How To Fill A Gap Above Kitchen Cabinets

A well-designed kitchen cabinet can make a difference when it goes well with your interior. The standard dimensions and measurements for a kitchen cabinet can sometimes be off-putting because of the gaps that come along with them.

If you are wondering how to fill the gaps above your kitchen cabinet and still make it look classy, continue reading as we provide you with well-researched suggestions below.

The first thing you should consider when filling a gap in your kitchen cabinet is not having them in the first place. You could ask your contractor to build you a kitchen cabinet that could encompass the whole cabinet space.

However, if this is not possible, You can add some decorative ornaments or organizers to fill in the gaps and make it look elegant while having more storage space.

If you want to elevate the look of your kitchen but are worried that it will end up being a disaster, then worry no more! We're here to offer more tips and tricks; continue reading as we share ideas to help you get the most from the gap above your kitchen cabinets.

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How To Fill A Gap Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

A basic home kitchen cabinet is on the walls above your kitchen island or washing area. The height tends to be limited to fit the counter and the ceiling together with the cabinet.

Specifically, the standard height for a cabinet can be 12-42 inches with a considerable space enough to have a gap. However, if you are considering having zero cabinet gap, you should go with a 48-inch cabinet.

With this in mind, continue reading as we provide you with some tips on how to fill the gaps above your kitchen cabinet while still maintaining their structural integrity of them:

Extend Your Cabinets To The Ceiling

Extending the cabinets is the first thing that would be suggested to someone who would want to fill the gaps above their kitchen cabinet.

As mentioned earlier, consider having a standard 48-inch cabinet if you prefer to have this.

On the other hand, a floor-to-ceiling set-up is a new trend in kitchen designs. This creates more storage space for keeping your kitchen needs.

The benefits of having a floor-to-ceiling set-up include:

  • A more natural light flow creates a good ambiance within the kitchen.
  • Creates a backdrop of color for your kitchen.
  • It creates more storage space and makes your kitchen a minimalist look.

The downside, however, is having to pay extra for hiring a professional contractor.

Add In Cabinets For Wine Bottle Storage

Another exciting suggestion is to add a cabinet or wine rack for your wine collection or alcohol bottles. This is the best way to use the space while adding elegance to your kitchen.

You can show off your wine collection while saving storage space. Wine racks are cheaper than wine cellars, which is a bonus.

See this foldable wine rack on Amazon.

Put additional cabinets for wines or bottles - Bottles of various alcoholic drinks at wooden Bar cabinet

Add Faux Or Real Plants

Artificial plants are the best alternative if you want to add some greens to your house, but you are not that good at taking care of the real ones. They are low maintenance, so you don't have to worry about spending time and money caring for a plant.

However, depending on the available space above your kitchen cabinet, you should buy faux plants with leaves that fall naturally.

One of the benefits of adding faux plants in your kitchen is that it makes the space look relaxing and more inviting.

Check out this fake ivy vine plant at Amazon.

Decorate With Ceramic Pots And Decor

Adding ceramics or pots above your kitchen cabinet can make a difference, especially if you want a more modern design. In the old days, pots and ceramics symbolized special messages.

Today, homeowners and designers put up ceramics and pots to add elegance and sophistication to the space. This could be a perfect addition to your kitchen design.

Check out this set of 3 Hosley vases on Amazon.

Show Off Your Cookbooks

Another creative way to fill in gaps would be to put your cookbooks above the kitchen cabinet.

Cookbooks are a staple in a kitchen, especially if someone loves to cook and explore new recipes, making it ideal for putting a designated place for them within your kitchen.

There are different ways to display your cookbooks, but if you want to make them as a piece in your kitchen, adding them above your kitchen cabinet is a good option.

Showcase Your Art Collection

Showcase your art collection - Collection of different types of handmade framed paintings in the workshop.

Who knew you could also display an art collection in the kitchen and still make it look extravagant? Although it might seem unconventional, adding a piece of art can make a difference to the space above your kitchen cabinet.

However, you should also note that putting your art collection above your kitchen cabinet can be risky. Just make sure that you are not putting up something breakable and vulnerable.

Install A Window

Among the many benefits of having a window in your kitchen is the additional ventilation and natural light, which will bring a good ambiance around the house and make it feel lighter.

By adding a window above your kitchen cabinet, you will not only be bringing some vibrance to your home but also a chance to add fresh air inside.

Install a window for additional ventilation - Modern style wooden kitchen with nature view

Use Wooden Boxes 

If extending your cabinet's length is too pricey and not an option for your, then you can opt to add some boxes above it.

By doing so, you'll be able to store more food or other kitchen essentials, making it look like an extension of your pantry.

Adding boxes above your kitchen cabinet can also help ensure that things around your kitchen are organized and tidy.

Check out this wooden storage box on Amazon.

Wooden boxes - Open old wooden box isolated on white background

Designer Lighting

Adding lights above your kitchen cabinet is a sophisticated way not to make the space bare; if you do this, you will be able to accentuate the cabinet itself.

LED lights/lamps, you can illuminate the kitchen area more with LED lights/lamps while adding a great ambiance to the place. These lights can also brighten a kitchen with low natural lighting, which is always helpful.

View this remote-controlled LED light on Amazon.

Modern Design Ideas For A Kitchen Cabinet

By now, you have probably gained some ideas on filling the gaps above your kitchen cabinet and are already planning the designs.

However, suppose you want to avoid figuring out how to work around the gaps. In that case, you can continue reading as we provide you with another list of suggestions on designing cabinets without gaps:

Flat Panel Or Slab Cabinet Doors

In modern kitchen cabinetry, there is no such thing as too many sleek fixtures. This means that the space should be maximized to the full extent.

Flat panel kitchen cabinets usually have a minimalist look, typically made up of a variety of wood such as maple, oak, and cherry.

Industrial Design Elements

The key feature of an industrial-designed kitchen and cabinet is its edgy, raw, and nostalgic appeal.

By having this as a design, you can opt to use bricks or other vintage materials in your kitchen and decorate it the way you want.

If you still find your kitchen cabinet has enough space above, you could look at it as a design.

Fully Customed Kitchen Cabinet

This is an excellent alternative if you want zero space above your kitchen cabinet.

Just like a flat panel kitchen cabinet, this is also a modern design intended to fit the cabinet to your liking or even to minimize the space.

Our Final Thoughts

To make sure you get the most out of your kitchen cabinet space above, add some of the suggested things above, such as art collections, boxes, cookbooks, faux plants, or a wine cabinet.

Otherwise, you can add some storage by calling a carpenter: which can be costly. The bottom line is to follow your intuition because having a gap above your kitchen cabinet is not always a bad idea.

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