Do Fitted Sheets Go Over Box Spring?

There's nothing like the look and feel of a comfortable, stylish fitted sheet and accompanying bedding. Because fitted sheets are designed as they are, you may wonder if they can fit over a box spring. If you need an alternative for a bed skirt or are curious about other ways to use a fitted sheet, you'll want to continue reading.

A fitted sheet is typically used to cover the top mattress for sleeping and reclining. However, a deep fitted sheet may be used to cover a box spring or used in place of a bed skirt. Fitted sheets are not designed to cover a box spring, but they may be used as an alternative to a box spring cover or valance. 

Discover helpful information about making your bed, uses for a fitted sheet and bedding, and alternatives to bed skirts.

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Uses For Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets have elastic at the corners so they fit snugly over a top mattress, providing a barrier between the bed and your body. However, some people feel that a flat sheet would better cover a top mattress or box spring and create a cleaner look. If your mattress has a topper or protective cover, you may need a deep set fitted sheet for a better fit.

Be careful when choosing a sheet to cover your mattress or box spring. The dimensions for flat and fitted sheets may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. Also, some box springs may be smaller than the mattress or slightly larger.

Take careful measurements before settling on the perfect mattress, box spring, and bedding for an accurate fit. If necessary, you can choose bedding that is a size up from your box spring and adjust sheets for a streamlined look.

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Dressing Your Bed

For the box spring under a mattress, personal preference dictates how to cover the lower part of your bed. You can cover the box spring with a decorative ruffle or valance.

Some people like to use a piece of attractive fabric or a box spring cover to hide the lower section of a bed. Another option is to use a neutral color or matching fitted sheet that is deep-set to cover a box spring.

Because a bed ruffle or valance makes it more challenging to make the bed or change the sheets, many people look for alternatives. If you don't care for covering a box spring with a fitted sheet or bed skirt, use an elongated comforter or duvet cover to hide it.

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What Can I Use Instead Of A Bed Skirt?

If you think a bed skirt is too stuffy or inconvenient for your box spring, try using a box spring cover, deep-set fitted sheet, or a piece of decorative fabric. 

You can tuck an oversize piece of fabric neatly around and under the sides and corners of a box spring. Another alternative is to allow a sheet or comforter to fall over the sides of the bed, hiding the box spring underneath.

There is no hard-fast rule that you have to use a bed skirt or valance on your bed. Bed skirts are a formal covering for a box spring and not everyone's cup of tea. If you feel more comfortable avoiding a bed skirt, want to use a fitted sheet, or can put up with a visible box spring, follow your bliss.

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How Do You Cover A Box Spring With Fabric?

You will want to cover your box spring and mattress to reduce wear-and-tear, dust mites and allergens. A nice way to cover a box spring is to use an appropriately sized piece of fabric that fits all the away around the bed. You should be left with a bed that looks smooth, streamlined, and isn't puckering anywhere.

There are two options for covering a box spring with fabric. Cover the top, sides, and corners completely, or only cover where the box spring is visible. 

Option 1

  1. Measure the box spring and cut your desired fabric to size with a 2 to 3 inches of overage.
  2. Lay the the box spring face down on the reverse side of the fabric that won't be visible.
  3. Start with folding over the fabric at the corners and staple it in to place so it is flat and neat against the box spring.
  4. Once the corners are done, add a layer of upholstery tape to the underside of the edges of the box spring. Staple the fabric through the edges of the box spring, so that you go through the tape and the spring. Fold over the edges of the fabric for a good fit and smooth finish.
  5. Place the finished box spring back in place and replace the top mattress.

Option 2

  1. Cut enough fabric to cover the visible sections of your box spring and corners.
  2. Wrap the fabric in place and staple it to the top and bottom.
  3. Replace the top mattress over your newly semi-covered box spring.

Remember, the bottom and top of the box spring are not visible!

Are Box Springs Smaller Than Mattresses?

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For a clean look and solid support, box springs should be the same length and width of the mattress on top. When box springs get old and worn, it may begin to sag and lead to a poor fit, especially with a foam top mattress. Most box springs may be slightly smaller than a top mattress but not by an extreme difference. 

Box springs are a fairly expensive investment into your bed's appearance and support. You can easily create a taller bed with a nine-inch high box spring, or settle for a five-inch bed bottom. Lower profile box springs are better for beds that are slightly off the floor with a platform support. Taller box springs are better placed directly on the floor.

Shop around before deciding on a box spring to fit your mattress. There may be slight variations in dimensions between the two pieces depending on the manufacturer.

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With A Full Fitted Sheet Fit A Queen Box Spring?

A full size fitted sheet typically has dimensions of 54 inches to 75 inches, which is smaller than a queen-size bed. However, you may be able to use a full-size flat sheet to fit a queen size box spring. A queen mattress is a little larger than a full sheet, measuring 60 x 80 inches.

Of course, there are variations in dimensions based on the manufacturer of your linen. You might try your luck at using a full size fitted sheet that is deep-set, but there is no guarantee it will fit.

More likely than not, a full-size fitted sheet will not be able to successfully cover a queen-size box spring. Look for a fitted sheet in a queen or even king size, and work to tuck in the sides and corners for a clean, attractive bed.

In Closing

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We hope you feel more confident about your knowledge of bedding, your bed, and how to use a fitted sheet properly. If you desire a more streamlined look for your box spring, try covering it with a fitted sheet.

High box springs will most likely need a deep set fitted sheet in a larger size to cover it well. A standard or queen-size sheet may better cover a lower profile box spring. Remember to take careful measurements before figuring what to use to cover your bed.

Usually, fitted sheets are only placed over the top mattress. The box spring at the bottom may be left visible unless covered with an oversize comforter or sheet. Or, one can choose to use a fitted sheet, valance, or make a custom box spring cover using fabric. 

How you decide to cover a box spring is left up to your personal preference. There is no decor rule that states you cannot use a fitted sheet or bed skirt alternative to cover the bottom of your bed. 

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