20 Farmhouse Vases For That Perfect Rustic Look

20 Farmhouse Vases For That Perfect Rustic LookRustic decor is one of the hottest decorating trends right now, and the farmhouse style is one of the most popular kinds of rustic.

As you can read about in our rustic decor style guide, the farmhouse style is a worn, chic, country look, but with cleaner lines. It's notable for its mix of metals and repurposed items. You'll often see earthen colors as part of this look, although occasionally you'll see pops of color.

While it's easy to overlook accessories like vases when you're decorating your home, they are crucial in adding that perfect finishing touch to your rustic farmhouse design. Here's a list of 20 farmhouse-style vases that will catch your eye and complete your home's look.

Bud Flower Vases in Chicken Wire Basket

The combination of materials in this set of vases is eye-catching. You get six vases with this set. They come in different sizes and sit inside a chicken wire basket.

Put different buds in each to brighten up a windowsill, decorate your table, or greet guests on an entryway console.

Learn more about this set of vases on Amazon.

Stone & Beam Vintage Metal Milk Jug

If there's anything more rusticly farmhouse than a milk jug, we're not sure what it is. This one is stylish, made out of galvanized metal with wood on the handles.

It's larger than other vases on our list, measuring over 12 inches tall and nine inches wide, making it an excellent choice for a large bouquet.

Check out this jug vase on Amazon.

Torre & Tagus Bark Vase

This vase stands out because it has the texture of bark but is made of cement, making it heavy, durable, and practical with a rustic farmhouse look.

It stands almost eight inches tall and would look lovely on your table with just a few large-sized, short-stemmed flowers.

Read about this textured vase on Amazon.

Serene Spaces Medicine Bud Bottle Vases

The rich amber color of these bud vases reminds us of outdoors and makes them stand out. You get six in a set, and each holds a single flower.

Feature them together (groups of three look great in decorating) or place them individually around your home to dress up your rustic space.

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CTW Vintage Tall Pitcher

This stately pitcher made out of galvanized metal is a showpiece of farmhouse decor. The gray metal with rust-colored edges would look great holding clean white or brightly colored flowers.

There's one catch to this pitcher: It's not designed to hold water, so fill it with artificial flowers.

Check out this pitcher on Amazon.

MyGift Farmhouse Style Succulent Pots

If you're looking for something with rustic style but that's designed to hold small succulents, you found it. This option isn't one vase, but three small pots and a decorative tray to display them. Together they function together as one.

This clean white set with distressed edges is a great fit for your farmhouse kitchen.

Click here for more information about these pots on Amazon.

Grila Rustic Hanging Bucket

If you're looking for a unique vase that goes on your wall, this beautiful copper-colored set of two will take your rustic style up a level.

Get creative with what you put into them. Sure you can use flowers, but these would look beautiful with ivy hanging down the sides or holding stiff stems of cotton.

Here are more details about this set on Amazon.

French Flower Bucket Galvanized Vases

These are the vases for you if you're looking to bring a little bit of the rustic French countryside into your farmhouse-style home.

The stark metal is beautiful, and these nine-inch-tall vases are primed for wildflower bouquets. Just make sure, like other metal vases on our list, that you only use artificial flowers in them to avoid rusting.

Read more about these flower buckets on Amazon.

Napco Distressed White Mason Jar Vase

A Mason jar is one of the most recognized farmhouse decor items. This one is painted a fresh, clean white, and its edges are distressed to reveal a rust color underneath.

Use this to display a small, dense bouquet of soft-colored flowers on your wooden farmhouse table for a great mix of colors and textures.

Learn more about this Mason jar vase on Amazon

Popgrat Wood Cylinder Vase

The earthen element is impossible to miss with this wood cylinder vase. It's woven tightly for a beautiful finish.

Use it for dried or artificial flower arrangements to help it last as long as your farmhouse style does.

Read about this wood vase on Amazon.

Sullivans White Ceramic Oval Vase

Oval vases are rare, making this one not only unique but perfect for your farmhouse decor. It's about ten inches long and designed to hold short-stemmed flowers.

It will fit nicely in the middle of a table, and the distressed white color perfectly fits with your rustic decor.

Click here for more information on this oval vase on Amazon.

Noah Decoration Double-Eared Vases

Check out the style of these vases, similar to an old jug, and the clear bubbled glass. Those are the farmhouse elements that we love.

This set of three vases of different sizes will look lovely on a table with either a few stems as pictured or with full bouquets in each.

Here's more about these vases on Amazon.

Shalimar Square Galvanized Metal Accent Vase

While we have other metal vases on our list, the shape and style of this one in combination with the copper-colored accents on it will make a beautiful rustic addition to any farmhouse decor.

It's just over 12 inches tall and eight inches deep, so it can hold a large arrangement of flowers.

Read more about this metal vase on Amazon.

Docmon Farmhouse Mason Jar Vase

Unlike the first Mason jar vase on this list, this pair of Mason jar vases hang on a wall. They're attached to medium-toned wood and hung with rope. Using those different textures makes this piece truly rustic.

Hang these as an accent to other wall decor, and they'll make a beautiful finishing touch.

Learn more about this rustic set on Amazon.

Velener Artificial Potted Lavender Plant

This definitely isn't your typical vase. It's actually sold as an artificial potted lavender plant in a wooden container. But the authentic feel of the worn wood, the stamped words on the front, and the contrast with the colors in the plant all made for such a farmhouse feel that it had to make our list.

Not everyone has a green thumb, so if you're the person that wants the look of rustic vases without the maintenance of keeping real flowers in them, then this is the vase for you.

Click for more information about this Velener vase on Amazon.

Funtoba Vintage Flower Vases

The look of five single bud vases contained within a simple wooden frame is a piece that will stand out as a centerpiece on any farmhouse table.

You can put the same flower in each vase for a uniform look, or try something special and put a different color and type of flower in each vase. As long as they're of similar size, they'll look stunning as the highlight of your table.

Check out more about this set of vases on Amazon.

Koyal Galvanized Metal Vases

This set of five vases are all the same size and shape. Line them up in the middle of the table and space them so that they run almost the whole length, then put a single large flower in each one. The rustic metal pieces will be simply elegant.

If you want to mix it up, you can break the set apart and put them in different corners of your home.

Here's more information on these metal vases on Amazon.

Drift Bliss Rustic Metal Wall Vase

The shape of this wall vase is unlike anything else on our list. The combination of the steel frame and the galvanized metal bucket it holds will add a whimsical feel to your farmhouse-style home.

Buy two or three and hang them as a set for a creative rustic look that's different than the regular straight lines.

Read more details about this round vase on Amazon.

Hanging Metal Cone Wall Vases

If you love the look of the circular vase, check out these hanging vases. Sold as a pair, these cone-shaped galvanized metal vases have a vintage look and will add rustic character to a room.

The larger one is 16 inches tall and the smaller one is almost 12, so you'll be able to display larger bouquets in both for a real impact.

Click for additional information on these cone-shaped vases on Amazon.

Creative Co-Op Terracotta Vases

The last item on our list has that splash of color we mentioned. The texture of terracotta vases have a rustic look, and the mismatched shapes and colors give it that old-time farmhouse feel.

Use them together or place them in different areas of your house. Either way, they'll look gorgeous holding a simple flower.

Read more about these terracotta vases on Amazon.

We hope that farmhouse inspiration has struck as you viewed some of the vases on our list. Comment below on how you would use them in your home! And if you love that rustic look, make sure to check out these posts too -

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