Flexstone Vs Swanstone Vs Onyx For Your Shower [Pros, Cons, & Differences]

Choosing the proper bathroom fixtures is essential not only to make them more aesthetically pleasing but also to make them more functional and durable.

Among the many options available in the market, the materials flexstone, swanstone, and onyx have possibly piqued your interest owing to their distinctive attributes.

So, which one should you choose for your shower?

Flexstone is a compelling choice for bathroom fixtures due to its UV stabilization, which removes staining and discoloration. Here’s a closer look at its merits:

  • Non-porous nature
  • Resistance to mold and mildew
  • Low maintenance requisites
  • Feasibility of installation over existing tiles

Conversely, flexstone is not categorized as a solid surface material, implying that minor damages like scratches or scuffs can’t be remedied by sanding.

Transitioning to swanstone, it mirrors the allure of flexstone but carries its own attributes. It is a solid surface material that permits sanding to smooth out minor damages. Here are some more advantages to ponder:

  • High resilience to heat, impacts, and chemicals
  • Simplified assembly and installation
  • Enhanced durability compared to other shower fixtures
  • Uniform thickness
  • Resilience to scratches and cracks

A point to contemplate is the necessity of a robust, high-quality sealer. Although relatively impervious to moisture, an additional protective layer augments its durability.

Venturing into the realm of onyx, this material presents a more upscale alternative. Here’s a glimpse of its advantages:

  • Pleasing aesthetics attributed to its natural appearance
  • A broad spectrum of color choices
  • Extended lifespan

Nonetheless, despite its enticing qualities, onyx demands a higher maintenance level than the other two options. Being a natural stone, it is susceptible to staining and requires regular sealing to prevent damage.

Bathrooms and shower rooms are integral spaces in your home that warrant meticulous attention. Making prudent material choices is crucial to avoid the hassle and expense of frequent repairs.

Your journey toward creating a durable and visually appealing bathroom space continues as you delve deeper into the attributes of these materials in the sections below.

Keep reading below to learn more about choosing the best materials for your shower room. 

Interior of modern bathroom with brick, gray and concrete walls, concrete floor, round white sink with round mirror above it and beige bathtub. - Flexstone Vs Swanstone Vs Onyx For Your Shower [Pros, Cons, & Differences]

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Should You Choose Flexstone For Your Shower?

Flexstone is a material bonded with layers of engineered thermoplastic, where a printed image of a natural-looking stone is embedded on the surface. This printed image is PVC-backed. 

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_A natural stone covered with a protective liquid from moisture and mold. Protect the stone from moisture. Drops of water

Flexstone uses high heat and pressure to bond multiple layers of material to make it a durable and reliable shower fixture. 

Here are reasons why you should use flexstone for your shower:


Having a non-porous material is crucial if you want your bathroom to be highly durable and functional without a fuss.

The non-porous material is the foundation that creates a domino effect of benefits in your shower room. 

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Mold and mildew-resistant

Since the material is non-porous, there will be no environment for bacteria to grow.

Mold and mildew grow on surfaces that absorb water, and since flexstone does not allow water to seep into itself, bacteria won’t be able to thrive. 


Flexstone is low-maintenance and easy to clean since you won’t have to think about water damage. You only need to clean the surfaces with a usual cleaning solution to keep them pristine. 

Can Be Installed Over Existing Tiles

If you’re worried about the time and energy it will take to replace your bathroom tiles, flexstone can be installed over existing tiles.

Of course, you will need to sand down the surface if it’s glossy so the flexstone tile will adequately adhere to the existing surface.

Get the Remodel Trim Molding to retain extra thickness and durability. 

Should You Choose Swanstone For Your Shower?

Front view of a bathroom interior with a shower, a toilet and a sink. There is a large window and a tall mirror on a wall. 3d rendering. Mock up.

If you want something that could last a lifetime and maintain the value of your home, swanstone is an excellent choice.

They are sustainable since it’s easy to rebuff or sand them when they form minor damages, so you won’t have to worry about expensive repairs. 

Here are the reasons why you should choose swanstone. 

