15 Family Room Ideas With A TV You Have To See

The family room is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms in a home. It's the place where family and friends gather to socialize and relax. As such, it's important to make the most of this space.

Being the social center of the home, many families choose to include a TV in their family room layout. Whether it's watching the big game or relaxing with the latest reality TV show, a TV is a critical part of a family room.

But creating a functional, aesthetic family room layout is easier said than done. It can already be daunting enough to arrange normal furniture in a room, and including a TV makes it even more difficult. 

So, to help in the process, we created a list of 15 family room ideas that include a TV to give you some inspiration. Without further ado, let's get into it. 

luxury hall interior loft flat apartments with tv sofa and armchairs, 15 Family Room Ideas With A TV You Have To See

1. Single Small Couch With Coffee Table

In this family room layout, the TV is the focal point. A single small couch sits across from the TV with a small coffee table in between. This living room boasts a calm, light-colored aesthetic with strong minimalist vibes.

What's more, the TV is mounted to the wall which adds some contemporary flair to the room. Additionally, the location of the TV allows you to see it from the kitchen area.

Kitchen With Living Room And Garden View From The Window

2. Couch With Coffee Table And Long TV Stand

Living room in a house with impressive wood and skylights

This living room also features a classic layout that makes watching the TV the focus of the space. Rather than mount the TV to the wall, this homeowner opted to place the TV on a long wooden TV stand that coordinates well with the rest of the room's decorative scheme. 

And due to the open floorplan, family and friends mingling in the kitchen can also watch TV.

3. L-Shaped Couch With Added Seating And Coffee Table

Cozy scandinavian style living room with television and furniture

In this quaint family room, an L-shaped couch is perpendicular to the TV that sits on a TV stand. A chair is placed across from the couch for added seating. A large coffee table and sizeable area rug help tie the space together, creating a cozy TV-watching ambiance. 

4. Large Couch With Small Coffee Table And TV Stand

Modern Living Room And Dining Room With Television Set And Parquet Floor

There's no doubt that watching the TV is the primary focus of this family room. The large couch sits directly across from the TV, and the homeowner has opted to have the couch floating near the center of the room rather than place it against the wall.

This choice helps secure the TV as the focal point of the room.

5. L-Shaped Couch Perpendicular To The TV With Chairs

Modern living room interior of real home

The TV is often the central focus of a family room, but that doesn't mean the furniture can't be arranged in a way that facilitates conversation as well.

In this family room, the L-shaped couch and the two chairs are generally perpendicular to the TV. The couch is long on both sides, so family and friends can easily watch TV when desired, but the layout is arguably more geared toward conversation since the chairs don't face the TV. 

If you prefer socializing with family and friends in your family room but want the option to watch TV, consider this layout.

6. Large L-Shaped Couch And Coffee Table

Monochrome living room with wood and grey tiling accents and chevron pattern rug

Here is another family room that features a sizeable L-shaped couch that's perfect for watching TV. But what makes this family room unique is the placement of the TV; it sits off to the side of the far wall which frees up more wall space for decor. 

If you like having a TV in your family room but want to highlight your decor and fireplace above all else, consider moving the TV as shown here.

7. Wall-Mounted TV Across From The Couch

modern living room with design sofa and large pillows above

The homeowner took a unique approach here by not including a coffee table in the family room layout. This makes the room feel a bit longer, and it makes the TV the highlight of the space. 

8. Minimalist Couch Across From TV With Coffee Table

Scandinavian style and minimalist designed living room interior scene

This is another modest-sized family room that features a minimalist design. The TV is quite large in relation to the far wall, which makes it really pop in the room's overall design scheme. What's more, the TV stand is the perfect height, ensuring that the TV is at eye level with anyone sitting on the couch.

9. Quaint Family Room With Small Sectional And Chairs

furnished living room in newly constructed luxury home

This family room features a plush, small sectional that sits across from the TV with two inward-facing chairs on the adjacent wall. A long coffee table and an area rug tie the space together, creating a quaint and cozy vibe.

The TV is relatively small for the space, and it is placed well above eye level on the mantel. This design choice indicates that conversation is the primary focus of the space, with the TV being a nice option but not necessarily a high priority. 

The placement of the two armchairs creates a nice conversation nook if desired. 

10. Couch Across From TV That Blends Into Design Scheme

Elegant Modern living room with luxurious furnitures

This is another family room that prioritizes watching the TV in the choice of layout. A single couch sits across from the TV that's mounted on the center of the far wall. Due to the color choice in the room, the TV blends in quite well although it is centrally located. 

The recessed wall nook adjacent to the TV allows the homeowner to display their decor without distracting too much attention from the TV.

11. High Wall-Mounted TV With Abundant Seating

Beautiful living room in brand new luxury home with hardwood floors and amazing view

This massive family room has enough seating for about 8 people to comfortably watch the TV. The long L-shaped couch and the two chairs are all inward facing, which indicates that this family enjoys gathering to watch TV. However, this layout is also perfect for simply talking and hanging out.

Though the TV is mounted a bit high on the wall, the size of the TV and the distance between the TV and the seating ensure a good viewing angle.

12. Low TV With Versatile Seating Layout

Beautiful living room interior with hardwood floors and roaring fire in fireplace in new luxury home

This luxurious family room is ideal for either watching TV or socializing. The TV is mounted quite low on the wall. What's more, it sits in a slightly recessed portion of the wall. However, family and friends can still easily see the TV from the couch and adjacent chairs. 

The overall layout here is quite versatile. The TV is still readily accessible, but it doesn't detract from the other luxurious aspects of this family room. The fireplace certainly steals the show (in a good way) in this design.

13. L-Shaped Couch With Accent Chair

Interior of brand new Living room of brand new luxury home

In this family room, the TV stands out in stark contrast to the white decorative scheme. This helps anchor the TV as the focal point of the space, and the color difference provides some simple visual contrast. The blue accent chair provides the perfect splash of color to break up the overall white theme.

14. Sectionals And Chair For Socializing

living room in newly constructed luxury home

We've seen several family rooms that feature off-center placement for the TV, but this room takes it to another level. The TV is fairly small, and it sits in a recessed wall nook. In terms of centrality, the fireplace is the prominent feature on the far wall. 

The placement of the seating in this living room is perfect for comfortable lounging and socializing. The TV in this space is ultimately an afterthought, ensuring it's not the focus of the room. 

15. Multifunctional Family Room With Wall-Mounted TV

A bright, white living room in a downtown condo with cozy furniture

This minimalist family room features a modest-sized TV that's mounted to the wall. The placement of the sectional and lounge chair is great for watching TV or simply hanging out. But the small, work desk in the corner of the room indicates that this space is used for much more than just TV watching.

In Closing

luxury hall interior loft flat apartments with tv sofa and armchairs

We hope this guide has given you the creative inspiration you need to make the most of your family room. If you opt for any approach outlined here (or a combination) you can't go wrong. 

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