11 Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas You Need To See

Farmhouse style can bring in rustic charm while also creating a look that is fresh, honest, and, at times, whimsical. One of the greatest things about this particular decor is that you generally don't have to sacrifice functionality for style. One of the very core ideals of the farmhouse look is practicality. Farmhouse style combines the old and new. 

Though farmhouse styling has been popular for many years, the trend has evolved into being a bit less cliche and a little more refined. The farmhouse trend's overall goal is to make a space warm and approachable, and now it needs to be a little more mature as well. This style can be achieved on a budget, as many items you can use to decorate can be found at secondhand stores or yard sales. However, if your personal design style is more modern or tailored, you might be more suited to a sleeker style of design.

You might not spend a lot of time in the laundry room. In fact, it might be a space you avoid. Decorating it and making it fun could help those boring chores be a little less boring. Let's look at 11 farmhouse ideas for a laundry room to give you some inspiration!

Laundry room interior with washing machine at window, hardwood floor and walls, 11 Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas You Need To See

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1. Sliding Barn Doors

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Huge laundry room with barn doors entrance

Nothing says "farmhouse style" like a sliding barn door. These distressed wood doors add more than rustic flair, though. Sliding doors on the laundry room would be easy to slide open with a foot when your arms are full of laundry. Inside the laundry room are cabinets in a similar color and grain as the doors, and all the colors remaining neutral, which is also indicative of farmhouse decor. 

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2. Large and Light

Big laundry room with plenty of cabinets and shelves

This laundry room uses its space wisely to create a homey, warm area without overdoing it. The neutral color scheme, slightly distressed cabinets, woven baskets, and whimsical countertop decorations all mixing the old and the new make this decor easily attainable and classic.

3. Natural Wood and Textures

Interior of laundry room with washing machine at window, hardwood floor and walls

Farmhouse allows the blending of different textures and woods. This example has beautiful wooden walls left as natural as possible, allowing the gorgeous grains and knobs in the wood to take center stage. The whitewashed wood next to the dryer harkens to mind reclaimed pallet wood, while the live plants add the smallest bit of color. The floating shelves are a melding of the textures and add interest and extra storage!

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4. Longhorns and Chalkboards

Nice laundry room with tile floor

Although in recent years, the farmhouse trend has been easing away from cute signs like the one in this photo, they are still widely available and in use. In many cases, they double as a place to hang keys, scarves, or coats. The small chalkboard next to the door is great for memos and aesthetics. The copper planter on the counter adds contrast, and so does the brick backsplash rising from the countertop. The horns in the window add a little something extra!

5. Wired

Large laundry room with appliances and cabinets

The use of wire baskets and containers is a huge style feature in farmhouse decor. In this picture, we see the cabinets over the countertop organized with wire baskets, as well as a wire container on the countertop itself. The terracotta planter adds texture and a splash of life. The space is simple and rustic, complete with a sign proclaiming "LAUNDRY." 

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6. Wash and Dry

Farmhouse-themed laundry room with washer and dryer decals with white solid brick wall and transitioning to a drywall near the entrance.

It doesn't take a huge budget to give your laundry room the farmhouse look. The washer and dryer decals add a touch of farmhouse kitsch, while the solid white wall, variegating from brick to drywall, adds a clean, textured vibe to the room. These simple, inexpensive touches can be done quickly and easily.

7. No Room? No Problem.

Small laundry room with door and wash dryer set

You might have thought that just because your laundry room is small, it isn't worth decorating. That is never the case. As with this example, you can see how just a few touches make a cozy room. The sign on the wall, the glass containers for the detergent, and the shiny metal bucket add some layers to the look, and the beautiful wood grain counter over the washer and dryer warms the entire space. 

8. Industrial Farmhouse

Semi-industrial laundry room featuring exposed pipes, brick floor, dark walls, a curtain concealing appliance side, miniature washboard on the wall, and distressed wood counter and shelves

This look incorporates some exposed pipe, brick floor, and a dark wall to create a semi-industrial look. Part of the farmhouse style incorporates old and new, and an industrial farmhouse is a fun way of doing just that. The curtain hiding the side of the appliances adds another level of texture, and the cute miniature washboard hung on the wall declares the room's intention just as clearly as a sign would. The distressed wood counter and shelves could easily be made of salvaged wood. 

9. Signs and Plants

Farmhouse-themed laundry room with wainscoting on walls, wooden shelves with laundry baskets, cabinet section with wainscoting on wall

Adding dimension to your walls is a great way to get a farmhouse look. In this example, we see wainscoting up to the height of the cabinets, and almost all the wood is painted white. The seemingly unfinished shelf in the middle of the washer and dryer adds some contrast, while the baskets placed about the room for organization give the decor an honest feel. 

The neutrals here aren't overly monotonous, though, because we have some beautiful plants and vines adding enough color to make the space alive. We have to mention the printed signs and the cabinets, which bring to mind a barn. 

10. Bricks, Bark, and Baskets

farmhouse laundry room in neutral tones. Predominantly white, wire basket, wooden tray with bark ring on a shiny counter showcasing wood grain. Laundry room sign displayed

Light, neutral colors are a theme for farmhouse aesthetics. Likely because many farmhouses were painted a simple white due to it being the most easily obtained paint color back in the day. This example is nearly pure white. They've also chosen to incorporate a wire basket. Atop the counter is a wooden tray, complete with the outside ring of bark. Although the counter is finished and shiny, the wood grain is visible. The laundry room sign completes the look.

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11. Lost Socks

Farmhouse-themed laundry room with wood paneling walls with a hanging sign saying "lost socks". Dark stained wood countertop and two potted plants on the table.

Here is an example of a sign with more uses than just relaying a message. This adorable "lost socks" sign comes complete with hooks for all the sock singles that seem to get separated from their mates in the dryer.

The walls are made of wood paneling, which adds dimension to the room. The dark stained wood looks distressed and weathered, and the plant collection adds a bit of green that looks so nice against a white backdrop. 

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In Closing

Farmhouse style is a wonderful blend of old and new and is actually much easier to obtain than you might've imagined. Take inspiration from these fabulous laundry rooms. Freshen up your space as well as your clothes!

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