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High Resistance to Heat, Impact, and Chemicals

Swanstone can withstand temperatures as high as 450 °F, making it ideal for heated showers and kitchen countertops. This ensures that your surfaces won’t get damaged when it comes into contact with hot water. 

Aside from heat resistance, the surface is strong enough to withstand heavy use and traffic. You won’t have to worry when you accidentally drop something on it or if you need to place something heavy on top of it.

Chemical resistance is also essential for bathrooms, especially if you’re trying more robust cleaning solutions.

Swanstone can withstand the most potent solvents, and you can easily clean the surface when you accidentally spill something. 

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Easy to Assemble and Install

Swanstone is easy to install because you will receive a shower wall kit. You can customize the colors and patterns to make them suit your aesthetic. This makes swanstone an ideal material for DIY-ers. 

Easy-to-install tile patterns include the subway pattern for a classic look and the square one for a modern appeal.

The modern subway pattern for a contemporary and sleek style and the vertical tile pattern for added height and space. 

More Durable Than Other Shower Fixtures

Swanstone is known to be 10 times stronger than other surfaces, so it is more durable and long-lasting than other tile materials.

This is because it has a surface you can restore quickly since it does not have a gel coat that quickly gets damaged. 

Compared to other materials in the market, swanstone is the most reliable, especially if you’re considering installing this in a shared bathroom or anywhere with high traffic. 

Consistent Thickness

Compared to flexstone, swanstone has a more consistent structure that makes it easier to repair when it has minor damages.

Deep scratches can easily be evened out because of how they are made, so you won’t have to worry when you notice minor wear and tear. 

Scratch and Crack-resistant

Swanstone can withstand the pound of a hammer. If you want to cut it, you must have a circular saw. It won’t crack under extreme conditions and will take a lot before you irreparably damage the surface. 

Should You Choose Onyx For Your Shower?

Elegant white sink standing on a white shelf. A round mirror is hanging above it. White marble bathroom interior. 3d rendering mock up

Onyx is a solid surface-based material specifically designed for use in the bathroom area.

Aesthetically pleasing because of its natural look

Onyx materials are highly sought-after because of their abundant and pristine appearance. It is a natural stone with an elegantly rugged look that makes it look like an art installation. 

Onyx has been used as a material to create art since ancient times. If you visit a museum, you may spot decorative sculptures, jewelry, and pottery items made or embedded with onyx. 

Since it is considered a luxury material, you should expect that you will need to go to lengths to maintain its elegant look. 

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Lots of color options

Onyx is usually preferred in black with white bands, but the color options have widened over the years:

  • Blue onyx has an effortlessly opulent look because of its translucent surface, making it ideal for modern interiors. 
  • Brown onyx has reddish veins that add to its visual appeal. Its earthy tones make it ideal for rustic interiors. 

Standard colors include Aquastone, Alaska, Alabaster, Bamboo, Bouldern, and Basilica. 

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It has a lengthy lifespan

If it is regularly sealed and maintained, onyx can last up to a century. However, it tends to be fragile, so you must pay attention to it to ensure it isn’t damaged.

Location matters, so install onyx in areas that don’t experience too much activity and traffic. 

How To Choose The Right Materials For The Shower

designer's hand choosing samples of interior wooden flooring material consists oak, walnut, ash, douglasfir engineering (or laminate) flooring, ash and oak vinyl tile. top view of selected material

Choosing the right materials for the bathroom differs from person to person. It generally depends on your priority and how you want your bathroom to look. Generally, there are some rules you should abide by to ensure a durable bath and shower area.

  • Make sure it is mold-resistant.
  • Go for a water-resistant material as much as possible. If you want a porous material, seal it properly.
  • Make sure it can withstand high traffic. 
  • Go for one that suits your style.
  • Choose materials that fit your budget.
  • Go for one that is durable and long-lasting.

Final Thoughts

Flexstone, onyx, and swanstone all have unique qualities that can serve your bathroom space.

Of course, choosing the material that fits your lifestyle best is essential so there would be less risk of damaging the surfaces.

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