9 Egyptian Bedroom Ideas [and How to Implement Them]

At night when you close your eyes you dream of the pyramids. You imagine surrounding yourself with luxurious fabrics and accents of gold, things to make you feel like a pharaoh in your own home. Egypt is the place that calls your soul and even if you've never been, you can still create a world fit for the Queen of Sheba in your very own home.

9 Egyptian Bedroom Ideas [And How To Implement Them]

In this post, we'll show you nine different bedrooms to bring out your inner Egyptian. These images can guide and inspire you to succeed in the remodel of your dreams. We'll show you where to find similar design elements to purchase for your own bedroom. We'll point out color palettes and furniture styles, everything to steer you down the Nile of your own imagination. With a little planning, you'll soon turn your current bedroom into the Egyptian themed room of your dreams. Read on to see what we've found.

If you're looking for a simple change, consider adding some Egyptian themed wall decals to your room. Geometrically designed shades on the bedside table lamps create echoes of hieroglyphic characters and the floral and bird pillows pull in the natural design so often found in Egyptian imagery. This is a quick and easy way to create the theme you've been wanting.

We found this pharaoh sticker on Amazon to help you get the same look for your wall.

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If you want some lovely birds to grace your bed and bring in that natural feeling, check out this gorgeous throw pillow we found that should do the trick exquisitely. Other designs are available.

When you're thinking about an Egyptian room, you want to think about your color palette.  This bedroom relies heavily on the golds and ochres found in many Egyptian themes. A four-poster carved bed with carvings and a fabulous gold-toned set of comforter and sheets and pillows make this room inviting. On the walls, the use of painted stencils brings out the feel of hieroglyphics. A natural wicker wastebasket and striped throw rug pull elements of the natural world into the overall design. It's royal without being overly intimidating.

We found this stunning comforter set to bring in the regal gold feeling of the bedroom above.

Pair it with this geometric throw rug and you're on your way to the perfect room.

For a simple woven wastebasket like the one shown in the bedroom above, try this one.

Black and gold and white are one of the most classic combinations for pulling off a true Egyptian themed bedroom. This regal room utilizes a gold accent wall behind the headboard, built-in black and gold columns, a canopy drape to hang over the bed, gold and black carved bed, and pillows in black and gold. Every detail is kept simple and on the theme, which helps create the feeling of being in another time and place. It's all about the right accents and we've found a couple of things that may help.

We found this great draping in black that you don't need a four-poster bed to achieve the look with.

For some eye-catching pillows in black and gold to make your bedroom come alive, check this beauty out.

Sometimes all you need is an incredible piece of artwork to pull off the look you're going for. This gorgeous painting looks like it came straight from the interior of King Tut's tomb. You might not have the cash to buy an original but there are so many fantastic Egyptian inspired prints out there to give your bedroom a great new feeling. We found a few tapestries that will take your room from stale to sultry.

Here a king and a queen with a background of Egyptian symbolism. You can draw from the colors in your artwork to choose bedding and other accessories.

You might want to go large and neutral like this oversized wall tapestry.

Or this. Click here to see it on Amazon.

It's the mystery of the Egyptian tombs that inspires you. So why not go dark? This room is bold with dark walls trimmed in gold, a fabulous black four-poster bed, and lighter floors. An iron chair, a copy of a pharaoh's sarcophagus against the wall, and a gorgeous trunk in tones of deep redwood make this bedroom a real stunner. The diagonal placement of the bed creates a real focal point and helps keep the mystery going.

We found this geometric iron bed that would work perfectly for your Egyptian themed room. Bold yet simple it leaves room to fill out your design with inspired accessories.

If you want to bring a sarcophagus to your space, check out this full-sized wall sculpture shaped like King Tutankhamun's royal coffin. It's simply amazing.

Don't discount the colors of the desert when designing your Egyptian space. This room is inviting in hues of the sand and the sunrise, utilizing color for the bedding, pillows, and murals, while keeping the base colors of the walls and flooring neutral. Accents in gold fill out the look.

We found these great side tables in gold with neutral white marble tops to help you achieve the look of this room.

For bedding, consider these luxurious silk throw pillows to make your bedding sparkle.

Palm trees and prints will make you want to eat dates in bed as you dream of riding a camel to the oasis. This dreamy Egyptian themed room takes advantage of the colors of sunset on sand. Rich burnt orange and creamy beige combined with darker wood accents and pops of black really pull this room together.

We've found this comforter set in the color of the sand that will pull in the palm tree elements you desire.

This black lamp will bring a bold accent to your bedside tables.

The deep blues of lapis lazuli and the gold of pure gold leafing make this room feel like entering the home of a queen. Amber tones echo in the flooring and the lovely lamp which gives way to the outdoors. Above the bed is a tapestry on papyrus, the paper of the ancients.

If you need the perfect pair of lamps, consider this pair. The warm hue of the gold glass with the deeper accents will marry perfectly with your blue and gold linens.

This grouping of small prints on actual papyrus would make a beautiful larger piece for above your bed.

Egyptian decor wouldn't be complete without heavily carved furniture. This magnificent bedroom features a large bed with massive carved golden columns covered in hieroglyphics. A small brilliant gold table and large carved mirror over the fireplace bring in similar elements. Deep burgundy bedding with a smattering of gold accent anchors the look.

We've found a mirror to reflect all this Egyptian style. It has a stylized leaf feel to it, like much of the accent work seen in Egyptian wall reliefs.

To match the look of this amazing bed, why not give this regal comforter set a try? We think the look will work to make this room your reality.

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