19 Fall-Themed Shower Curtains That Will Instantly Transform Your Bathroom

When fall comes and the leaves start to change, how about adjusting your bathroom to echo the season? And one of the easiest, most affordable and effective ways to do just that is by changing your shower curtain into a fall-themed one.

Shower curtains are a great way to instantly change the look and feel of a bathroom. Even if you dry them up after each use and clean them regularly, they still wear out within months. And if you love decorating your home, that's not necessarily bad news! It means you can freshen up the room by getting a new shower curtain!

And they're really like huge canvasses, aren't they? Shower curtains lend themselves so well to any theme. It's like getting a wall mural or wallpaper - only without the fuss and at a much lower price.

19 Fall-Themed Shower Curtains That Will Instantly Transform Your Bathroom

You don't have to wait for your bath curtain to wear out. Changing it seasonally simply for decorative reasons is a great idea. Just thoroughly dry the previous curtain and store it for future use. With that in mind, as you decorate your home for autumn, changing the shower curtain into a fall-themed one just makes sense.

19 Gorgeous fall-themed shower curtains

Need inspiration?

We're here to help with this fabulous collection of fall-themed shower curtains of various styles, patterns, and imagery.

1. Maple Autumn Forest by Bleum Cade

This shower curtain features a fall scene as though it were painted. The durable oxford polyester fabric may be tossed into a washer for easy cleaning. Instead of plastic, you'll find that this fabric is waterproof.

This is perfect for the neutral bathroom which has small splashes of color on the shelves or in the corners. Shower hooks come included.

This panorama of a road paved with yellow maple leaves lying between thick trunks offers a relaxing atmosphere for any bathroom and is available at 70" long and 69" wide.

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2. Autumn Lake from Amazon.com

Posed as a photo art print, this shower curtain may fit the criteria for a minimalist's dream of few colors. Out past the dock, ones barely sees the differences in color through the mist rising from the water.

Sized at 72"x 72", twelve shower hooks come with this peaceful scene. The polyester fabric, composed of four layers including a coating, will hold in heat.

Machine washable and crease resistant, you'll find that this lovely shower curtain needs no liner.

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3. Deer in Autumn Forest by Naanle

No fewer than four antlered bucks grace this fall scene as one almost feels the hushed surroundings. Sized at 60" x 72", the polyester fabric is machine washable for convenience and needs no dryer.

Thermal dye technology maintains the fade-resistant shower curtain. Nature lovers will thrill to the rug included with the matching scene.

Twelve shower hooks are included. This would accent a bathroom perfectly that has some natural stone accents or a stone wall.

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4. Fall Sunflowers by NYMB

Gardeners and flower lovers will enjoy this gift of mother nature: the fall sunflowers. The lovely, heads of the sunflowers bob in front of a backdrop of faded, natural wood amidst green foliage.

Sized at 69" x 70", the shower curtain also comes with a matching bath rug. The shower curtain, polyester, displays the scene in a 3-d effect. Wash gently with no bleach or dryer.

The dyes present no health hazards. Twelve shower hooks are included. Add some soft, fluffy towels to counter the gray wood panel in the shower curtain for some contrast.

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5. Beautiful Autumnal Park by MuaToo

This beautiful fall scene will please owners and guests alike with the image of the sun's rays shining through the lovely red leaves of the trees on this shower curtain.

Sized at 72" x 72", the shower curtain displays digital cutting-edge technology in the forest scene pictured. This impressive, polyester shower curtain needs no liner. Shower hooks come included.

Dark gray tile, for example, would make the colors in this shower curtain pop.

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6. Falling Leaves by FMSHPON

This lovely shower curtain would be perfect for a white bathroom. No tile mural would be needed as eyes would be drawn to this shower curtain that emphasizes the tumbling of the autumn leaves and nothing else.

The fabric is 100% polyester with shower curtain hooks included. In fact, the fabric increases comfort and durability.

Although polyester shower curtains are often advertised as needing no liners by the manufacturer, customers often purchase liners. This shower curtain allows for simple care. Wash in cold water and hang to dry. Do not use a dryer.

Sized at 66" x 72".

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7. Happy Thanksgiving by YCZTXSJT

This shower curtain rings in the holidays with its bright, colorful harvest and fall leaves. Although the colors are primarily orange-yellow, there are enough multi-colored accents that it would complement nearly any color scheme in your bathroom.

Sized at 60" x 70", the polyester allows for easy care in the washer and no dryer necessary. The waterproof shower curtain requires no liner. Click here for more information.

8. Mysterious Maple Tree by Aorro

This dark red maple tree has a touch of the fantastic with its glowing white butterflies.

Sized at 60" x 72", the water-repellent and mildew-resistant qualities maintain the beauty of the scene.

Shower hooks included fit into rust-resistant grommets. Easy-to-clean polyester requires no dryer. The color scheme would go well with dark neutral colors.

