11 Exterior Paint Colors For Desert Homes

Choosing the perfect exterior paint color for your desert home can transform its curb appeal and blend beautifully with the natural landscape.

Sedona residence, Arizona, 11 Exterior Paint Colors For Desert Homes

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From earthy tones to bold hues, these top 11 expert-recommended color picks will inspire your next makeover. Let’s explore the perfect shades to turn your desert abode into an oasis of beauty and style.

1. Classic White

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White Palm Springs house with aqua blue door

While white might seem dull, it can make a house look modern and traditional. It’s energy-efficient and holds up well in the sun.

To add interest, you can use fun accent colors. Neutral accents like grays or browns also work well, but vibrant pops of color can create a unique look.

As shown in the photo, a white house with a teal door looks clean and bright against the desert landscape.

2. Warm Beige

stucco home

Many of the homes you see in the desert will be painted a warm beige. These homes seamlessly blend in with the desert background.

Shades of beige such as sand and oatmeal work well because they don’t absorb heat, aren’t too bright, and stand out too much in the sun.

Beige desert homes harmoniously blend in with their surroundings. Use different shades of beige as accent colors on shutters or trim.

You can also break up the monotony of the color by using a different color on the roof.

3. Brown

Swimming pool with hot tub and terraced patio at a luxury home in a desert environment.

Many shades of brown are available; you can’t go wrong no matter what shade you choose. Shades ranging from chestnut to cinnamon to caramel will look magnificent against the desert backdrop.

Again, select darker and lighter shades of brown to pair with one another to prevent the house from looking too flat and dull.

The stunning brown exterior of the home above works well with brown desert mountains in the background. The flowers and pops of green stand out beautifully against the neutral brown home.

4. Light Gray

Arizona-style house design common to the region

Light gray can give a desert home a modern feeling without standing out too much or being too bright. It will marry well with the natural colors of the desert.

White also perfectly matches light gray, as do other shades of gray.

The home above is a light gray with white trim around the windows and other parts. As seen in this house, Stonework is the perfect accent with the light gray exterior.

5. Tan

Arizona-style house design

Like warm beige and brown, tan is a muted, warm color that compliments the desert mountains and landscape.

Again, this color will not absorb heat and will be energy efficient. Like with brown, many shades of tan exist, ranging from lighter to darker.

Selecting tan as your exterior color in your desert home is a safe bet, as it is one of the more common colors in desert homes.

6. Dusty Blue

Detail of grey design house with big agave plant

You might be going out on a limb by selecting dusty blue as the paint color on your desert home. It is not the most common color, so your home will stand out.

However, the touch of blue adds vibrancy and color to what could look bland and neutral. If you aren’t afraid of color, try this.

You can see from the house above how much the blue stands out against the desert mountains. It also looks lovely with the landscape’s bright green cactus and sage-colored plants.

7. Dark Gray

Contemporary architectural style luxury home exterior, front stairs view

Light gray was mentioned earlier, but consider painting your exterior dark gray if you want something more dramatic. You won’t want to go too dark, as it will absorb heat from the hot desert sun.

A stone gray color would be perfect, paired with white or light gray trim. Natural Stonework incorporates seamlessly with a dark gray exterior.

The ultra-modern luxurious home shown in the picture is almost a concrete gray. The stone waterfall and green desert plants bring warmth to what could be considered a cool tone.

More exterior paint color ideas for your desert home below!

Cool sage house exterior with white trim in a desert landscape
Charcoal gray house exterior with natural wood accents in a desert landscape
Earthy olive house exterior with bronze accents in a desert landscape
Golden yellow house exterior with white shutters in a desert landscape

To Finish Up

When choosing your color, keep the colors of the desert landscape in mind. Desert homes are often painted with the same neutral earth tones found in the surrounding area.

If you want to stand out, bright whites and other bold colors can be an option. You are not limited to the colors of the desert.

The colors on the list are recommendations, but ultimately, the decision is yours. Whatever color you choose, you want it to reflect your personality and make your house feel like a home.

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11 Exterior Paint Colors For Desert Homes
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