15 Faux Brick Wallpapers That Can Transform Any Room Design

Brick walls convey a wondrous sense of "Old World" beauty but they can be expensive to set up and a nightmare to maintain. That's where brick-styled wallpaper comes in. Affordable and easy-to-maintain, faux brick wallpapers can be the perfect addition to your room.

Often used to decorate a single accent wall in a room, these high-resolution prints mimic the rustic ambiance of bricks extremely well. And you have a selection of colors and hues to play with too.

15 Faux Brick Wallpapers That Can Transform Any Room Design

In this post, we bring you a collection of 15 gorgeous examples of faux brick wallpaper. We've grouped the examples by color, to help you get a good sense of which ones would work well in the room of your choice.

White Brick Wallpapers

This type of brick wallpaper allows you to enjoy the texture of bricks without adding too much color into the room. Great for any neutral color palette and for room designs that don't want to get too rustic.

1. Windsor Wallcoverings - White and Silver Rustic Brick Wallpaper

White and silver colors are two sides of the same coin, with only slight variations in luminosity. Both colors reflect light across the room differently, this effect is enhanced by the addition of metallic silver mica highlights.

The subtle contrast differences between the whites and silver create a beautiful 3D illusion. Windsor Wallcoverings designed durable wallpapers that are designed to withstand rough usage. It is easy to install by beginners and doesn’t require too much effort. The wallpapers measure 10m long and 52 cm wide.

Cleaning these wallpapers is no longer going to be a chore. Moreover, something as simple as a damp cloth will suffice, and you won’t have to worry about damaging the fabric either.

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2. Arthouse - Pure White Faux Brick Wallpaper

For folks who want the simplicity of white without the extravagance of too much color, this super chic white brick wallpaper hits all the right notes. It is especially going to be a good fit for those who desire minimalist aesthetics.

The elegantly textured background is ideal for all types of furniture and interior decors. The white brick shapes are realistic and help bring out the illusion of mild embossing that gets as real as possible.

Arthouse is well known for its wallpapers that are easy to apply and remove. This makes their wallpapers perfect for anyone who wants to brighten up their room in a subtle, but comprehensive manner.

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3. White Brick Embossed Wallpapers

This simple white brick wallpaper infuses rich culture to your room like never seen before. These 3D wallpapers are available with the following dimensions: 60 by 60 by 0.8cm.

Make sure to measure your room's size before ordering these. Additionally, these wallpapers are incredibly easy to install and can be applied on any smooth surface using adhesion.

Ideal surfaces for the wallpaper include wood, glass, and concrete walls. Just make sure to clean dust and dirt from the wall to maximize the surface area of contact between the wallpaper and the wall.

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4. Murwall – Geometric Brick Wall

This faux brick wallpaper is a fantastic way to achieve an industrial or rustic look without splurging too much. The creative artisan blended natural elements with the rugged brick wall artwork.

This brings a unique café design to your bedroom. The wallpaper can be purchased in different panel sizes, depending on what size your room is.

Furthermore, Murwall made sure to add some extra features to their wallpaper, including resistance from fire, bacteria, water, and UV rays.

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5. WPEOD – 3D Brick Wallpaper

This beautiful wallpaper offers a unique spin on the traditional brick design, which is a welcome shift away from their rectangular, predictable arrangement.

Homeowners who want to add some more character to their walls will find its striking design features particularly appealing. The wallpaper is easy to install and remove, allowing you to experiment with it multiple times. Make sure to apply the wallpaper on a smooth, clean surface.

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Gray Brick Wallpapers

6. LVLUOYE – Gray Faux Wallpaper

Neutral colors are an ideal choice for walls and floors. They allow homeowners to bring modern vibes to their room economically. Different shades of gray lend a more eclectic appearance to your walls.

The backdrop of a neutral, textured stone design overhauls any room with minimal effort. While it's not traditional bricks - more of natural stone - we felt it would be a good fit for this list. Just to show you how versatile these wallpapers can be.

For environmentally conscious individuals, this wallpaper is designed with PVC material that is healthy for humans and completely moisture proof.

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7. Birwall – Gray Black Wallpaper

This wallpaper is not for the faint-hearted, it’s a unique blend of gray, black, and cyan colors delivers maximum impact to any room. It is full of masculine, anarchist vibes that are perfect for individuals with more rebellious traits. The rich blend between the different color tones provides a great starting point to decorating your room with equally outrageous designs.

