19 Best Fall-Themed Kitchen Curtains (MUST-SEE designs)

19 Best Fall-Themed Kitchen Curtains (MUST-SEE designs)Every season lends itself to its own decorative themes and accents, but the autumn season has a unique pull that adds a touch of warmth that can be admired year-round. Kitchen decorations especially lend themselves to the seasonal beauty of fall, so why not consider this when it comes time to redecorate the space where you cook and eat? In this article, I’ll show you 18 gorgeous kitchen curtains that you can buy today to infuse the feeling of fall into your home.

Leaf prints, warm tones, and subtle accents let you effortlessly create an autumnal look in your kitchen – even in the dead of winter if you want! Kitchen curtains are available in all kinds of designs, sizes, and fabrics, so you can customize your kitchen’s look to your exact specifications.

Are you trying to emulate fall in your own space? It can be tough to get started, but we have compiled this list of 19 kitchen curtains that will set you off in the right direction.

1. Ambesonne Nature Kitchen Curtains – Autumn Leaves

These curtains by Ambesonne showcase the nearly barren branches dappled with colorful leaves that we’ve all come to associate with the fall season. Both curtains together are 29 inches long and 55 inches wide. They’re also machine washable, even though the silky-feeling polyester blend might make you think otherwise. This bold print will look phenomenal for many seasons to come.

2. Ambesonne Nature Kitchen Curtains – Birds and Leaves

This second selection by Ambessone offers cooler tones than the first product on this list. The print on these curtains uses imagery familiar to Japanese cherry blossoms and infuses that aesthetic with stunning, red autumn leaves. This design also adds birds to the décor, which balances out the overall look of these curtains when viewed as a set. Like other kitchen curtains from Ambesonne, these curtains are silky to the touch and 100% machine washable.

3. Collections Etc Charming Sunflower Kitchen Curtain

Though this curtain from Collections Etc doesn’t make use of the expected fall foliage, these sunflowers laid against yellow and burnt orange would be the shining feature of any cottage kitchen. You can purchase these whimsical curtains in two different lengths, 57 inches by 24 inches or 57 inches by 36 inches. In addition to being beautiful, these sunflower curtains are easy to care for. They are made of polyester and are completely machine washable.

4. Ambesonne Abstract Leaf Kitchen Curtain

This product from Ambesonne fuses modern elements into the classical fall aesthetic with a masterfully illustrated leaf design. Orange, green, yellow and red jump out from a white backdrop to create an eye-catching pattern that you simply cannot help but notice. These curtains measure at 55 inches by 29 inches and are 100% safe to wash at home.

5. Ambesonne Landscape Kitchen Curtain

Simply close your kitchen curtains to get an eyeful of a dreamy autumn time landscape with these breathtaking curtains from Ambesonne. Every detail on this beautiful polyester curtain set is an image you’d expect to see on a postcard, not above your kitchen sink. This digitally printed design is sure to be noticed before anything else in your kitchen. It’s also easy to keep clean – you can just throw it in the washing machine.

6.  Ambesonne Butterflies and Sunflowers Kitchen Curtain

Another selection from Ambessone’s collection of kitchen curtains, this beautifully detailed curtain set displays butterflies fluttering over a field of sunflowers. The yellow of the sunflowers and the orange of butterfly wings stand out in stark but stunning contrast against the bright blue sky in the background. These polyester curtains are sure to inspire joy, even on a dreary day.

7. Ambesonne Tuscany Land of Wine Kitchen Curtains

From Ambessone’s Tuscany collection comes this beautiful set of kitchen curtains. Featuring a symmetrical design of wine glasses and grapes against a vineyard background, these curtains add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen. You’d expect curtains this beautiful to be difficult to care for, but they’re not. Simply wash in cold water – yes, in your washing machine - and hang to dry!

8. Ambesonne Mystic Forest Kitchen Curtains

Ambesonne knocks it out of the park again with this stunning red-on-white forest curtain. Though conventional autumn looks feature all the colors of autumn, there is a distinct charm when you choose this aesthetic. Like all other Ambesonne curtains featured on this list, this product is machine washable and silky-soft to the touch thanks to its polyester blend material.

9. Ambesonne Autumn Forest Kitchen Curtains

If you want your kitchen to embrace the beauty of a fall forest but the example above is just a bit too red for your tastes, consider this warm autumn forest curtain set by Ambesonne. They are thick enough to block out unwanted sunlight, but instead of a drab appearance, you get a breathtaking view of an ethereal autumn forest. Wash in your machine and hang to dry.

