11 Extra Large Living Room Layout Ideas

Many homeowners dream of having an extra-large living room, ample space where they can lounge on a lazy afternoon or host a big party. The expansive area may allow you to create a theme or fill it with lots of your favorite furniture pieces. But you also need to make sure that the room is sufficiently filled up without looking or feeling cluttered. 

Where you place your furniture and accent pieces is just as important as the pieces themselves. But how can you tell which is the best layout for your home? We have outlined eleven popular layout ideas for your extra-large space.

Furnished living Room with view on sunny afternoonFurnished living room in upscale new home, 11 Extra Large Living Room Layout Ideas

1. Evenly Spaced

Instead of dominating the entire room with one or two large furniture pieces, this layout spaces out the sofas and chairs to create a balanced, even look. Two sofas flank two walls, while a bistro table along the third wall welcomes more people to sit and chat. A simple rug takes up the center of the room, with a large coffee table positioned atop. 

Rustic farmhouse living room with two mediterranean themed windows, beige painted walls, and newly polished flooring

Basic Rug

When you are looking for clean lines in a room, you don't want a rug that has too loud a pattern. A straightforward, solid rug with a border provides a slight accent without overwhelming the space. 

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2. Cornered Off

Focusing on one end of a large room creates a dedicated space for reading or conversation while leaving plenty of open areas to walk through the room. It helps keep the room's wide-open feeling while providing ample seating for you and your guests. You can mix and match complementary furniture pieces to make the room visually interesting and welcoming.

Rustic opened space living room and kitchen with wooden flooring, cream painted walls, and white accent chairs

Fun Accent Ottoman

Accent pieces add fun splashes of color without being distracting. A small ottoman in a funky print or bright color, as seen above, brings a little pop to a large room. 

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3. Circle Time

If your large room has show-stopping details, such as floor-to-ceiling windows, an oversized fireplace, or a grand piano, you want your furniture to highlight those features. Positioning furniture to face these room details and running them along a space's natural shape allows you to appreciate all the different features the room has to offer. Neutral colors compliment the grandeur of the room instead of competing with it.

Mediterranean themed huge living room with three huge windows, fireplace with a beige colored mantel, and three comfortable sofas

4. Multi-Purpose

Some rooms are so large; it makes sense to create multiple areas of entertainment. In this room, you find a dining room on one end, pass through a TV viewing area, and end at a comfy lounge space. Using different but complementary pieces of furniture delineates each space while still typing the room together.

Interior of a rustic country home with wooden log walls, wooden panel ceilings, a huge window providing overview, and brown leather sofas

5. Center Stage

When your room has a gorgeous view outside of wall-sized windows, it makes sense to have lots of seating available to enjoy the view. Here you find sofas and a chaise lounge chair centered around the fireplace but set apart from the window so that no one blocks the view. Because the windows make the room seem even larger, the furniture should be large enough almost to span the entire room.

Interior of a modern luxurious living room with gray sectional sofas, a huge fireplace, and a huge picture window with a panoramic view


6. Linear Layout

Open concept rooms make a home feel more spacious, but it sometimes makes sense to use large furniture as a faux wall to section off different areas. The straight lines created by these furniture pieces create a box around the central area marked by the coffee table. This way, everyone in conversation can face each other and enjoy each other's company.

Interior of a modern living room with square arm contemporary sofas, a huge picture window with an overview of the wilderness, and a fireplace with a TV on top

7. Tucked Away

The layout of your home often suggests an obvious set up for your furniture. The intersection of walls between the kitchen and living room creates an easy line for your sectional to follow. The sectional runs along two different walls, making it a corner nook for reading or lounging. Neutral colors make for an easy transition between the two rooms.

Interior of a luxurious modern living room with minimalist bookshelves, modern kitchen with a white kitchen island

8. Kitty Corner

Stretching out across a large room can produce a dramatic layout. This distanced set up also makes it easy to experiment with fun furniture and accent pieces. Separate area rugs also create a feeling of distinct areas used for different purposes.

An ultra modern living room with a large sectional sofa, a huge window with a black area rug under it, with walls and ceilings painted in white

Funky Rug

Placing a fun throw rug alongside some vintage chairs marks off an area for being noticed. The furniture and rug should both pop, but you do not want them to compete with each other.

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9. The Intimacy Corner

A tall and wide fireplace is the perfect focus for a large room like this. Select matching or complementary furniture pieces, and frame them around the fireplace or the other primary focus of your room. The main seating area allows for a group of friends to sit and chat, while a more intimate table and chairs are set slightly apart in the corner. The table set is still part of the room but is placed far away to ensure a little privacy in your intimate conversation corner.

Throw Blankets

A soft throw blanket invites you or your guests to get comfy and warm on the couch. Neutral colored blankets go with any kind of decor and are often a welcome addition to those feeling a little chill while seated.

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10. Modern Flow

Symmetry in a large room creates a natural flow of movement and delineates different functions. In this layout, the dining table takes up the back end of the room, but it's close enough that diners can still participate in the conversation on the couch. Ensure all the furniture pieces have the same clean lines so that they don't compete.

Spacious victorian themed living room with vintage themed accent chairs and sofas, cream painted walls and ceilings

Modern Lamp

The accent pieces in a modern room can be fun without detracting from the space's simple lines. This tripod lamp is visually interesting and also provides some extra light when necessary.

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11. Simply Sectional

Sometimes a little seating is enough to fill out a large room. This simple setup and matching chair is placed in the center of the room, with lots of space between and around the seating area. A small rug in the middle helps promote that intimate feeling of chatting with friends in front of a fire.

Small minimalist themed living room with brown sectional sofas, indoor plant, a fireplace with a wall mounted TV on top

Final Thoughts

Using the shape of your living room, thoughtfully placed furniture pieces can generate a cozy atmosphere or accentuate an architectural focal point. Admire the view, have a private chat, or simply socialize among family and friends within any of these layouts.

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