17 Elegant Emerald Green Living Room Ideas

If you’re crazy about the color emerald green, you’re not alone. It’s one of the hottest colors in home decor right now, and for a good reason. All shades of green are relaxing and refreshing, but emerald green adds an element of luxury and sophistication as well. This gorgeous color is showing up in upscale living rooms all over social media. 

As beautiful as emerald green is, it can be tricky to work it into your living room design. What colors go with it? How much is too much? Should you just use it as an accent, or can you make it your main color? We’ll cover all of the challenges that come with using this rich shade in your interior design and give you lots of inspiration for incorporating it into your existing decor or designing your living room from scratch. 

An emerald colored accent wall with wooden rustic inspired furniture's with a round bronze coffee table, 17 Elegant Emerald Green Living Room Ideas

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One way to incorporate emerald green into your living room without feeling overwhelmed with the color is by using it on your furniture. From sofas to side tables, emerald green looks fantastic on furniture. 

1.  Precious Metals and Jewels

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Luxurious interior of modern living room with green furnitures, golden vases and figurines, and small green sofa

This dramatic living room incorporates shades of gold to play off the jewel color of the tufted sofa. The lighter shade of green on the wall provides a soothing backdrop. The use of gold as an accent color ties this room together without the use of competing colors. One secret that designers use to make a room look high-end and cohesive is to stick to one hue in various shades and use neutrals as accent colors. The striking monstera plant and smaller succulents stay in the color palette and add a soothing natural element. 

2.  Art Inspired 

Interior of a retro inspired living room with emerald colored furniture's, wooden tiled flooring, gray carpet. and white painted wall

A great way to incorporate emerald green into your living room is to pull shades from a piece of art you already love. The oversized abstract painting clearly inspired this designer. In addition to pulling colors from this painting, this living room has echoes of the shapes as well. The ottoman, side tables, and throw pillows all mirror the circles found in the painting. Instead of using different shades of green, there are pops of the complementary color red as well. 

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3.  Statement Dresser

Emerald green dresser

If you’re not in the market for a new sofa, but you want to add some emerald green, try giving new life to a thrift store piece like this dresser. The black and white lamps, along with the bold floral wallpaper, turn this gorgeous piece into a true showstopper. 

4.  Seeing Double

Two emerald green sofa

What could be better than one green sofa? Two green sofas, of course! These two green sofas bring symmetry to this classic room. The neutral gray walls and rug keep the emerald green color from being overpowering. The gold accents on the coffee table, mirror, and lighting fixture add to the glamor. This room achieves a great balance between calming neutrals and decked-out glamor. 

5.  Tufted Velvet

Emerald green sofa inside a brick living room

This music-loving homeowner paired a folksy guitar collection and fun throw pillows with this sophisticated tufted velvet sofa. Few combos work better than velvet and emerald green. The fun peacock print adds a touch of whimsy to the overall feel. This room is dramatic without taking itself too seriously. The playful elements offset the formality of the sofa for a comfortable but stylish look. 

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6.  Emerald Stones

Gorgeous geometric dresser

This amazing sideboard puts the jewel back in emerald. Literally shaped like a jewel, this stunningly unique piece is sure to be a conversation starter. This dramatic piece of furniture is not for the faint of heart. It won’t fit into just any living space, but if you have the flair of a designer and a modern or eclectic space, this may just be the perfect piece for your living room. 

7.  Jungle Love

A beautiful gorgeous living room with an emerald sofa

If you want to walk on the wild side, this room can be your inspiration. This modern green velvet sofa, which would be an attention-grabber all on its own, becomes part of the scenery in this jungle-inspired living room. The real plants and the painting work together to make this room look like something from a fairy tale. The complementary pink pillows pop against the variety of green shades while the rattan adds to the natural vibe. 

Wall Color

If you’re interested in going all-in on the emerald green in your living room, painting your walls may be the best way to do it. Whether you do an accent wall or the whole room, emerald green walls will make a dramatic statement. 

8.  Book Lover’s Paradise

Emerald painted library

The color combo of green and gold pops up repeatedly in the work of top designers. Like black and white, it’s a classic for a reason. There are so many different options that it never gets old. This room uses contrast, one of a designer’s top weapons, by mixing rustic and glamor. The antlers and wildlife prints look like something you’d find in your grandpa’s hunting cabin, while the gold frames, chandelier, and leopard print stools are movie-star glamorous. 

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9.  Understated Elegance 

An emerald colored accent wall with wooden rustic inspired furniture's with a round bronze coffee table

This room is a great example of using emerald green walls to achieve a calming, natural room. While there are still touches of glamor in the starburst mirror, frame, and metallic accents, the use of neutral furniture keeps it from taking over the room. The natural light that floods this room keeps it from being too dark or dramatic. 

10.  Classic Preppy

An emerald green sofa and a matching green emerald wall

Emerald green doesn’t always have to be sultry and dramatic. Paired with midcentury-style furniture and crisp white molding, this dark green wall makes this living room look like an updated classic. The light beige floor coordinates with the white trim to provide a neutral backdrop for the accent wall. This minimalist space packs a lot of personality without being overpowering. 

12.  Over the Top Glamor

Baroque themed living room

This homeowner, on the other hand, has gone all out with the glamor. This room evokes Baroque glamor everywhere you look, from the elaborate molding to the two elephant statues flanking the fireplace. It is a feast for the eyes, with layers upon layers of textures and colors. Things that would be centerpieces on their own in any other room blend into the background in this room, such as the cello casually leaning against the marble fireplace. 

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Accent Pieces

If you’re still wary about going with a large piece of furniture or painting your walls, you can bring emerald green into your living room with some accent pieces. You can personalize your room with just a touch or go all out with splashes of this gorgeous color. 

13.  Natural Treasure

An eclectic coffee table

This unique side table plays off of the theme of geology. Emeralds are crystals, after all. The gold outlines and legs make this table look more like jewelry than furniture. It’s stunning enough to be the centerpiece of a room but small enough not to steal the show. 

14.  Draped in Emerald

Beautiful drapes matching the emerald green throw pillows

Hanging green drapes is a great way to get the feel of the drama of a dark wall without the commitment. When they’re drawn, they take up a lot of wall space and give the same effect painting a wall would. If it’s too much, or you want to take advantage of the natural light, you can open them and minimize the effect. 

15.  Pillow Talk

Bright emerald green throw pillow

Pillows are the perfect way to try out a color to see if you like it. They’re usually pretty inexpensive, so if you end up hating it, you’re not out a lot of money. You can move them around and see where the color pops in your room and where it blends in. 

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16.  Green Light

Gorgeous modern living room

This brilliant emerald green light fixture would look stunning in any room. This light in the style of antique banker’s lamp would look equally at home in an eclectic living room or a more modern design. The translucent glass will match a lot of colors, while the gold adds a high-end touch. 

17.  Natural Touch

A yucca plant and an emerald planter

Few artificial items can rival nature’s beauty. You may as well take advantage of this and incorporate plants into your living space. This elegant planter provides a beautiful framework to show off your favorite plant. Whether you want a showy flower or a simple succulent, this planter will work great for both. 

In Closing

Emerald green is a favorite of designers for a reason. It’s a stunning color that can work with every style of decorating, from modern to eclectic. You can add small touches or drape your entire living room in it, but every home can benefit from having a touch of emerald green. 

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