrast color to the otherwise grey and white space. The greenery itself seems to contrast the urban feel of the painted brick. Grey prints are mixed to achieve this look in combination with a dominant white backdrop.

Eclectic bedroom interior with tropical plants. White brick wall and wooden floor

6. Funky coral tropical

Shades of coral, blue, and yellow are combined in a purposeful mix of prints on the bedding pictured below to break up the otherwise white room. Contrasting tribal and geometric prints in similar colors on the rug and ottoman provide some dark accents to this brightly colored palette. Tropical prints on pillows coordinate with the live greenery to bring some cohesion to the space. From the white metal bed frame to the teal dresser and peacock chair, the different furniture styles are also a typical eclectic design characteristic.

Golden lamp on nightstand in boho girl's bedroom with colorful bedding on bed, green wooden cabinet and peacock chair with pillow

7. Colorful Mexican western 

Mexican sugar skull artwork is the cohesive element in this room that brings together the pink, yellow, and blue color combination splashed throughout the room below. The various textures of the crochet throw, throw pillows, and decorative throws hung on the rack are the perfect example of intentional or purposeful cohesion in eclectic decorating.

Trendy bedroom with colorful bedding

8. Gold and grey

This modern color combination mixes multiple gold hues with deep greys and blue accents, creating a darker version of the eclectic look. Utilizing the bedding and bedside table to provide the room’s neutral focal point allows for the darker grey walls and deep gold decorations to provide a darker backdrop.

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9. Deep colored floral

In the following example, the contrasting colors in the bedding and other small decorative pieces strategically placed throughout the room create colorful breaks in the vivid white backdrop. Composed of multiple decorative elements throughout the room, such as the walls, curtains, bedside table, mantlepiece, and lamp, this neutral dominance is a common eclectic design trait. The decorative detail etched in the repurposed mantlepiece coordinates with the floral plants and throw pillow while contrasting with the sharp lines in the warm-toned burgundy and tan throw pillows.

Warm and cool contrasts are another decorative strategy used in an eclectic design, as demonstrated using the warm neutral tan and pink against the cool distressed grey bedding. The bright blue of the accent chair in the corner of the room closely resembles the splashes of cool blue used in the art piece above the decorative mantle and accents the dark blue in the floral pillow’s background creating the purposeful cohesive look characteristic of eclectic design.

Chic bedroom interior featuring a bed with multicolor cushions and a velvet throw and white ornamented fireplace mantel as a decoration

10. Neutral bed deep cocoa and green

This two-toned wall gives this room a more expansive feel by using white paint from the ceiling on the wall’s top portion. The painting technique used in this particular space complements the headboard’s lines and shelving with frames on the wall while contrasting the actual art in the frames and natural curves of the hanging ivy plant.

The white bedding mixed with neutral accented throws provides the classic light break in the walls’ rich brown color. Various shades of green from the hanging ivy and throw pillows are present in the artwork, bringing the color scheme together. Geometric shape contrasts are often used in eclectic design and are shown below using the curtains, artwork, table decorations, and embroidered bedding. 


11. Soft grey and sweet pink

A softer, more subtle contrast is shown in the picture below. Using contrasting textures and lines while maintaining a narrowed color palette, the eclectic elements can be harder to spot in this example. Keeping a soft pink and deep grey color palette, various fabric textures are combined to create the illusion of depth to the bedding. The solid tones of deep grey are used as the neutral color and perfectly complement the textured grey wall.

The deep grey bedding with contrasting textures combines with soft pink shades to create this comforting color palette. In keeping with the eclectic style, this bedroom contains a variety of lines, from the soft lines of bedding pillows to the sharp lines of the bedside table and the chair’s embroidery. Neutral flooring, bedframe, mirror provide a crisp white accent to the space.

Trendy bedroom with colorful bedding

Final words

If you find matching bed sets and color coordinating walls and decoration monotonous or downright boring, the eclectic look may appeal to your style. Finding a balance within your room while mixing patterns, colors, or any other eclectic attribute can be challenging, but don’t let that stop you from using this style as inspiration for decorating your bedroom. We hope to have helped you to narrow your search for the perfect eclectic bedroom inspiration with the condensed picture examples that we have provided you.

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