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9. Forest Shower Curtain by Cheerhunting

Rather than a photo shot, this shower curtain features an oil painting-like fall scene, sized at 72"x 72". Rust-resistant grommets hold white shower hooks included. Non-Peva.

Cutting-edge graphics portray a bright autumn scene made to withstand standard, heavy-duty washing. The polyester requires no drying. Simply wash when needed and hang.

The mold-proof polyester maintains its beauty in a moist bathroom environment. The colors of this shower curtain would match many in a sunny bathroom.

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10. Autumn Lake Shower Curtain by Smurf Yingda

Made of oxford polyester fabric, the Lake scene is sized at 70" x 69". This shower curtain comes with a money-back guarantee. Machine wash in cold water and hang to dry.

This mountain lake scene is composed of mostly blues and browns. Shower curtain hooks are included with this shower curtain with a weighted bottom. The lake and the surrounding pines of the mountain are sure to make any bathroom a retreat. Click here for more information.

11. Mountain Autumn Landscape by Ambesonne

The primary colors of this photo scene are green, navy, and magenta. The magenta highlights the sunset. Earth-tone colors would complement this shower curtain.

Sized at 69"X 70", Turkish fabric provides vibrant colors with no need of a liner. Shower hooks are included with this shower curtain dyed with non-harmful substances. Mold, mildew, and soap resistance maintain the beauty of the shower curtain. Click here for more information.

12. Farmhouse Decor Collection by Ambesonne

Extra long, this shower curtains measures 69" x 84". A haze of fog dresses the warm, fall colors of the trees in the forest. Farmhouse style decor' would complement this shower curtain well. Hooks are included with the waterproof, mildew-resistant shower curtain. The simple design would complement a smaller bathroom.

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13. White Fall Birch Trees by ZHANZZK

Sized at 60" x 72", the mildew and water resistant properties make for easy cleaning. Just toss the shower curtain into the washer. Hang to dry, no need for a dryer. The white fall birch trees come with shower hooks included.

Just open the package and hang the shower curtain. This color scheme would complement the colors in any bathroom, light or dark.

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14. Romantic Fall Eiffel Tower by Feierman

Red fall leaves frame a sunset at the Eiffel Tower. Sized at 70 x 70, the shower curtain maintains its colors with waterproofing. The polyester curtain arrives at your home with complimentary shower curtain hooks.

This shower curtain is environmentally friendly and protects the owner from harmful chemicals. A simple bathroom would best play up the Eiffel Tower scene on the shower curtain.

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15. Autumn Maple Leaf Trees by Fangkun

The simple design of this shower curtain would make it ideal for a smaller bathroom. The almost minimalist design is mildew and water resistant.

Sized at 72" x 72", the makeup is polyester non-vinyl fabric. The shower curtain hooks come with the product and it may be hanged straight from the box. When needed, simply wash, then hang to dry.

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16. Romantic Walk in the Autumn Forest by Kotom

This fabric polyester shower curtain, sized at 69" x 70", portrays a walk through the autumn colors of the woods. What a serene scene to contemplate while you let the water run over your body.... Complimentary shower hooks are included with the product.

Earth-toned colors in the remainder of the bathroom may be best. There is a money-back guarantee offered with this shower curtain. Easy cleaning with no dryer needed.

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17. Mallard Ducks Fly in the Sky by Shower Curtain

Migrating south in the fall under gray skies is a shower curtain for nature lovers. We loved the detail of the swamp scenery on the ground. Water is always a good element to have in your bathroom decor.

Waterproof and sized at 60" x 72", the shower curtain is mildew and water resistant.

Easy to clean. No dryer needed. This curtain may be a masculine shower curtain for a bachelor.

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18. Wild Deer in the Forest by RealTree

This deer, peeking through the autumn leaves is sure to trigger some great memories for a hunter. It will also be appreciated by other nature lovers. The brown leaves clearly send the message of autumn here too. This shower curtain is 100% polyester with complimentary c-shaped shower hooks included.

The bathroom for this shower curtain would most likely be done up in camo colors. The shower curtain is water resistant and preserves the lovely shower curtain scene.

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19. Duck Hunting Dog

Here is another shower curtain for the hunter. A black labrador enjoying a duck hunt in the fall. Shower curtain comes with complimentary curtain hooks. Sized 72"x 72", the shower curtain has reinforced holes for easy hanging.

Easy care: simply wash and hang to dry. Anti-bacteria and mildew resistant. There are complementary items that match the curtain that may be purchased also.

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Curtain Accents

Some who purchase these may desire to add tie-back curtains to these shower curtains. Without exception, earth-toned colors would be optimal as all of the shower curtains are fall themed.

These curtains may be used alone to prevent distractions from the art on the shower curtains, or they may be combined with tie-backs according to the owner's wishes.

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