15 Exterior Garage Ideas To Help Inspire You

Finding the perfect design for your garage exterior can be tough without some inspiration. Whether you prefer a modern, sleek look or a traditional, classic style, we’ve got you covered!

light brown garage doors on a house with trees around. 15 Exterior Garage Ideas To Help Inspire You

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1. Double Blue-Green Doors

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double blue green modern closed garage door

First up, we have this deeper blue-green painted double-door garage that turned out amazing. This home chose to use similar colors in the gutter, tiles, and pavement, which we love.

Using a darker shade of paint is a great way to add color to your garage exterior without going overboard.

2. Light Grey With Windows

light gray harage doors with windows

Next, we have this lighter grey painted garage exterior that has windows and a farmhouse theme. This garage feels very modern and on-trend and goes well with the stone exterior of the home.

Light grey is our top pick for a garage door color because it seems to go with any home design.

3. Rectangular Windows And Patterns

garage door with Rectangular Windows And Patterns

Sticking with a grey color scheme, we have this rectangular exterior design that feels modern.

This garage chose to go with long reflective windows, and a similar pattern below keeps the theme cohesive and looks great with this home’s exterior.

We also appreciate the different paint colors used on this exterior that give this home a unique look.

4. Spanish Blue Flair

A spanish blue double garage door on a brand new home

Next, we have this colorful Spanish-looking garage that stands out on the list. The blue garage exterior and red tile roof complement each other perfectly and give this home a tropical look.

We suggest trying this idea if you are looking to add some tropical flair to your home’s exterior.

5. Light Beige Farmhouse

Brand new house with an empty garage. light beige farm house

Another exterior garage look we love is this soft beige farmhouse design. This garage is simpler but does a great job of blending into the rest of the home’s exterior.

Adding a contrasting door handle is a great way to add some color to your garage and also comes in handy if the power’s out.

6. Large Brown Wood Look

Panorama frame Large garage with double brown wooden door and decorative face brick walls with cement paved forecourt

Here we have a larger garage exterior idea using a brown wood door design. This garage has a rustic look to it that we like and blends well with the home’s stone exterior.

Another detail to note would be the aged-looking metal window frames that make this feel even more authentic.

7. Matte Black Modern

Modern look and colors to traditional architecture of home. matte black modern garage door

Coming in at seven, we have this ultra-modern matte black garage with stunning windows. This garage design works well with the home, giving off a contemporary aesthetic that doesn’t feel too cold.

We especially like the ground-to-ceiling windows that add some light to the darker-colored look.

8. Ambient Backlit Design

facade of home with manicured lawn, and backdrop of trees and dark blue sky. ambient backlit design garage doors

Next up, we have this eye-catching garage exterior using a backlit door that is a favorite on the list. Not only does this design look super high-end, but it also provides much-needed light in your driveway at night.

There is nothing worse than pulling into a dark driveway at night, so this is a great way to solve that problem.

9. Classic Wood Stable Doors

Custom Garage Doors. classic wood stable doors

Following a more traditional look, we have this beautiful wood garage idea. This exterior has a stable look to it and goes well with the home’s brick design.

This is an excellent option for anyone wanting a more classic-feeling garage design.

10. Forest Green Accents

Forest Green Accents on garage door in suburban home

Coming in at ten, we have this suburban forest green garage exterior that pops into this home. Going with a bold color is not always the perfect idea for your garage, but it works well here.

We would suggest choosing a darker color similar to this design if your home needs some vibrance.

11. Reclaimed Wood Rustic Look

Reclaimed wood garage exterior with uneven stone siding, matching style door, and rustic overhead lighting.

Here, we have a reclaimed wood garage exterior idea that fits well into this home’s design.

The uneven stone siding looks terrific with this style door, and we also appreciate the rustic overhead lighting above the garage. This idea may be perfect for your home if you are going for a reclaimed or rustic look.

12. Modern Natural Wood

Modern garage design with natural wood wrap or vinyl, matching wood overhead, and modern exterior light fixtures.

Another wood-themed design we love would be something similar to this garage idea.

Using a natural wood wrap or vinyl on your garage is an easy way to spruce things up and give your garage a modern look. We also like the matching modern exterior light fixtures.

13. Tan Squared Pattern

Tan Squared Pattern on garage door with plants

Next, we have this neutral garage exterior idea that is perfect for a simple look. Going with soft nude or beige paint and a simple square door pattern is easy to work with and will look modern and elegant.

We also want to note the darker door handles that catch the eye and don’t feel bulky on the garage door.

14. Camouflage Doors

Modern and discreet garage door design seamlessly blending with the home's exterior walls.

Here, we have a modern and discreet exterior idea that works to camouflage your garage door. This design is very sleek and has an upscale vibe, which we like, and it blends perfectly with the home’s exterior walls.

This design is ideal for those wanting a non-obstructive garage that seamlessly blends into the rest of your home.

15. Off-White With Greenery

Off-white garage exterior with vines growing up the sides, a beautiful way to add greenery and test your gardening skills

Last on our list is this gorgeous off-white garage exterior with vines growing up the sides.

Adding green to such a white space is a great way to add color and test your gardening skills. To achieve a similar look, we suggest training your vines to grow over your garage.

Our Final Thoughts

Whether your garage exterior needs some love or you are planning your new home, you’ve got plenty of great options.

The best way to start your project is to choose a paint color and design that will complement the rest of your home’s exterior.

We recommend going with something simple and neutral and working up from there. From uber-modern glass garage doors to classic wooden designs, your garage says a lot about your home.

Remember to add some light and greenery to your garage exterior and have a little fun with your paint color if your home needs some.

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