10 Gorgeous Exterior Door Knobs From Walmart

Your exterior doors are the greeting portal for your visitors. Everything you choose, from the paint color to the trim, even down to the doorknob is a way to make your style known. There are so many fabulous styles of doorknobs and handles to choose from, and you can really personalize them to match your home.

What you choose is a personal choice, but keep in mind not only overall style but the finish as well. Do you want polished brass, antiqued bronze, or something that looks like hammered iron? Each one gives a different look and vibe, so be sure and choose what works for your front door decor. We've found ten gorgeous exterior door knobs for you from Walmart's website.

Collage of a stainless steel door knob and iPad displaying Walmart website, 10 Gorgeous Exterior Door Knobs In Walmart

1. Basic Stainless Steel Doorknob And Deadbolt Set

One consideration for your door is whether or not you want just a door lock or if you want a door lock and matching deadbolt. Many doorknobs will come in a set with a matching deadbolt. If not, you can often buy a matching deadbolt as a separate item.

This set is a fairly basic brushed stainless set. It fits standard doors 1 3/8"- 1 3/4" thick. They are keyed identically so one key will open both locks. They're super easy to install (on a door with pre-drilled insets), requiring only a Phillips head screwdriver.

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2. Honeywell Electronic Entry Door Lock

This little beauty from Honeywell allows you to open your door with either a key or a code. It's perfect for VRBO types or if you just hate carrying a key. This lock comes in four finishes: antique brass, bronze, polished brass, and nickel.

It has 50 programmable user codes and an alarm that sounds if 4 incorrect codes are punched in. It requires four AA batteries for the code lock to work, so keep that in mind and maybe have a battery changing schedule so you're never left with dead ones.

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3. Schlage Georgian Keyed Entry Panic Proof Lock

This beautifully made, solid doorknob comes with a bit of Georgian flare. Available in antiqued brass, aged bronze, polished brass, and a multicolor option, it's easily installed and fits most regular doors. It's covered under Schlage's excellent warranty and can be used in left-handed, right-handed, and reversible positioning.

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4. Egg Style Keyed Entry Doorknob

This shape is so easy on the hand and this knob is simply gorgeous in oil rubbed bronze. It's timeless and attractive and works well with both traditional and contemporary design. It's a keyed doorknob so it's appropriate for exterior entrances. This knob comes with a five year mechanical and finish warranty which is a super great incentive.

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5. Durham Keyed Entry Doorlock

A bold rectangular backplate gives this doorknob its eye appeal. This single cylinder door lock is made by Weslock and comes with a warranty. It's aged bronze or rustic iron appearance is suitable for a host of front door types. Its clean lines make it suitable for everything from bungalows to high-end townhouses. It works on door thicknesses from 1 1/2" all the way up to 2 1/8". It comes with the key.

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6. Schlage Entry Door Lever Set

Here's a gorgeous lever-type entry doorknob from Schlage. This elegant handle is easy to open with its simple push down mechanism. It's available in bright brass, antique brass, or a nickel finish and you can choose a left-hand or right-hand open depending on which way your door swings.

It locks from the inside with a simple turn mechanism but a key must be used on the exterior. It fits doors from 1 1/2" to 1 5/8" and is easy to install when door prep has been done.

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7. Kwikset Smartkey Delta Entry Knob

This is another lever knob in amazing golden brass. Can't you picture this against a beautiful brick red door? These knobs are great for anyone who may not be able to turn a knob but can use an arm or elbow to open the door. But don't teach your dog this trick or you may find your door wide open when you return home from work, and you wouldn't want that!

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8. Round Knob With Traditional Rose Backplate

This traditional doorknob will look great on pretty much every door. Shown here in polished chrome, it's also available in matte brass and black models. This operates with a key outdoors and a button indoors for unlocking and locking. It comes with everything you need and that great Baldwin quality.

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9. Prestige Series Round Detailed Doorknob

This is classic elegance at its finest in an affordable package. It also comes with SmartKey security which means you can rekey the lock yourself in three easy steps. It fits all standard doors and has a turn knob interior lock. It is available in this polished brass finish which will look spectacular on so many different homes. Whether the front door or the back door, the choice is yours.

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10. Orbit Keyed Entry Single Door Knob

If contemporary is your style then this elegant silhouette is the one for you. The sleek backplate is a cool rectangle with curved sides that give it a modern look. It's available in both polished and satin chrome, as well as satin nickel for a bit more muted tone. It's reversible so it will work for right-hand or left-hand applications and fits most standard doors. It's part of Schlage's Century Collection.

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There are ten great doorknobs for your exterior doors. Locks and keypads are both great for keeping you and your family secure but you can still do it with perfect style. If you enjoyed this post, please check out these others below that we think you might like -

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