17 Amazing Exterior Log Cabin Ideas

What could be more rustic in appearance than a log cabin? This style of home has been constructed for centuries and has recently seen a resurgence in popularity. Made from many design options, log cabin homes can be seen tucked away near lakes, at the base of mountains, on countryside acreage, or even on the corner of suburban subdivisions.

These homes are striking, and those who design and live in them love the comfort that log homes provide. They do, however, come with a few caveats that need to be known before you settle on this design. Log cabins are made from wood, which requires a bit more maintenance and routine work than other types of building materials.

You also have to be careful not to plant trees or shrubbery too close to these homes, as too much moisture will damage the logs. For similar reasons, you need to ensure that any seasonal snow does not accumulate against any part of wood along the ground. 

While this home design has some extra work involved, cabin owners typically love the rustic look and warm feel. This post features 17 of the best exterior log cabin designs that we've discovered. Visualize yourself as a cabin dweller, and read on to see the many styles from which to choose for a log home.

A winter scenic of a rustic, timber-framed lodge, 17 Amazing Exterior Log Cabin Ideas

1. The Mini-Cabin

A cozy log cabin in the forest at winter time with lots of snow around

This builder has capitalized on the tiny home trend and erected a log cabin in this style. These homes have all of the needs of a standard-sized home but have a compact design to minimize the cost and required building space. This one, in particular, is nestled in a wooded area. The long, wooden boardwalk leading up to the front stoop is a nice touch.

2. The Log McMansion

A beautiful modern country home with large yard

You don't need to have country acreage to construct a log home. This homeowner had one erected in a suburban subdivision. The designer mimicked the modern upscale subdivision style but used log siding instead of the lapboard or vinyl that you would normally see on a home of this size. Sitting at two full floors, plus attic space, this home is a great consideration for those with a large family seeking a rustic aesthetic.

3. The Traditional Cabin

Way to a small log cabin

This owner used their timbered acreage to construct a traditional log cabin. This rustic dwelling is small but perfect for a couple's weekend or holiday retreat. A cabin of this type would also be perfect on land that is leased to hunters and fishers. Nestled in a grove of trees, this cabin looks cozy from the outside. 

Earlier in this post, we discussed the additional maintenance these homes require. You'll need to clean and strip the wooden siding and then seal it before staining. We found this chemical that does this job for you.

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4. Two Story Modern Cabin

Forest modern log cabin

A more modern style is exhibited in this photo. The builder here used a very modern exterior design for this family's log home. A full two stories, this house is equipped with all of the modern amenities. The lack of chimneys suggests they use modern heating techniques as well. Also, note the larger windows, which are indicators that this home is of a more modern design than the traditional log home.

5. Mountain Lodge Style

A winter scenic of a rustic, timber-framed lodge

What could be more picturesque than a snow-covered log home at the base of a mountain? This log home is designed after a traditional mountain lodge. The high peaks make way for a fully useable third story and help the structure avoid snow buildup on the roof. A large outdoor deck is to the left, giving the homeowners and their guests a fantastic view of the mountains.

6. Mountainside Mansion

A west coast wooden house during winter in mountains

This enormous dwelling is set beside snowcapped mountains, giving the occupants a magnificent view year-round. The log home itself was constructed and built upon a solid cement foundation, giving plenty of basement and garage space. The three-story split-level layout is spacious and combines modern design work with the rustic log home feel.

7. Log and Stone Combination

Summer forest cabin at dusk

The builder used stonework for the first floor's foundation and then constructed a traditional log home on top of it. Rather than use the normal wooden roofing materials, they opted for a metal roof. This is much more durable than wood and will require a lot less maintenance. The life expectancy of this style of roof is also roughly ten years longer.

8. The Narrow A-Frame

Beautiful triangle-shaped house at the lake

In this photo, we see a very narrow version of the traditional Swiss A-frame-style home. This home is a full two stories, however, it is much less spacious than most of the homes in this post. The steep, sloped roof doesn't leave for much room in between. Owners built the cabin on a tiny inlet on a lake, which shows that log homes can be built creatively on the tiniest piece of land.

9. Sprawling One Story Ranch

Mountain lodge reflecting in lake at dusk

This designer created a log cabin using a ranch home design. The one-story home has some peaks in the roof, giving some room above the main floor for a partially finished attic. An attached garage is set off to the right, with lake access on the left. 

10. Traditional A-Frame

Wooden house in a tranquil forest scene

Here we see a more traditional Swiss A-frame style log home. This A-frame has a wider slope than the one we featured earlier, giving the occupants a lot more room to utilize. While not as sloped, this home is still adept in its design to keep snow from accumulating on the roof. This style is ideal in areas that get lots of snow in a short amount of time, as their roofs won't be in danger of collapse from the extra weight.

11. Three Story With Tiered Landscaping

Luxury home and cottage on a lake

Before this spacious three-story log home is a complex, tiered set of landings. In the forefront, we can see that the stairs from the landings lead to a lakeside dock. The home itself is large and capitalizes on its size by having elongated windows throughout. Natural light will brighten this home, which will also aid in keeping it warmer in the winter.

12. Rustic Camper's Cabin

Lone cabin in the forest

This log cabin is styled after one that you might have stayed in during summer camp. The one-story shotgun design has loft space over its first floor, allowing for more sleeping space or storage. This would be perfect on your wooded property as a getaway or for a weekend rental.

13. Perched Cabin

Cozy cabin catches a view of the smoky mountains

The home here is set along the top of a drop-off. This two-story log cabin has its first floor in contact with the side of the cliff. An attic space could be used for an additional bedroom. 

Speaking yet again of maintenance, pressure washing your log cabin once a year is recommended as this will help rid your wooden siding of mold and dirt. This pressure washer will make this routine task easier.

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14. The Log McMansion II

A large multi-level cabin in the woods

Another take on the modern luxury subdivision home is featured here. The designer incorporated giant windows in the front of this home, allowing it to be beautifully flooded with natural light. Stone was used for most of the foundation, helping to border the lower floor space occupied by the garage. There are numerous decks and porches on this log home's front side, making it a wonderful place to entertain.

15. Eco-Friendly

Modern eco friendly tiny house in experimental new district

This log home in the Netherlands was built to be an energy-efficient dwelling. Small in size, this home has two opposing sloped roofs. The roofs are all covered with solar panels. The windows are minimal, allowing this home to retain its indoor temperature easier. 

16. Two Story with Stone

Mountain lodge and skating rink

The builder here opted to use stone for the foundation of this two-story log cabin. The stonework supports a moderately sized front porch and was also used to construct what appears to be a rather large fireplace. 

17. A-Frame With Veranda

Cabin in the woods

At last, we see another traditional Swiss A-frame, but with more amenities. The front of this home is almost all windows, maximizing the amount of natural light that is let in. This cabin has a veranda that surrounds it, giving the occupants more than ample deck space. The roof's pitch is wide enough to allow for a smaller third floor, which would probably be used for a loft bedroom or attic storage.

Final Thoughts

No matter what layout you desire or how much living space you need, you can find a log cabin or log home that will suit you and your family. If you enjoyed reading this post on log cabins, we believe you'll find the following posts on homes helpful:

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