Furthermore, the wallpaper is fully water resistant, meaning that you don’t have to worry about high humidity levels chipping away at the rustic décor. The wallpaper is fully removable, allowing you to experiment multiple times until you find just the right settings.

You can find this wallpaper here.

8. Tuscom – Natural Gray Wallpaper

This wallpaper will fool anyone into thinking your wall is made with real bricks. this printed wallpaper brings natural textures into your home that will work perfectly with a Nordic interior. The natural gray backdrop offers great versatility for your décor project and is bound to work with just about anything.

The installation method for the wallpaper is slightly complicated and requires adhesion. But other than that, it is built for DIY designs that work best with minimal effort. The wallpaper is highly durable and will last for many years to come.

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9. YOMXL – 3D Gray Wallpaper

We were very impressed with the rugged industrial theme YOMXL managed to bring to their wallpaper. It is perfect for Nordic interior decors and is bound to whisk your thoughts into a calm, peaceful place. The print can be used with a lot of rooms, especially during cold winters when everyone is huddled together. The 3D brick mural would make everyone thinking that they’re in the great outdoors.

This wallpaper is suitable to work with the smooth, clean and dry surface of walls, glass, and tiles. Installation is very simple, simply peel off the paper and apply it to your desired surface.

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Red Brick Wallpaper

Red is the traditional color for bricks. Which means that faux red brick wallpaper is going to generate the most authentic rustic or industrial feel in your design.

10. Artgeist – Red Brick Wallpaper

This realistic, gritty 3D faux wallpaper brings exceptional attention to and quality in design. The color palette invokes a distinctly industrial, rustic feel or a more urban style. It is common for people to choose faux wallpapers for indoor wallpapers, but red bricks are not as common.

This high-quality print is fully waterproof and is designed for easy installation, simply remove the protective foil and apply to a clean, smooth wall – it’s that easy!

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11. DODOING – Red Brick Textured Wallpaper

This superb wallpaper adds a very strong splash of red-brown tones to your décor, clashing with dark flakes around the edges of the brick texture to create an eclectic appearance. You really can't go wrong with this red brick wall mural which has all the edgy brilliance needed to add another dimension to your decors and further enhances the appeal of your walls.

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Black and White Brick Wallpaper

These designs are quite rare and tend to focus on creating optical illusions that are geometric in nature.

12. HM-666 – 3D Black and White Wallpaper

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. This wallpaper resonates the same mantra for its design, borrowing from the tried and tested formula of the traditional black and white contrasts into your living room.

You can instantly spruce up any wall with the chic, dark sheen of the wallpaper. The polished embossing finish of the wallpaper is bound to enhance your peripheral experience, making it ideal to be used in living rooms, dining rooms, or areas of the house where you expect lots of traffic.

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Black Brick Wallpaper

If you're looking for an elegant look that still uses bricks as a theme, you may want to check out black faux brick wallpapers.

13. Arthouse – Rustic Black Brick Wallpaper

Exposed brick has caught on as a leading trend in interior design. The black faux wallpaper mimics the simplicity of natural bricks and adds plenty of backsplash with a dramatic look. At the end of the day, black is the ultimate choice to demonstrate power and style. If you want to create a sense of elegance that neutral blacks can bring to a room, then look no further than this wallpaper.

You can purchase it here.

14. Stone Ten – Faux Wood Wall Panels

At the end of the day, nothing really beats the simplicity of black wallpapers. This stunningly realistic 3D textured wallpaper features stone blocks of various shapes and sizes for the ideal rustic appearance.

It can be used with a large range of accessories without looking blend or out of place. This faux wallpaper is the epitome of style and brings a chic look into your room with ease, just make sure to apply paste before applying.

This wallpaper is so realistic, it would tempt your guests to run their hands across the incredibly tactile texture – and the realism would only get better.

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Orange Brick Wallpaper

Finally, we have an orange brick wallpaper example. Close to the red brick walls but different, so we've put that in a separate category.

15. WallsByMe – Realistic Orange and Red Wallpaper

We had to include this incredibly realistic looking wallpaper on our list. It is definitely the most realistic faux brick wallpaper we have ever seen. With its natural splash of orange and red and the uneven shapes and sizes of brick stones – this should be your choice of wallpaper if you crave real authenticity.

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We hope you find these brick-themed wallpapers inspirational. Whether you choose a textured one or just a smooth print of bricks - you'll certainly be adding interest to your room design.


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