9 Gorgeous Emerald Green Sofa Living Room Ideas

Green is a color that's quite stylish and popular at the moment in home decor. There are numerous variations of green, and one of the most vibrant is emerald. Emerald green is a medium shade of green and gets its name from the brilliant gemstone. The color symbolizes wealth and prosperity, but it also represents balance and harmony, making it an ideal shade for home decor.

If you have been looking to incorporate more green into your home, a great way to accomplish this is with a dazzling emerald green sofa. The bold color can collaborate with many different design styles, enhancing both modern and traditional interiors and everything in between. 

Modern Interior Living room, 9 Gorgeous Emerald Green Sofa Living Room Ideas

The Best Colors with Emerald Green

Green looks fantastic with other bold colors, but pairing it with lighter colors will make it stand out more and keep things bright in a room. Additionally, since green is a color of nature, you can opt to decorate with other natural colors like tan or brown. Whichever option you choose, you are guaranteed to have a living room that embodies originality and creativity.

If you are wondering what the best colors to coordinate with emerald green are, the experts say that virtually any color will look great. You can use warm or cool colors such as blue, red, pink, and even gray in a room with an emerald green sofa, but really the options are endless. 

The drama that emerald green brings to a room is stunning, and you will not regret boldly choosing a color that many wouldn't normally consider. To help you get started designing a brand new look for your home, we have compiled a list of 9 emerald green sofa living room ideas! Let's get started.

1. Elegant Emerald

luxurious and stylish home interior (living room) with high-quality furniture

The classic green sofa in the photo gives this room a nostalgic feeling, and the simple wooden furnishings contribute to the overall ambiance of the space. The white walls brighten things up, while the nature-themed artwork is a nice touch that enhances the color of the sofa and further creates a traditional mood that is elegant and charming. 

Everything is so wonderfully color-coordinated, but not in a matchy way. The atmosphere in the room comes together quite naturally.

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2. Simply Modern

Interior of the living room with green sofa

Sometimes less is more, and that is the case with the room in this photo. The decor is simple and it perfectly complements the chic, emerald green sofa, especially the plain, rectangular coffee table which is a minimalist's dream.

The lighter green plants and the colors in the rug keep things coordinated with earth tones, and the white walls and drapes provide a lovely contrast to the dark-colored couch. The overall effect is simple, bright, and modern. 

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3. Green Galore

Classic green interior with sofa

The room in the photo daringly pairs a green sofa with matching drapes and even darker green walls. The abundance of green is stunning and avoids appearing too overwhelming because of the light brought in from the window and the gorgeous beige floors.

The cream-colored throw blanket on the sofa, along with the floor, creates a pleasant contrast so that the room isn't too overly dramatic or dark. Instead, the atmosphere is classic and wonderfully sophisticated.

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4. Luxurious Velvet

This decadent room in the photo is a sight to be seen. The dark-colored walls perfectly complement the gorgeous emerald green sofa and the dark blue velvet chair. The incredibly rich tones make the space feel gothic and dramatic, and the gold lighting brings the perfect amount of light to the room.

The overall vibe is one of luxury, and anyone fortunate enough to sit in this room will be enveloped by an absolute delight for the senses. 

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5. Gorgeous Gold

Gold and green are a perfect combination, and the decor in the room in the photo proves that beyond a doubt. The two shades complement each other well since the gold brightens the room considerably and also creates an exotic ambiance.

The teal wall is a bold choice, but the simple, elegant accents prevent things from getting too vibrant, and the white chairs and beige floors keep the room light and bright. The zebra print rug blends nicely and gives off a nature vibe.


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6. Stylishly Simple

If you like the idea of a green sofa, but you want to keep things more on the tame side in your living room, you can always accentuate it with more modest decor. The room in the photo combines a simple green sofa with an equally simple gold and glass table.

The white walls, white pillow, and the painting hung behind the sofa provide just the perfect amount of understatement. The effect is classic while still appearing trendy.  

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7. Modern Mood

Stylish and tasty living room of apartment interior with elegant green velvet armchair and sofa

The emerald green sofa seen here in the photo is mid-century modern at its finest. The room is awash in many different colors including pink, gold, black, and other various shades of green. Each of the colors beautifully complements the vibrant sofa.

The light grey walls and darker grey drapes stylishly highlight the colorful furniture and accents. The light-colored floors keep things bright and fresh, and the effect is trendy and unique. 

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8. Elegant Retro

Stylish home interior with green velvet design sofa

A room that offers a glimpse of the past is always a charming addition to any home, and the lovely room in this photo is no exception. The retro, emerald green velvet sofa and the simple coffee table are reminiscent of the 1950s. The throwback look is completed with a stylish blanket, black and pink pillows, and abstract wall art. The light grey walls create a nice balance in a room with so much color.

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9. Dreamy Afternoon

The dark emerald sofa in this photo is picture-perfect. The room is beautifully color-coordinated with a black pillow and throw blanket and white walls,  white curtains,  and a black and white rug.

Green and black give the room drama, but the white walls and curtains brighten the room considerably, and an airy, dreamy atmosphere is achieved. The black and white rug brings everything together perfectly. Who wouldn't want to spend a lazy afternoon here?

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Going Green 

Modern Interior Living room with green sofa

If you are looking to add some excitement to your living room, then an emerald green sofa might be the perfect addition you have been searching for. Although it's not a conventional color for a sofa, the luxurious shade can really add a lot of drama to your home. The rooms we have showcased here are fantastically decorated, and you can't go wrong if you follow their lead. 

 Emerald green is quite simply one of the most beautiful colors around, and jazzing up your living room with an emerald green sofa is a great way to get the most out of this amazing shade. Whether you opt for a modern theme or a retro vibe, emerald green will fit right in. An emerald green sofa can make your room not only colorful but truly unique.

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