How to Find the Model Number on a Sony TV?

A model number labels the machine’s trademark, design, performance, and the company itself. In the electronics and appliance industry, it is denoted with letters, numbers, or pictures. So if you don’t know how to find your Sony TV’s model number, we researched this topic, and here is what we found.

There are two ways to locate the serial number of your Sony TV:

  1. You can find it on the product sticker attached to the TV and its original packaging. The sticker features the TV's model number, containing letters, and located in one of Sony TV's back corners.
  2. Another way of finding the model number is through your television settings using the original TV remote. Press the "Home" button on your remote control to manage "Settings." Enter “Customer Support” and click on “Product Information.” Then, click “Contact Sony” to access the model number.

But can you track your appliance by its serial number, and how do you know if it’s original? And can you repair a Sony TV? Why is it so expensive? Continue reading to find out the answers to these questions.

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Can you track a TV by serial number?

The manufacturer-assigned serial number on your TV as a distinct determiner specified to your television to help detect a discrete device. 

As the sole owner of the device, you need to know the serial number right after you purchase it for future references. Occasionally, companies use serial numbers to detect and evoke defective televisions. 

Learning your TV's serial number also permits the manufacturer to trace things and could be useful whenever your television is stolen.  The IP address can be traced when someone connects it to the internet; by then, the police can locate and retrieve your TV.

Can a Sony TV be repaired?

Modern lifestyle with SONY android TV

Some of the devices in Sony service centers do not necessarily require repair. Most of the time, you could have resolved the issue with your device with some simple troubleshooting. Though, flat screen TVs can typically be fixed no matter what kind they are: plasma, LED, OLED, HDR, HD, or even LCD.

On the other hand, when your Sony LED TV panel is damaged is unlikely to be restored, and you are required to replace it. Yet, it would be expensive since the panel constitutes 80% of the TV’s price plus the replacement fee.

Why is a Sony TV so expensive?

TVs are low-priced beforehand, but then the pricing is still reasonably fair. With the advancement of technology, you might observe that TV prices have gone higher over time.  

However, the Sony brand succeeded as one of the most deluxe on the market compared to other brands. You might be pondering what’s behind a Sony TV's extravagance. 

These higher-priced televisions are highly functional and will last for years. Indeed, the price might be a bit high, but when you evaluate Sony TVs as a whole, you will understand why.

In fact, Sony's product offerings and marketing remain acing in the consumer electronics industry. Take a look at the following reasons:


Sony shows theirs newest 8k TVs in different sizes on CES 2020

Sony Company ceased manufacturing cheap LED/LCD sets and deals on numerous OLED TVs, which are expensive. OLED TVs are durable compared to other types of TV screens. That is why you must consider the quality over the price.


Sony TVs have done remarkable work in the early branding development of their products and sustained their market penetration over time.

Image Eminence

The image flashed on a Sony TV screen is of excellent quality.  The image processed from Sony is inimitable, and it is avant-garde which means you are paying for an excellent performance.  


Sony Company handles marketing very seriously. They even hired executives and paid them at higher rates to come up with strategies that would convey customers to buy Sony TV’. Sony laid out a lot of money on its promotion and advertising.

Great Help Desk

They have noteworthy customer service and warranty departments. Whenever you find problems with your Sony TV, these conveniences guarantee to fix and handle your TV perfectly.

Long Existence 

Sony TVs remain on the market for a very long time. The fortitude of a Sony television in the electronic industry is a vital factor that you should think of when making a purchase.

Updated Models 

Sony Company is innovative. As you observe, they are responsive and adaptive to consumer needs and demands. They introduced the thin model TV’s in which other company do not offers. 

Therefore, additional costs are added with the thin models because it requires careful packaging and shipping. 

Competitive Strategy 

Sony’s goal is to be prominent as the manufacturer of the finest quality brand that is commendable compared to other brands. The Sony brand works very hard to be the best and remains paramount to the competition. Finally, this indicates to additional price for the buyers.


Sony TVs have unique features which identify your location and distinguish your distance from the TV. It also has an "Auto Power Saving Mode," which can automatically dim the screen when you are not watching.

Extra Features

Sony offers a wide viewing angle technology which is perfect for widespread seating spaces which improve the watching position. 

How do I know if my Sony TV is original?

Large selection of Sony Bravia UHD QLED display for sale in retail shopping center

Fake products are replicas of the original. Apparently, some manufacturers of fake or clone items sell the products at a cheaper price than the authentic ones. 

Buyers must be vigilant and must examine the product before buying it. Pre-determining fake televisions before buying could save a lot of extra work later.

You must be attentive before you purchase a TV and do the following: 

  1. Search the TV model you intend to buy on Google or YouTube. Familiarize yourself with its specifications and features. 
  2. Search for the official website of the Sony Company. Explore and find the list of authorized distributors. Also, most manufacturers have the provision on how to detect a fake copy of their product and make sure to know about it. 
  3. When buying online, find the most trustworthy online store; by then, you can prevent losing your money.

However, when you are at the store, please remember and be mindful of the following: 

  • Make certain to acquire a packed product.
  • Assess if the product has the serial number and model number.
  • The original logo of Sony can be seen on the packaging itself.
  • Authorized dealers will give you the original receipt and warranty card.
  • Inexpensive means duplicate products, so do not settle.

In Conclusion

Sony bravia exposition stand

Make sure to deal with the authorized seller of Sony TV. Get your receipt and keep your warranty card since no legit seller will sell a product without a warranty card.

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