18 Enclosed And Screened-In Porch Ideas [Photo Inspiration]

Enclosed and screened-in porches are an amazing home addition. They allow you to enjoy the marvelous sights and wonders of the outdoors in a cozy, comfortable environment.

A collage of photo inspiration of enclosed and screened in porch, 18 Enclosed And Screened-In Porch Ideas [Photo Inspiration]

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The only downside is that many homes simply don’t have an enclosed porch to begin with. If you want to enjoy such an amazing space, you’ll likely have to add on to your home. This will likely be costly, but you definitely won’t regret it.

We’ve put together a list of photos of enclosed porches to give you some creative inspiration. Without further ado, check out some amazing enclosed porch ideas.

1. Hanging Planters

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An indoor screened in porch with plants hanging from the side and a tinted yellow glass table with chairs

One of the primary purposes of an enclosed porch is to enjoy nature from a cozy lounging spot.

Hanging some simple planters inside the porch is a great way to bring the natural elements a little bit closer to enjoy. Depending on the plants you use, they can give off a pleasant aroma for you and your guests to enjoy.

Hanging Planter

2. Rotunda Style Porch

Screened in porch with table and brick floor and house plants

This enclosed porch has a rotunda design, providing a nearly 180-degree view of the natural world outside.

Hanging planters also adorn the top of the windows, adding the perfect color complement to the white paneling. Swap out the plants as the seasons change to bring in new color and life.

3. Wooden Deck Design

Screened wooden patio of a modern home with two brown chairs and coffee table

This homeowner has incorporated natural elements in this porch by leaving the wood untouched.

The result is a unique aesthetic with a warm and inviting vibe. Use dark furniture or other decor pieces to create stark yet attractive contrasts.

Classic Adirondack Chair

4. Lots Of Natural Light

Screened porch with vintage brick floor, wicker furniture and adirondack chairs surrounded by trees

This enclosed porch is nearly all windows, so there’s an abundance of lively natural light.

Some comfortable chairs and a nice center table make this the ultimate lounging or reading spot. The brick floors adds a lot of rich texture to the porch.

5. Classic And Timeless Furniture

Screened porch on lakeside property with chairs striped with green

Furniture is one of the most important components of a screened-in porch. With cozy furniture like this, you’ll be content to sit around and enjoy the gorgeous sights all day long.

You’ll be able to participate in all kinds of activities and hobbies from the comfort of your screened-in porch.

6. Decorative Greenery And Wicker Furniture

Screened large patio of a modern home with plants and chairs

Wicker chairs are a timeless furniture piece, and they go extremely well in a screened-in porch.

Coupled with some lush plants, this is a cozy, serene spot. Incorporate different kinds and colors of wicker furniture to change up the look.

7. Cozy Funiture With Natural Light

Screened in wooden porch overlooking backyard pool

This enclosed porch features some extremely cozy lounge chairs. Windows run all along the sides of this porch, letting in plenty of natural light.

This space even looks like one you’d see in a house’s indoor living room.

8. Light-Colored Aesthetic

Screened in porch with teal walls and cozy sofa set in luxury home

Lighter tones are the choice for this quaint enclosed porch. Shades of white and light gray make this space cozy and inviting. Vibrant green foliage serves as the perfect accent that completes the decorative scheme.

9. Metal Garden-Style Furniture

Screened in porch with table and wood floor overlooking patio and basketball court

Garden furniture is a great way to furnish a quaint enclosed porch. The 360-degree window views flood the space with warm natural light.

Place a large crystal vase full of vibrant blooms on the center of your table for added interest.

10. White Wicker Theme

Screened in porch with couch and white tile floor

If you haven’t noticed by now, white wicker furniture goes great in an enclosed porch. The wicker has a distinct charm to it and adds a lot of texture to the space.

In addition, the color perfectly complements just about any decorative scheme. This also means that you can use just about any type of fabric and fabric pattern to upholster the furniture.

11. Dark And Cozy With Lakeside View

Screened in porch of a beach house overlooking lake and trees on a sunny day with strong shadows

This enclosed porch has a minimalist vibe —only a few pieces of furniture fill the space. The unfinished wood paneling makes the room feel cozy and warm. Enjoy the sunrays without having to step outside of your door.

12. Sun Porch

Luxury landscaped tropical villa with screened pool

This concept is truly a sun porch. This outdoor room is constructed entirely out of screens, so it will let in maximum sunlight.

These screens also keep the pool protected from outdoor elements and minimize any foreign particles from getting into it.

13. Wooded And Serene

Covered screen porch on a wooden house with dining table and bowl of apples

It’s no secret that wood brings warmth and character to every space that it touches. Fully enclose your porch with a wood and screen pairing. You’ll never want to leave this area!

14. Sun Shades

Covered patio exterior behind new luxury home with fireplace, tv, and couch, with view of lush green grass and landscaping

Create your own screened-in porch whenever you want with the help of these sliding sun shades.

Simply slide them to the side when you want no separation between yourself and the outdoors. This is a great option for outdoor entertaining.

15. Hanging Patio Swing

Bench swing hung by chain looking comfortable on a screened in porch

Nothing beats the slow lulling movement of swinging on a porch swing. It’s all things relaxing, especially when enjoying it from a relaxing covered porch like this one.

16. Comfortable Lounging

Beautiful screened in porch with cozy sofa set during sunrise

Place an entire patio furniture set on your outdoor porch. Complete the look with an outdoor rug, coffee table, and a vase full of fresh flowers, too!

This setup makes it easy to enjoy a cup of coffee, do some light reading, or engage in conversation with those around you.

17. Lush Green Wonder

Beautiful home porch garden on a sunny summer day

Create a greenhouse-like porch with a glass-paneled ceiling. Train vines to snake up the pillars and walls to enclose the space with lush greenery.

To further promote a cozy eclectic feel, use vintage treasures like this old sewing machine.

18. Wooden Barnhouse Aesthetic

A wooden screened in porch with patio furniture

With an outdoor area shaped like a barn, take advantage of it! Create a super cozy space with the warm wooden aesthetic that it provides.

Elevate the area by using elegant outdoor furniture. Items made of dark wicker and plush seating in jewel tones and black and white stripes will do the trick.

Metal patio furniture further charms the space, and fresh potted flowers bring life to the area.

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