10. Homefeel Blackout Fall Curtain

These insulating blackout curtains from Homefeel are a great addition to any kitchen that needs a touch of something classically fall-inspired. Measuring at 55 inches by 39 inches, these curtains suit not only kitchens but also bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. They have a silky-soft feel thanks to their high-quality polyester construction. More than beautiful and thick enough to block out unwanted UV rays, these curtains also insulate and reduce noise!

11. ENEVOTX Natural Leaves and Sunshine Kitchen Curtain

Fall is known for bright, sunshiny days and beautifully colored leaves. Both of these things are captured with excellence in these kitchen curtains from brand ENEVOTX. The 100% polyester curtains shown here measure at 26 inches by 39 inches, making them a perfect fit for the average kitchen window. They are waterproof and also have been treated to make them flame retardant. In addition to the curtains, you also get stainless steel hooks and rings when you buy these premium kitchen curtains.

12. Mr. Trees Burgundy Leaves Kitchen Curtains

The combination of linen and polyester used in these curtains by Mr. Trees makes them both beautiful and breathable. Rustic and elegant all at once, this 2-piece set measures at 50 inches by 36 inches. They are semi-sheer, so the sunlight outside will still beam through and give these kitchen curtains a beautiful visual effect. This set can be machine washed in cold water, tumble dried and even cold ironed to keep them in tip-top shape.

13. Ambesonne Autumn Curtains

Though they can be used anywhere in your home, these brilliantly autumn-themed curtains by Ambesonne have a certain appeal when placed in a kitchen window. These curtains are extra-long at 84 inches long. Their length is 108 inches. On these satin-polyester blended curtains is a design of a tree, nearly bare and surrounded by autumnal leaves. This product can be washed in the machine but must be hung to dry.

14. MOVTBA Flowery Pig Pen Curtains

These colorful and fun curtains by MOTVBA are a delightful addition to any country-inspired or fall-inspired kitchen. The imagery of three little pigs in a pumpkin garden and surrounded by beautiful butterflies is a unique and inspired way to add a certain “something” to your home. These curtains are made from 100% polyester and are 26 inches in width and 39 inches in length. They have also been treated to be flame-retardant.

15. XINGCHENSS Sunflower Kitchen Curtains

Rustic, colorful and eye-catching, these sunflowers against what looks like an old barn provide a beautiful contrast in any kitchen space. To keep the petals on these XINGCHENSS curtains as vibrant as they were when you received them, simply wash in your machine and hang to dry. They can also be dry cleaned if that’s your preference. Each curtain measures at 26 inches by 39 inches and is composed entirely of polyester. These are non-toxic, flame-retardant and come with stainless steel hooks and rings.

16. Ambessone Autumn Lake and Jetty Curtains

This beautiful product by Ambesonne is an unexpected turn away from the tree and pumpkin dominated themes common in fall décor. Made from satin, these curtains are 90 inches long and 108 inches wide – a great fit for extra-large kitchen windows! They depict a jetty overlooking a lake or river setting, with the distance illustrated with nearly bare trees on what appears to be a chilly autumn day.

17. Sapphire Home 3 Piece Kitchen Curtain

Do you have a thrill for frills? This beautiful 2-tiered kitchen curtain set from Sapphire Home might be just what you are looking for. Fashioned from polyester linen, the leaf and flower-dappled curtain you see here is machine washable and measures at 54 inches wide. The classic design perfectly evokes thoughts of cozy autumn cottages, which is what many people want in their kitchens.

18. Ambesonne Watercolor Flower Kitchen Curtains

Ambesonne does it again with these curtains, which have been printed with a watercolor flower design that possesses the characteristic colors of fall. Tones of red, purple, yellow and orange stand out beautifully against a subtly green backdrop. They measure in at 36 inches long and 55 inches wide, so they’ll fit the average kitchen window with ease. The silky blend of polyester and satin makes them soft to the touch while remaining machine washable.

19. LivebyCare Drapery Panels Window Treatment

Do you want to influence the look of your kitchen with a touch of something rich in autumnal tones? This 2-piece polyester fabric window treatment by LivebyCare is a perfect solution. The design is simple and clean, largely white with accents of the shades of fall. LivebyCare sells this curtain in a variety of dimensions, so your window can be covered regardless of its size! They are fairly sheer, so you can expect a diffused effect on any sunlight pouring through your kitchen window.

Transform Your Kitchen with Stunning Curtains

The 19 fall-themed window curtains above are an easy and cost-effective way to infuse the feeling of everyone’s favorite season into your home. If you are looking to create an encompassing theme throughout your kitchen, your curtains are a great starting point and inspiration.

Why keep seasonal fall decor to the kitchen? Curtains are a fantastic way to easily revamp other rooms in your home too. Check out our suggestions for fall-themed shower curtains and fall-themed living room curtains too!

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