27 Farmhouse Front Door Ideas

Farmhouse styling is more popular than ever. Something about the homey, warm feeling of a farmhouse appeals to a huge number of homeowners. And with so many home improvement shows jumping in to show us how to achieve it, it makes sense that we can't get enough.

Farmhouse style features wood paneling, natural colors, and light. It has a splash of industrial elements through the use of metal and eclectic styling that doesn't shy away from rustic elements. We've put together a collection of farmhouse style front door images to give you inspiration. So, let's take a look, shall we?

Barn house with red colored door and facade with windows at second floor, 27 Farmhouse Front Door Ideas

1. Wood Door, Wood Porch, Black Hardware

One design element that can really distinguish your style as farmhouse style is your choice of lighting and door hardware. One choice we see a lot of is the use of black. In these next three photos, we see gorgeous black lanterns dotting the front porch overhead and then bold hammered black door hasps and hinges.

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Welcoming entrance of a modern farmhouse with brown wooden door

2. A Lovely Hand Hewn Door Pull

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Wood log cabin building and wooden door on front porch

3. Stylish Black Hinges On A Wooden Door

Wood gate in stone and brick walls

Black Iron Hinges For Your Front Door

These reversible black iron hinges will look amazing on a wooden front door. They'll give your modern farmhouse a bit of old-world feel.

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Hanging Overhead Exterior Black Lanterns

This hanging black lantern will give your front porch a ton of farmhouse charm. It's 14" tall and 8" in diameter and comes with a generous 48" of chain to get the hanging length just right.

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4. Timberframe Entryway

A different take on farmhouse style is the judicious use of timber-frame to give your home that Northwoods feel. Here an entryway and front porch has been spruced up with the use of large timbers like you'd find in an old barn. It adds a rustic feel to the entry.

Wooden open porch and front door with a hidden security camera

5. Timberframe Supports On Rocking Chair Front Porch

6. The Perfect Door Decor

As we mentioned before, there are so many home renovation shows we love that feature farmhouse decor. It seems that one of the essential ingredients is the judicious use of the perfect accessory. Our next homes showcase a few of the choices you might make when deciding to elevate your entryway.

Wooden front door with wreath of a rustic farmhouse with white walls

A Dried Floral Wreath and Star

This wreath has that rustic metal star like the one in the photograph above and a gorgeous twist of vines and red, white, and blue berries. What we love about it is that even though it could be used for the 4th of July holiday, it's subtle enough to be used year-round.

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7. Door Stencils In Lieu Of A Welcome Mat

Wooden front door with shiplap siding

Greeting Stencils

There all sorts of awesome door stencils available online. Made of vinyl, they stick without being stuck and are easily removed when you want to swap out your greeting. It's a way to say hello without your visitor having to look down at the doormat.

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8. Double Wreaths On Double Doors

Double door of a barn with Christmas wreaths

9. Wreaths Can Go Beyond The Holidays

Farmhouse wooden double doors with wreaths

10. Simplicity Harkens Back To Old Farmhouse Style

Red dairy barn with wreath on double doors

11. Look To The Old For Inspiration

The original farmhouse is the inspiration for today's postmodern take on it. So what better place to look for your own front door ideas that at the old homes. Gorgeous doors, incredible stained glass, or just raw potential, you can draw inspiration for the design from classical sources.

Vintage wooden house with door porch entrance in idyllic rural countryside in summer

12. Use A Fixer-Upper As Your Idea Template

Small white cottage style house

13. Raw Wood And Stained Glass Is A Lovely Combination

Rustic wooden barn door with lovely stained glass surrounded by stone walls

14. One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure In Design

Farmhouse with brick walls, glass windows and white front door

15. Porch Columns And Old Railings From The Past

16. Front Porches Beg For Furniture

Many farmhouses are equipped with generous porches, which is one of the features we love so much. And the best thing about porches is having a covered, cozy spot for outdoor living. Whether you pick wicker rocking chairs or a lovely porch swing, you're going to want that spot for lazing on a sunny summer afternoon.

Front porch of a wooden house with glass windows and 3 white rocking chairs

A Classic Wicker Set

White wicker sets the gold standard for front porch charm. So many beautiful magazine photos of inviting front porches feature wicker furniture. It's beautiful to look at and holds up well to outdoor use. We found this classic 3-piece set for you. You'll need to pick out the seat cushions to match your style separately.

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17. Stain Benches To Match Your Window Frames And Door Stain

Front porch of a cabin home with wooden door and 2 wooden chairs

18. Rocking Chairs And Hanging Ferns Are A Classic

19. Consider A Swinging Platform For Your Farmhouse Porch

Swinging Into Summer

Though we love the platform bed suspended from ropes above, you can get this classic teak-look swing delivered in a jiffy and start swinging before hot weather hits. It's 5' long and comes with the chains needed for hanging. This is an artificial wood that doesn't mildew, rot, and is easy to clean. It comes in a variety of colors as well.

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20. Vines And Foliage

Farmhouses are associated with farms and farms are typically in natural settings. Whether set on the prairies or in the mountains, a true farm style involves some sort of greenery. If you're in the city this might be an abundance of potted flowers on your front porch. But if you're a bit more rural, you might consider adding some vining plants to show off your front door area.

Front entrance of a white and green farmhouse with walkway

21. Thread Twinkle Lights Through Your Vines

Farmhouse wooden front door with vines on the ceiling

22. There's Nothing Quite As Lovely As Wisteria

23. Gorgeous Foliage Around The Door Evokes English Farmhouses

Fall entrance door of a winery building

24. No Place For Vines? Try A Grouping of Potted Plants

Brown front door of a wooden house with tropical plants

25. Skulls And Ephemera

Get crafty! A farmhouse is a great style of home to utilize things others might consider as junk and repurpose them into amazing transformations to art. We love the use of these old rusted tools to create new pieces and the whitewashed skulls on the timber farmhouse really pop.

Beautiful front porch of a snow covered cabin

Longhorn Skull

No way to get a real skull? This replica skull (made out of realistic-looking resin) can give you that feeling without a cow ever having been hurt in the making of it. It's super realistic looking and has a metal hanger for easy installation. It's 17 1/2" tall and 15" wide from horn to horn. 

You can find this on Amazon here.

26. Rusted Cast-Offs Can Become Contemporary Art

27. Use A Collection Of Farm Implements As A Bouquet For The Exterior Wall

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