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Elegant Draperies For Living Room [17 Ideas That Will Inspire You]

If you're looking for a great way to upgrade the look of your living room, elegant draperies do the trick. The draperies can come in a variety of fabrics, and they are rich in texture, color, and pattern. By definition, elegant means "pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance."

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Draperies that fit this description do wonders for the room, and they are ideal for the homeowner that wants a luxurious aesthetic. Their only downside is that they generally don't filter as much light as traditional curtains.

Believe it or not, there are elegant draperies on the market in the same price range as traditional curtains.  You don't have to break the bank to get draperies that will give your home that highly sought after luxurious feel. However, prices can be slightly higher for draperies that are longer than average or draperies that have more fabric.

To help you in your hunt for the perfect elegant drapery aesthetic, we put together 17 elegant drapery design ideas for the living room. Without further ado, get inspired!

A collage of elegant draperies, Elegant Draperies For Living Room [17 Ideas That Will Inspire You]

1. Streamlined Look

Art deco style living room with sophisticated furniture all around

The curtains surrounding this room give it a streamlined look. Since the curtains seem to melt into the ceiling, the room's design looks seamless. The lighting glows at the top of the curtains to cast warmth into the room and elevate its aesthetic.


2. Curtain Pairings

Sunny Living room with blue paint wall and a white cabinet

Pair sheer curtains with a bold patterned and colorful curtain. While the sheer curtain provides light filtration, the patterned curtain does a great job of creating a colorful impact. The color of the accent wall in this living room is also reflected in the stripes of the curtain.

3. Ruffled Look

Stylish and elegant living room with beige curtains

Don all your windows with gorgeous window treatments, using lots of fabric and ruffles to create a truly elegant look. Careful attention to each piece of the fabric ensures that there's not a piece out of line. The creamy fabric complements that of the furniture in the room.

Luxury Curtain Set

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4. Color And Design

Rose curtains in modern interior

Tell a story with your draperies. The rich magenta paired with the soft white adds drama to the aesthetic. The unique way in which the sheer draperies are hung makes the draperies a focal point in the room.

5. Thick Fabric

Palm Springs Living room with brown curtain

Sometimes using a thick fabric for your draperies is the perfect way to form an elegant aesthetic in the living room. The way that the fabric falls and billows is stunning. The color complements that of the sectional couch and ottomans very well, creating cohesion in the space.

6. Long And Sheer

Modern Living Room Interior design

Is your living room full of sweeping floor-to-ceiling windows that bring in a wealth of natural light? Of course, natural light is a welcome sight. One way to help dial down its strength is with the addition of sheer curtains. The sheer curtains filter the light and cast a soft glow inside.

Brown Sheer Curtains

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7. Luxurious Feeling

A stylish and modern living room with white sheer curtains

These sheer curtains have a slight linen appearance to them, giving them a texture-rich look. Filling the entire length of the windows brings about a luxurious feeling.

8. Patterned Curtains

Modern designed living room with white wall and a greyish blue curtain

This room has a two-tone color pattern in the classic black and white theme. Those two colors paired together are a classic, elegant look. Accent artwork and fresh-cut flowers make for the perfect companions for this classic color combination.

Using black and white striped curtains brings in the ideal amount of pattern to break up color monotony in the room.

White And Black Striped Curtains

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9. Neutral Colors

A dark green wall living room with white cabinet trend

Soft, neutral colors are naturally calming. They have the power to command attention in the room, even without being loud. The soft colors come together for a luxurious display.

10. Window Treatment Set

Elegant living room with ornate curtains and furniture

A window treatment set includes all the pieces you could possibly need to create a dramatic look. Tassels, swooping valances, and loose fabric are stunning in this complete treatment. The color of the curtains subtly matches those of the throw pillows, accent chairs, and even the carpet.

11. Panel Pair

Living room with high ceiling

Tall windows are dramatic in and of themselves. A great way to complement the dramatics is with a pair of long curtain panels. The long panels even give the room a more formal, polished look.

12. Shapely Draperies

Modernize living room in the cottage

For an elegant look, ensure your draperies follow the architectural lines of the home. This emphasizes the beauty of the place and complements the structure. Use enough panels to fill the space. Leaving one panel in the middle of the set adds an interesting visual contrast.

13. Hidden Tab Curtains

Living room in contemporary style

Hidden tab curtains keep the unsightly top of the curtains hidden from plain sight while also making the curtains blend seamlessly into the design of the room. This automatically elevates the aesthetic, giving it an elegant appearance. The almost-gold sheen of the curtains is glamorous, too.

14. Modern Maven

Contemporary living room with white and brown curtains

No room is complete without the addition of curtain panels. Don't let your modern aesthetic fall flat. Make sure to incorporate the beauty of curtains into the style of the room. These curtain panels enhance the decor of the room and soften the features.

15. Puddled Curtains

Interior of empty modern living room with sofa and big windows with curtains

Perfect the look of puddling curtains! It certainly adds flair, personality, and dimension to the living room. Flowing fabric does wonders for the overall aesthetic.

16. Pattern Play

Blue room with two armchairs white cabinet and curtains

One way to really spruce up a room is through the use of patterned curtains. While solid-colored panels may be on the safer side, patterns speak loud and proud. They're a wonderful way to either add or support accent colors in a room's design.

Patterned Curtains

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17. Consistent Patterns

Contemporary living room with sofa, curtains, table and vases

Patterns are shared throughout this from design. Both the throw pillows and the accent chair share the pattern of the curtain panels. This really marries the room, giving it that cohesive, elegant look that's so sought after.

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