30 Eclectic Living Room Ideas That Will Inspire You

30 Eclectic Living Room Ideas That Will Inspire YouEclectic design is a little more complicated than contemporary or Scandinavian ideas. It is a mixture of elements from various design aesthetics, combined in a way that is fun and exciting. There doesn’t seem to be any particular set of rules that let you govern if you’re doing things right. While all this sounds intimidating, going ‘eclectic’ gives you the ability to create any room you conceptualize.

Just make sure all the design elements in your room flow together instead of looking out of place. This brings up a big question. When to decide if a particular décor item does not fit?

We’ve explored this question in greater detail by taking some of the best examples from Instagram. Read our suggestions below and use them as a rough guide as you start your own ‘eclectic’ journey. With our tips, we strongly believe you’ll be able to create interiors that work perfectly every single time.

Also, this post contains 30 Eclectic items that will help you in giving a good look to your room. Maybe other ideas will interest you like 64 Neutral Living Room Designs Ideas That Will Inspire You, just something to add on your design list.

1. 80s Vibes

Evoke design elements that dominated the early 80s and 90s, a mix of traditional and contemporary Native American tribal designs. Taking the centerpiece is a rug draped below the double-decker table. The art on the wall looks colorful and tells a story.


2. Playing With the Lighting

The use of ample light fixtures in this condominium looks masculine but placing the studio lighting in the far corner seems to do the trick in lighting up important areas of the room. There are few items with bright pops of color, except for the shelves.

3. Mixing and Matching Couches

The decorative floor rug with its floral patterns provides a strong foundation for the room. Notice that most design elements seem to revolve around the rug. The designer depends heavily on the patterns of the couch and sofas, and it does seem to work. Adding some extra pops of color is the table in the corner, taking the shape of a red flamingo, if there is such a thing.

4. Tradition Works

No modern devices seem to be used in this living room, even the lamp in the far left seems to be powered by gas. The shag rug helps draw attention to the generous seating space on the couch. The use of color is minimal, in keeping with the tribal theme.

5. Use of Recessed Lighting

This living room is a great example of recessed light fixtures beaming attention to specific areas of the room. It’s a great way to accentuate the room while creating a mysterious aura. Lighting aside, the designer went with a completely minimal design with this room.

6. Throw Pillows all the Way

What happens when you run out of space for throw pillows on your couch? You rest them comfortably against the edges and handles. Of course from a functional perspective, the design fails because the throw pillows will freefall when disturbed. But the design draws attention to what really matters: the mini art gallery on the wall.

7. Art Pieces

The flamingo art piece on the wall could be the centerpiece of this living room. It’s reddish pink hues strongly contrast against neutral décor of the room. Another decorative piece that adds extra pop of colors is the lavender on the table. You could try experimenting with a different color for extra effect.

8. Colorful Interior

The interior is filled with all the colors from on the visible spectrum, including black and gray. But what really stands out about the picture is the natural lighting which illuminates all the colors separately. The throw pillows in particular were well placed by the designer.

9. Use of Plantation

This living room is plantation done right. It doesn’t look forced-upon and has earned its place on the counter. Adding more design points is the spotted curtain which lets just the right amount of light in. The art décor on the wall provides more depth and character to the room.

10. Throw Pillows on the Floor

The throw pillows at the foot of the sofas add texture and color that spruces up this room. You don’t always have to follow the rules to create a chic eclectic living room. Be a rebel if it adds charm and coziness to your interior.

11. Unusual Wallpaper Border

The wallpaper border features a light blue hue sandwiched between golden strips. It helps the room pop out and steers attention towards the centerpiece of the living room, i.e, the entertainment center.

12. Wooden Panels

The general idea behind Scandinavian rooms and minimalism is to take advantage of straight, clean lines. This room features few décor items that truly take attention, because it is geared more towards complementing the subtle architectural details.


13. Greenery all the Way

Plants in the room divide the space in the chicest way possible. This is only possible if you have enough extra surface in your room that serves no functional purpose. The variety of plants makes the room look interesting, but what really stands out is the green sectional sofa which matches the color scheme well!


14. Use a Single Color Throughout

A single color, whether it’s bright white or pitch black, helps your eclectic design to shine. It eliminates the need to coordinate with other accessories in the room since everything shares the same color.

15. Adding a Statement Piece on the Wall

To some designers, it can be a little difficult to choose a statement piece to adorn their walls without feeling conflicting with the room. Just make sure the print is in uniformity with the room’s color scheme and everything will be fine.

16. Blue Accent Furniture

If you choose one color, make sure you commit to it for the entirety of the room. In this case, the blue couch is contrasted by the neutral white walls and chic gray carpet draped smack dab in the center of the room.

17. Brown Aura

Can you notice the furniture? They share the same characteristics including the upholstery and color. The white walls contrast the dominant gray theme of the room. Wood flooring lay the foundation for the rest of the room to follow.

18. Throw Pillows Make Sense

Struggling to find a focal point for the room? A good way to achieve this is by using throw pillows. They are cheap, economical, and there are literally thousands of designs and prints to choose from. In this case, the addition of one cream colored suede throw pillow makes the room look luxurious.

19. Use a Throw Rug

This room could survive the ice age if it were thrust upon the earth now. Those fluffy throw pillows, thick upholstery, and furry throw rugs pull the room’s design elements together.

20. Blue vs. Red

The visually contrasting blue and red charm both the homeowner and the audience. Red chairs with blue throw pillows were used for this room, while a crystal chandelier gives more definition to the eclectic design.

21. Moss Centerpiece

The beauty of eclectic design is that you can combine just about any elements into the room and they will work. In this case, the moss centerpiece may be the highlight of the room.

22. Antique Mirror

Amazing how an antique mirror can look so charming. The vibrant velvet blue sofas are a direct contrast to the red patterned rug that ties the room together without clashing.

23. Candle Centerpiece

Candles traditionally used to serve a singular purpose: that of providing illumination. But today, they can serve as a centerpiece that can make your eclectic design really shine. Make it bolder by adding a collage of artful photograph.

24. Cove Lighting

A great way to highlight an important piece in your room would be to take advantage of cove light effects. The subtle way it illuminates the centerpiece item will make for a stylistic statement in of itself.

25. Pink Throw Pillows

Notice how the dark blue color of the couch provides a strong contrast to the throw pink wallpaper of the room. To strengthen this effect, pink throw pillows are strategically added for extra design points.

26. Mix of Color

It helps to mix and match with versatile colors to create a versatile pattern. In many cases, such experiments tend to be a hit and miss. Few interior designers are able to bring together lovely designs without looking out of place.


27. Charcoal and Pink Combo

Charcoal colors immediately register as neutral elements in the room, but they are in direct contrast to the pale pink elements, which keep the background from feeling dull.

28. Add a Picnic Bench Table

Try adding a picnic bench table to your room. The rustic wooden paneling provides a natural contrast to contemporary decors. A good idea is to pair the wooden panels with greenery.

29. Using Tribal Cultures

Many tribal themes celebrate life transitions, which explain why they look so appealing in living rooms as decorative art pieces.

30. Featured Living Room

Don’t like work tables, you can do away with them completely. Just make sure you complete the room with a couch that instantly draws your attention. You can also elevate the room with an art gallery.

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