13 Farmhouse Style Wall Decor Ideas

Farmhouse has recently become one of the most popular home decor styles and for good reason. This decor style incorporates organic fibers, rustic wood pieces, and a host of comfortable materials. The overall feel of the style is comfortable and livable. Farmhouse decor can either be new or vintage and repurposed treasures. A farmhouse style house is so homey that you and your guests just won't want to leave!

Grey wall with unfinished plastering type texture with minimalist table and books placed on it, 13 Farmhouse Style Wall Decor Ideas

We compiled a list of great wall decor products that will give your house that rustic feel. Keep reading to discover 13 farmhouse style wall decor ideas!

1. Rustic Barn Wood Window Frames

Don your walls with the rustic charm of this barn wood window frame pair. The frames will serve as an excellent focal point in the room. Leave them untouched or add in additional decorative touches. The frames are constructed from reclaimed wood and each one may slightly differ in color. Each frame measures 18.1 inches x 22.1 inches.

Customers who have bought and used this product say that they love the versatility that these frames provide. They like that they're lightweight and easy to work with.

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2. Wooden Arrows

With just the right amount of distress on the wood, these arrows look perfectly rustic. And talk about that soft baby blue hue that will pop right off the walls. Each arrow measures 13 inches in length and 2.2 inches in width. Two sawtooth hangers are located on the back of each arrow for easy mounting. Space the arrows however you'd like!

Customers have said that these arrows are super lightweight yet very high-quality. Others really like the color of the arrows; the perfect pop of color for any wall.

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3. Rustic Letter Board

Felt letter boards are all the rage. What makes this one even better is the distressed rustic finish of the frame. Form funny phrases, friendly reminders, inspirational quotes, or anything in between! It comes with 347 reusable letters, symbols, emojis, and characters. The board measures 10 inches by 10 inches.

Customers say that this board is super well made and comes with a great abundance of characters. Others like the additional style that it brings to their home.

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4. Rustic Floating Shelves

With a set of rustic floating shelves, you'll enjoy both style and extra display and storage space! A simple set of these shelves can take your room's style to the next level. Three different sizes add dynamic versatility to the design. The boards are solid wood and the brackets have a nice powder-coated finish. The shelves are sturdy and easy to assemble.

Customers love the functionality of the shelves that also makes the space look bigger. They also like how the shelves add a nice farmhouse touch to the space.

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5. White Metal Stars

Metal barn stars used to be placed as trademarks on barns to signify which barn builder built which barn. Now you can spruce up your walls with the addition of this metal star trio. The stars are constructed out of high-quality, rust-proof metal that will leave them shining for years to come.

Customers who have bought and installed these stars say that they are beautiful and made out of very sturdy metal. The metal is light, making it easy to hang.

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6. "This Is Our Happy Place" Rustic Frame

Every home needs a sweet saying hanging on the wall. Not only does it serve as a great reminder, but it adds a rustic charm to the room. It measures 15.7 inches tall and 11.8 inches wide. The sawtooth hanger on the back makes the hanging process a breeze.

Customers who have bought this product say that the frame has a great rustic appearance that's so welcoming. Others really love the saying and how it can serve as a daily reminder.

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7. Cast Iron Arrows

Charm your walls with this collection of bundled wire arrows. The details found on the arrows are incredible and will only add to the overall allure. The piece measures 15 inches in height and 11.5 inches in width and weighs 1 pound. Use it as a solo piece on the wall or add it to a wall collage.

Customers say that the piece comes exactly as described and expected. Others say it has exceeded their expectations and is a cute decor addition.

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8. Galvanized Metal Windmill

Crafted from pure metal, this semi-circle windmill piece stands out wonderfully. If you close your eyes and picture a farmhouse scene, don't you envision a slow-turning windmill? It's the quintessential rustic charm! The detailing seen on this piece is captivating. It measures just over 16 inches in height and nearly 32 inches in width.

Customers say the piece is beautiful and is the ideal addition to any farmhouse home.

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9. Farmstead Barn Door Wall Clock

An oversized clock is an excellent way to simultaneously fill space and make a statement. It helps to wrap up the room's style seamlessly and effortlessly. The metal casters, wrought iron details, and distressed barn door-like frame give the clock the farmhouse look you desire.

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10. Whitewashed Wooden Display Shelf

Complete your farmhouse decor with this white-washed shadowbox-style wooden display shelf. Fill the space with other sweet pieces. Mounting brackets allow you to hang the piece either vertically or horizontally.

Customers enjoy the versatility of the shelf as well as its lightweight yet sturdy construction.

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11. Rustic Floating Shelves

Mount this collection of 3 floating shelves in whatever pattern you see fit for your space. The natural weathered grey finish on the shelves gives them the desired farmhouse feel. Plants, trinkets, books, or other treasures will fit perfectly on these shadow box shelves. The shelves have 3 different dimensions: 8 inches x 8 inches, 10 inches x 10 inches, and 12 inches x 12 inches.

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12. Galvanized Metal Heart

This heart features latticework galvanized metal and a metal outline. Let the piece hang as it comes or pin pictures on it to add more personal touches to the design. Since the piece doesn't lay flush against the wall, it adds a touch of dimension to the wall. The heart measures 14.5 inches tall and 13 inches wide.

Customers say they love the perfectly imperfect look that the galvanized heart brings to their room. The size is the perfect accent for a wall.

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13. Rustic Wooden Coat Rack

The rustic shelf and coat hook wall mount adds a gorgeous aesthetic to the home. As a bonus, the coat rack comes with freestanding wooden letters that spell out "love" and "home". All the pieces are made from sturdy pine wood. It measures 10 inches in height and 24 inches in width.

Customers who have bought and used this product say that it's the perfect multipurpose shelf. They enjoy its gorgeous rustic look.

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