11 Farmhouse Bathroom Floor Ideas You’ll Love

Farmhouse style is a classic. When we think of this style, we think of white painted surfaces, antique furniture, black hardware, and beautiful wooden floors. Even when it's a new home, the farmhouse style echos the past.

So when choosing a bathroom floor, you'll want to find something that speaks to the farmhouse style. Tile and hardwoods are a natural choice, but which ones? We've found eleven great farmhouse bathroom floor ideas for you to look at here. See what you think and get inspired.

Teal and white themed small bathroom interior, 11 Farmhouse Bathroom Floor Ideas You'll Love

1. Choose a Soft Blonde Hardwood To Go With White Shiplap Walls

Farmhouse bathroom with shiplap wall

This gorgeous farmhouse bathroom is so soothing. We'd like to crawl right into that awesome clawfoot tub and soak away our cares for hours! The gold tone of the tub's exterior is a perfect match for the blonde-toned hardwood floors. And the white shiplap walls echo the pattern of the wood flooring but keeps the look really clean and neutral. Note the few other natural-toned objects like the stool and baskets that continue the theme of the flooring. It's a beautiful farmhouse bathroom.

2. Small Tiles In A Decorative Pattern

Antique luxury design of blue bathroom

Small ceramic tiles are very common in vintage farmhouses. So whether you're restoring or building from scratch, don't overlook these diminutive beauties. Here, a pattern of small black squares surrounded by four rectangular whites makes this floor a standout. White fixtures and white wainscotting keep things neutral and allow for a pop of blue on the upper walls without detracting from the design of the floor. Really fantastic!

3. Why Not A Checkerboard Floor

Luxury bathroom on the attic floor

Farmhouses often have large spacious attics, and you may be wanting to add a bathroom; see our post on that here: "Can You Add A Bathroom To An Attic?" But because it's a farmhouse, you want to keep it in the right style. This is why this updated checkerboard tile layout might be a good match. We're used to seeing black and white checkerboard, but here a tan and white checkerboard pattern works beautifully with the antiqued white cabinets and the detailed molding on the attic walls. It's clean, crisp, and airy, just like a farmhouse attic bathroom should be.

4. Pick A Wood-Grained Ceramic Tile

Vintage beige color bathroom with a golden sanitary engineering

Farmhouses are known for delightfully worn and beautiful hardwood floors. But sometimes we want our bathrooms a little easier to clean and crisper overall. So here's a great way to get the look of wood with the ease of ceramic tile. Ceramic and porcelain tiles now come in a variety of rectangular tiles that have the look of wood grain. It's truly the best of both worlds for a farmhouse bathroom floor.

5. Keep It Simple, Small, And White

Blue and white old bright small bathroom

White is a natural color to gravitate toward when we're thinking of farmhouse style. It reminds us of fresh sheets hung on the line and fresh milk in the pitcher. In this small bathroom, white wainscotting and white fixtures are paired with small square white ceramic tiles. A bit of turquoise blue paint has been added to the upper walls to liven things up and bring in color. Though, you could just as easily opt for something more neutral to give the room a slightly different feel.

6. A Herringbone Pattern Of Tile Adds Interest

Vintage bathroom with tiled floor and wall

Here's a unique idea that both harkens to vintage homes and feels updated and new. In this farmhouse bathroom, small rectangular tiles - maybe marble - have been laid in a herringbone pattern. Darker grey grout really emphasizes the pattern beautifully. A vintage feel wallpaper in soft blue and white is hung above the grey subway tile wainscotting.

7. Use Natural Hardwoods In A Farmhouse Bathroom

Luxurious bathroom with upholstery

This beautiful attic bathroom has an old farmhouse charm with floral wallpaper lining the walls and ceiling. A skylight adds gorgeous sunlight to really showcase the hardwood floors. These floors, though probably not original, have all the character and grain you'd expect in farmhouse floors. White modern fixtures and tile wainscotting add a bit of a modern feeling to the overall design. If this were our bathroom, we might have chosen a soaker tub rather than a built-in tub.

8. Basketweave Pattern With Grey Tile In Two Tones

Bathroom in classic style

This bathroom plays on tile styles of old with its fun basketweave pattern. Grey tiles, one lighter and one medium, or laid in such a way to make them look like they are woven. It's a basketweave tile pattern. Though it might take a little extra work, a good tile layer can make this floor super sharp looking. We love the soft grey paint on the walls that matches the darker tiles on the floor. The white fixtures and wall trim keep everything looking crisp.

9. Dark Hardwood Floors Are Gorgeous In A Farmhouse Bathroom

Classic bathroom interior

This farmhouse bathroom takes its direction from rich deep colors. The chair rail walls are painted a near-navy blue that looks outstanding with the crisp white trim. Above the chair rail, they've chosen a lighter tone of blue to soften the color. But the real stand out here is the floor. Deep, dark walnut-colored hardwood floors feel absolutely sumptuous in this bathroom. Whether original or installed in a new home, this dark color is a gorgeous choice for your farmhouse bathroom floor.

10. Consider A Border Of Decorative Tile

Classic bathroom with white tub

Here's another bathroom tucked under the eaves. It has the classic clawfoot tub that is so ubiquitous with a farmhouse. The wood beams give it an earthy feel, but we've gone back in time with the tile floor. The patterned edging has the feel of old Roman mosaics. The small ceramic mosaic tiles spread out across the floor, then they are laid in a darker color to create a gorgeous patterned swirl to edge the room. The room is finished off with a coat of white bright paint for a light and airy feel.

11. Pick A Neutral Large Square Tile

Bathroom with a beautiful bath

Sometimes the best choice is the simplest choice. If you're at a loss for what to do in your farmhouse bathroom, pick a simple large square tile. They look crisp and clean, are easy to take care of, and are usually cost-efficient to install. Then you can get more flamboyant with things like your paint color and your shower curtains!

Farmhouse Fresh Floor

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