21 Eclectic Kitchen Ideas [Photo Inspiration Post]

Fun, exciting, and maybe even quirky! Despite what you might think, eclectic design is not simply a hodgepodge collection of random items. It requires thought and the execution of a unifying theme to create an eclectic masterpiece. Limiting the amount of decorating styles will keep the design from being too much to handle.

21 Eclectic Kitchen Ideas [Photo Inspiration Post]

With eclectic design, be sure to combine these five principles of design: texture, color, line, form, and mass. Bring together items from different time periods as well as from different decorating styles. Neutral colors are a great way to keep the space grounded. Have fun mixing patterns, textures, and decorating styles.

The kitchen is perhaps one of the busiest rooms in the house. People come and go and there always seems to be a flurry of activity. Since it's quite the gathering place, why not make it somewhere that's aesthetically unforgettable? The eclectic style will do just the trick.

Follow along to find some wonderful inspiration for decorating your kitchen with a unique eclectic style!

1. Neutral Colors

Attic loft kitchen with eclectic interior design

Neutral colors ground the entire room, allowing you to incorporate various colors and textures into the space. If you love the idea of an eclectic space but don't want to combine a plethora of colors and patterns, don't worry. You can still achieve an eclectic style with neutral colors! And don't worry, neutral colors will still impress!

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2. Blending Styles

Scandinavian room decor with kitchen accessories

Merge a couple of styles together to create a unique eclectic kitchen. Display your glassware on an open shelf to let the styles shine. Natural textures like plants, baskets, and wood pull the room together and are key to this space. The pale background really makes the various eclectic decorations pop.

3. Geometric Patterns

Geometric designs have been used for ages. It adds visual depth to the area, like this pink kitchen backsplash does. It works in nearly any space and will help balance everything. All the other geometric patterns of various cups, bowls, and items blend beautifully to create a seamless eclectic aesthetic.

4. Mix And Match


Mix and match your styles and colors! Repurpose a rolling workbench as a kitchen island, pile it with oversized jute baskets for storage, and top with fresh florals and candles. The abundance of open shelving gives you plenty of display options and opens the room.

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5. Dark Tones

Moody, dark tones highlight cheery accent colors and the rich texture of the other kitchen items. The dark tones help feature the white, orange, and natural wood elements. It's important to have lighter tones to keep the space from becoming too dark. When blended well, the result is a beautifully decorated space like this one.

6. Intriguing Collectibles


Even with neutral colors, you can add intrigue to the room by mixing in different collectible items as seen in this glass-front cabinet. Trinket finds and other elements provide you with stories to tell. Black and white is a timeless color combination. Make it even more exciting by giving it an eclectic spin.

7. Pastel Makeover

Soothing pastel tones charm the kitchen. Neon colors stand out against the soft hues and electrify the space. Pastels are light, airy, and dreamy, making the color palette the perfect companion for a kitchen. Wouldn't you love to whip something up in this space?

8. Gallery Wall


A gallery wall forms a focal point for the room and one that you can style around. Showcase your home's personality with the items you use for the display. The items used in the display create depth and more texture. Incorporating mirrors helps to open up the room even more.

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9. Shades Of Blue

Cohesion is achieved in this space by utilizing many different shades of blue. The color palette unifies the room no matter what element or style it is. Play with textures, shapes, and patterns! Cane kitchen cabinets look stylish and conceal your cabinets' contents.

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10. Eye-Catching Lighting


Wow with lighting fixtures that won't soon be forgotten. Everything in this kitchen is sleek, modern, and crisp. That is, until you lay your eyes on the lighting fixture. It's wild and oh-so-fun! Mix up the space by installing a unique light fixture.

11. Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic style is naturally a little bit eclectic itself. Repurpose your favorite vintage cabinet as one of your kitchen countertops, display gorgeous market find pots on the wall, and throw in some antique hurricane lamps. Storing your spices on open racks gives your room natural bursts of color.

12. Vibrant Plant Life


Plants breathe life into any room in which they're placed; they provide excellent organic texture and color. Find lots of fun vases or hanging pots that will enhance the room's aesthetic. This kitchen does a great job of balancing design elements: no visual overload.

13. Ornate Blend

Blend in some ornate accessories to your modern age kitchen. Do you have a fancy plate collection? Break it out and display your favorites in a collage on the wall. If you have a small corner nook in your kitchen that you can't seem to figure out, place a small love seat or plush chair. It will foster conversation and soften the space.

14. Neutral Plus Color


Bold colors pop brilliantly against the neutral color palette of this kitchen. Pick your foundation color and go from there. White is always an excellent choice considering its incredible ability to match any color, style, or pattern. Subway tiles are absolutely timeless and stunning. Breadboards and stamped antique crates add organic qualities. Matte metal hardware, faucets, and light fixtures provide style consistency.

15. Cohesive Display

Subtle vibes of a European café shine through this space. The stenciled paint on the white brick wall adds charming character and spruces up the otherwise ordinary wall. The trendy barstools and lush greenery make the eclectic scene truly pop. Bold woven light fixtures decorate the room and command attention.

16. Contrasting Textures

[PIN id="322007442108004988" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]


Contrasting textures that complement each other perfectly make for quite the design. The natural wood is strategically placed all around the kitchen, which brings organic texture, color, and warmth. Floating shelves house all your kitchen needs as well as fun, decorative accessories. Rustic, chic, and industrial vibes merge wonderfully in this homey eclectic kitchen.

17. Style Combo

[PIN id="90283167518632965" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]


If you like to be bold, this may be just the style for you. Jewel tones are all the rage, adding instant depth and rich color. The vibrant Turkish rug stands out against the jewel tones in the most radiant way. The modern bubble-like light fixture radiates in the space. The loud colors complement each other without being overpowering.

18. Wallpaper Wows

[PIN id="701013498229345939" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]


Have you ever seen such fantastic wallpaper? It's whimsical, it's magical, and it's downright unforgettable. Maybe you didn't realize the power that wallpaper has to completely transform an entire room. Perfect your eclectic room by finding the right wallpaper.

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19. Bold Choices

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Bold colors and patterns don't have to clash! With a careful hand, they can blend seamlessly. Bright oranges, cobalt blue, and black and white patterns never looked so good. Enjoy the freedoms of eclectic design with your styling choices. You'll find something new and exciting each time you lay your eyes on the room.

20. Playful Lights

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Fancy, colorful blown glass lights serve as quite the kitchen display. Make a statement. The colorful lights dance above the elongated kitchen table. The asymmetrical lighting scheme makes the aesthetic all the more unique. Floral patterns on the bench and the fresh bouquets on the table bring down the warmth of the blown glass. Open shelves add depth and provide room for styling items.

21. Leading Lines


Leading lines help draw the eye forward toward the kitchen area. The deep jewel tones used in the kitchen provide a rich backdrop for all the other elements. The two yak pictures rest atop the kitchen counter, balancing out the room. Large circular light fixtures hang down and cast a warm glow in the kitchen. Talk about a cohesive design!

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