What Faucets Have Lifetime Warranty?

Faucets aren’t invulnerable and can become damaged from frequent use or other natural causes. So it can be wise to know if certain faucet brands have lifetime warranties on their products. But what are these companies? We researched this concern for your convenience, and here’s what we found.

Some of the faucet brands that offer lifetime warranties are:

  1. Delta
  2. Danze
  3. ROHL Plumbing Fixtures, LLC
  4. TOTO Plumbing Fixtures
  5. GROHE
  6. Sterling
  7. Moen

Despite these companies offering lifetime warranties, the coverage for each guarantee is usually different for each brand. Continue reading as we talk about the warranties for these faucet companies in greater detail.

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Do Faucets Have Warranties?

Many faucet companies offer limited lifetime warranties for their products. Some brands bundle these coverages with each faucet purchase. Others may propose their warranties to interested customers as separate purchases.

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What Faucet Brand Has A Lifetime Warranty?

Although different faucet companies offer lifetime warranties, the brands often have varying coverages for their products. In this section, we’ll tackle different plumbing fixture companies that produce faucets with lifetime warranties.

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This American plumbing fixture company has limited lifetime warranties on its non-electric faucets. Customers can benefit from the repair and replacement services for damaged faucets without additional costs. If the faucet has defects from its manufacturing process, the company may elect to refund the customer the product's price at the time of purchase.

However, Delta can deny coverage for faulty faucets if:

  • The customer bought the product from an unaffiliated retailer.
  • Harm fell upon the faucet because of aftermarket modifications.
  • Negligence of the user had developed into faucet acquiring damage.
  • The product contracted damage because of natural wear and tear.

If you’re looking for your Delta faucet’s model number, read our post on that subject matter to know the appropriate steps.

You can also watch the video below to take a look at the unboxing of one of Delta’s faucets that has the company’s limited lifetime warranty:

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Like Delta, Danze Plumbing Products also provides a limited lifetime warranty for their non-electric faucets. Electric products, including faucets, only have a 5-year limited warranty from this brand.

Customers should also know that this Danze limited lifetime warranty only covers replacement parts with evident harm from the product's development process or other natural causes. This guarantee doesn’t cover any professional labor that it might need for installations and repairs.

Also, this warranty is only for faucets intended and used for residential use. It doesn’t cover faucets used in business, commercial, and industrial sectors.

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ROHL Plumbing Fixtures, LLC

ROHL has a promise to its customers to provide a limited lifetime warranty to kitchen and bath fixtures, including faucets. This guarantee period also covers different product lines from the brand, including:

  • Soap dispensers
  • Stainless steel sinks
  • Copper sinks
  • Fireclay kitchen sinks

On the other hand, the company only offers a limited warranty with a finite period on other product lines like kitchen wire sink grids, decorative shower drains, and hot water dispensers.

Circling back to the ROHL’s limited lifetime warranty, this promise supplies customers with product and part replacement services without extra fees. However, the item should be defective with indicative proof of the fault caused by manufacturing or harm from natural origins.

It’s also important to note that the limited lifetime warranty is only available to residential customers. Businesses and other commercial customers can only take advantage of the same advantages from the coverage but only for one year from the date of acquisition.

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TOTO Plumbing Fixtures

TOTO has limited lifetime warranties for its faucets, along with other product lines like cast iron tubs and other bathroom accessories. Take note that this guarantee only covers defects found in the components of these products from their workmanship backgrounds.

Also, customers can only claim the advantages of TOTO's limited lifetime warranty if they purchase their faucets from the brand. TOTO doesn’t offer this guarantee to faucets and other products if purchasers buy these items from third-party sellers.

Keep in mind that this warranty doesn’t apply to the faucet acquires damage from:

  • Natural calamities (e.g., earthquakes, floods, and thunderstorms)
  • Accidents, abuse, negligence, or other similar incidents
  • Improper installation procedures or the setup of the product in an unsafe environment
  • Standard wear and tear because of frequent use

Plus, customers need to show valid proof of purchase before TOTO and its representatives can provide the benefits supplied by the warranty. It’s ideal for customers to register their products on the company’s website to create an online record of the purchase.

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GROHE can repair or replace any part of their products, including those from their faucet lines. Customers can take advantage of this promise, thanks to the company’s offered limited lifetime warranty.

However, the lifetime warranty is only available for products sold after July 1, 2020. Certain products, such as electronic faucets sold before that period will only have a 5-year limited warranty that starts from the date of purchase. The same warranty period is also available for commercial customers for all products except wall carrier assemblies.

GROHE can also deny customers from using the coverage provided by the warranty if the product underwent:

  • Repairs from unqualified individuals and tradespeople
  • Harm because of accidents, misuse, and negligence
  • The harm caused by natural use, and wear and tear
  • Improper installation practices that stray from the manufacturer’s printed instructions

Customers that purchased GROHE’s faucets or other products from the company should have the original receipt acquired from the transaction. The product’s packaging should also be intact with the manufacturing date still clear.

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This division of Kohler Company provides limited lifetime warranties to its faucets produced after January 1, 2020. Faucets manufactured before that date will only have a 5-year limited warranty.

Sterling also has a warranty for each assembly or accessory for its faucets. But the company has the right to void the warranty if:

  • The customer can’t provide a proof of purchase when claiming the coverage
  • The faucet acquired damage from abuse, misuse, or accidents
  • Proof of improper cleaning methods exists that resulted in harming the faucet

The company also doesn’t provide a limited lifetime warranty for faucets purchased for public use. In other words, Sterling faucets used in commercial, industrial, and organizational spaces will only have a 5-year limited warranty.


Moen bathroom faucet

Moen supplies its customers that purchased their faucets with limited lifetime warranties. Take note of the two important points included in these guarantees, which are:

  1. The parts repairs and replacements are free of charge if the faucets develop leaks, and
  2. The company will provide the necessary parts and finishes needed to restore the faucets in good working condition without additional costs.

Take note that some locales may not allow customers to take advantage of the advantages stated in the brand’s limited lifetime warranty. Contact the company’s customer service hotline to check if you can use the benefits in the guarantee in your area.

Also, Moen may refute a limited lifetime warranty claim if the faucet contracted:

  • Damage from abuse and misuse
  • Harm caused by using harsh cleaners like abrasives and alcohol-based solutions
  • Damage caused by irresponsible installation, use, and removal of parts
  • Damage from direct or indirect incidents

It's also important to note that not all faucets in Moen's product line have a limited lifetime warranty. Certain faucets only have 5-year warranty periods. The company also offers a 10-year multi-family faucet limited warranty as a rider to existing coverage.

As with other procedures to claim a lifetime warranty, Moen requires its customers to have the original proof of purchase before it can provide the free part repairs and replacements.

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How Long Should A Faucet Last?

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The typical kitchen or bathroom faucet should last between 15 and 20 years with normal use and the proper care practices. Regular repair work might also be necessary to help extend the faucet’s serviceable life.

Also, read our post on how long do bathroom faucets typically last to gain additional insight on this topic.

How Much Do Plumbers Charge To Replace A Faucet?

Homeowners should prepare to spend about $120 to $300 to repair their faucets using professional plumbing services. The expert labor typically includes the removal of the old and/or damaged faucet and the installation of the new fixture. However, plumbers usually don’t purchase the new faucet for their customers, so you may need to buy the assembly yourself.

Final Words

Brands like Danze and TOTO offer limited lifetime warranties to customers that purchase their faucets. It’s important to read the coverages of these guarantees. That way, you’ll know what the company can and can’t do for your faucets if these fixtures are defective or contracted harm.

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