How To Find The Model Number On A Kohler Toilet

Hygiene is essential for families and homeowners alike, especially in toilets where we dispose of waste and prevent the risk of contamination and infection. Kohler toilets, in general, aren't just quality toilets; their designated numbers have purposes. Let's dig deeper into this topic to know more about Kohler toilets and their model number.

It's easy to find model numbers of Kohler toilets. It is inside the tank - made in blue or black ink or written in porcelain. Its corresponding model number has four or five digits and may include the prefix K.

Now that you know where to find Kohler toilets' model number - let's delve into it deeply. There's more to Kohler toilets than what meets the eye. Read more about it here to learn about the uses, benefits, and other things to consider about Kohler toilets.

Selection of kohler toilet bowl designs with different features inside a home depot store, How To Find The Model Number On A Kohler Toilet

Where to Find Your Kohler Toiler Model Number?

It's easy to ask the manufacturer or salesperson where to find the model number of the toilet. However, different types and models of Kohler toilets have distinct locations for their models. It is vital to know its location.

New Kohler toilets on display inside a Home Depot home improvement store

In addition, its model number tells you exactly when its manufactured date is. Its model number plays a role in product branding. Kohler toilets are available in one-piece or two-piece toilet models. The model number can be found in several places, including:

  1. Product box
  2. Receipt or invoice of the product
  3. Product installation guide or manual.
  4. Imprint on the product itself

A model number of different styles of Kohler toilets can be found in alternate places on the product.

  1. Intelligent toilets' model numbers are on their serial number located on the access panel, toilet underside, or the back of the lid.
  2. A one-piece toilet is easier to track because it's numbered inside the tank.
  3. The numbers for two-piece toilets are located inside the tank and the bowl.

Understanding Kohler Toilet's Model Number

New ceramic toilet bowl near gray wall

Your toilet model numbers aren't just numbers stamped in the product. It is practical during repairs and the replacement of parts. In addition, having an insight into its location and placement means understanding its importance.

One-piece and two-piece toilets differ in model numbers' locations. While a one-piece toilet is a one-piece product, a two-piece toilet has a bowl and a tank where you can disconnect each part, and each part has its own model number. Knowing its location is essential when looking for repair and replacement parts for your toilet model.

Tank Toilet

Both one-piece and two-piece toilets are molded or painted with their respective serial numbers in their tanks. The model number is in a four or five-digit nominal with a letter K prefixed before the Kohler number. However, some toilet tanks have the letters F or 97 in front of the serial number. An example is model number F4734 or 974734; the model number is 4734.

Bowl Toilet and Tank Lid 

The model in the toilet is only for two-piece products. Its moldings are in porcelain at the bottom of the toilet rim. In addition, the tank lid contains a serial number located under the toilet rim molded or inked underneath.

Intelligent Toilets

Smart toilets offer homeowners ease of use and functionality through intelligent sensors, which automatically detect even the slightest hand movement or distance. This type of Kohler toilet has a serial number under its vitreous shell, behind the access panel, or on the back of the lid.

What Attributes to Look For in a Toilet?

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You can't simply buy a toilet because it's cheap but good quality. Toilets are part of the bathroom regimen; they create a cleaner bathroom, and you can choose which toilet best suits your needs. Not all toilet has the same functionality, and it is not a one size fits all kind of equipment.

Look for properties based on the functionality you need for the toilet in your bathroom. Below is a list of things to consider before buying a toilet.

1. Pressure-Assisted Toilet VS. Gravity-Feed Toilet

Considerations aside from toilet height, color, style, flush system, and toilet shape, most homeowners still ask about the difference between two common toilet types—gravity-fed and pressure-assisted. If you're looking for water and cost-effective equipment, plumbers recommend a purchase of a pressure-assisted toilet. One of the benefits of these types of toilets is that their disposal systems flush waste thoroughly and efficiently.

Pressure-assisted toilets are capable - but make a lot of noise and are very expensive to purchase and repair. On the other hand, gravity toilets are less pricey and quiet when flushing. They don't have the same extreme flushing system as pressure-assisted ones but flush waste adequately.

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2. Dual-flush system

Toilet bowl structure (system) cross section

Today, most toilets feature dual-flush technology, which is available in nearly every home in the country. One advantage of the dual flush system is its high water and cost-efficiency. They have a flush button for solids and liquids, saving up to 25% more water than most regular toilets.

This dual flush system is available for both one-piece and two-piece toilets but with limited colors.

3. Toilet Seat Height

Typically, standard toilets have a seat height of about 15 inches; newer latrines have a comfortable height of 17 to 19 inches. A taller toilet seat has significant advantages for the elderly, people with limited mobility, and tall people. Although they can offer back and knee comfort, these toilets aren't very comfortable for children and average-height people in your homes.

4. Colored Toilets

Toilet in a colorfully tiled bathroom

While colored toilets are the trend for the next three to five years, they haven't gone mainstream for the rest of the time. Most common toilets are white, will never go out of style, and go well with any bathroom. Choose a toilet that's best for your home for a long time - worth the money and investment.

5. Noise Quality

Homeowners nowadays prefer appliances and equipment that don't produce much noise that triggers the whole house. Although pressure-assisted toilets are on-trend for their waste disposal systems, their noise is incompatible with the area visible to the ear. You can place gravity toilets in bathrooms as their rates are good to excellent in noise tests.

6. Consider Wall Hung Toilets

White toilet hanging on a white wall

You got to consider having wall-mounted toilets in your homes because they are sleek in design and don't require much space in your bathrooms. They are easier to clean than regular and comfort toilets as well. 

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7. Hard to Find Repair Parts

Choose a toilet that is not only easy to maintain, clean, and place but has repair parts readily available on the market. Expensive toilet bowls with European designs have replacement parts that are hard to get in stores and take a few months to receive.

However, low-cost latrines can also have difficult-to-buy components; the only way to avoid the wait and cost is to keep a lavatory with standard designs but high quality. 

Introducing Kohler's New Intelligent Toilet

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Modern technology helps homeowners have safe spaces and functional and comfortable living. Kohler's new addition to contemporary living involves an intelligent toilet that creates a clean environment but an aesthetically pleasing and luxurious design. It works wonders in reducing health hazards, has an ECO mode system, and a powerful flushing system that cleans toilet bowls down the drain.

It works well in small or large bathrooms with its sleek and bold design that's modern and art-wise. The touchless technology of Kohler's newest innovation keeps hands safe from touching bathroom toilets. Its LED touchscreen lets you control toilet functions and processes; a built-in deodorizer keeps your bathroom fresh and clean.

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How Long Does a Kohler Toilet Last?

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You probably don't think much about toilets in your home since they don't have that much impact; however, one thing you should consider is a toilet's lifespan. Generally speaking, toilets last for an average of 50 years; but this depends on their installation and maintenance. Well-maintained latrines don't last that long if the installment is done poorly.

A toilet's manufactured date is embedded in the toilet's tank top. However, not all toilet bowls have the date or ink stamped on the tank, so be sure to call your manufacturer and tell them the model of the toilet you bought.

In Closing

A toilet is one thing any home needs to keep the bathroom clean and tidy. Whether a one-piece or two-piece toilet, Kohler toilets come in different models of toilet components. Knowing the model of any toilet bowl you buy is beneficial for repairs and replacements.

Kohler has modern innovations on toilets that allows user a comfortable and safe space to go in. It makes a bathroom luxurious, and its innovative built-in systems make living easy. 

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