What Color Floor With Dark Furniture?

Dark furniture is stylish and modern, but it can make a room look a bit gloomy if you aren't careful. Combining different colors of flooring with dark furniture can make all the difference in setting the perfect ambiance in your room. With all of the choices in flooring colors and materials, choosing the right one for your space can be overwhelming. We brought you a selection of flooring choices to go with your dark furniture. 

Choosing a floor color to pair with dark furniture comes down to your taste and style, but many experts suggest using a lighter color flooring with dark furniture. Here are some other flooring color choices:

  1. Cherry hardwood
  2. Black hardwood
  3. Grey hardwood
  4. Light oak hardwood
  5. Golden stained hardwood
  6. White hardwood
  7. Beige hardwood
  8. Grey acid-stained concrete
  9. Brown acid-stained concrete
  10. White marble
  11. Beige tile

Finding the perfect color floor to go with dark furniture may be only one of many questions that arise during your flooring project. You may wonder if furniture should be lighter or darker than floors or if dark furniture can go with dark floors. You may question what color furniture goes with light hardwood or how to match furniture to floors. We will answer all of these questions and discuss other related topics, just keep reading!

Modern living room interior composition with fluffy armchair, wooden commode, mock up poster frame, vinyl recorder and modern home accessories, What Color Floor With Dark Furniture?

Floor Color With Dark Furniture

Here we'll talk more about the best floor colors to pair with dark furniture.

1. Cherry Hardwood 

Waiting room concept with leather sofa and empty wall

Black leather couches can make a room look dark and dreary, but this doesn't necessarily have to be the case. Combining this deep shade of furniture with cherry hardwood will add a bright burst of natural warm cheery color to your space. 

The vibrant reddish hue of cherry hardwood floors easily becomes the focal point of the room when combined with black furniture. White walls will further brighten this color scheme for a crisp contrasted look. 

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2. Black Hardwood

Loft Apartment

Brown and black are a classy and stylish color combination. Deep shades of brown and black can give your room a warm modern look. Rich brown and black furniture can pop when they are combined with black hardwood floors. Because this look can look overpowering, consider the use of some light-colored rugs to break up the dark color. 

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3. Grey Hardwood

Modern Black Living Room with Sofa and Fireplace.

For a cool modern look, grey hardwood is an excellent color pairing for dark furniture. Grey hardwood can add a striking look to your space when paired with blacks or browns, or it can be paired with lighter or brighter colors for a softer look.

With a spectrum of grey shades, this hardwood is adaptable and pairs with many dark colors, including other shades of grey. Shades of black, grey, or white make great accent colors for this color of flooring. 

4. Light Oak Hardwood

Luxury Living Room At Night With Sofa, Floor Lamp And Parquet Floor.

A light-colored flooring will allow your dark-colored furniture to be the focal point in your home. Light oak flooring boasts a muted warm brown shade that works well with dark brown furniture, creating a modern welcoming look. 

A black accent wall and colored throw pillows give this color scheme some definition and a dramatic effect. Dark brown shades of wood accent this look for an inviting ambiance. 

5. Golden Stained Hardwood

Modern House Insterior with Leather Sofa.

Bright cheery tones of golden hardwood make a fantastic color pairing to dark-colored furniture. Golden stained hardwood adds a warm vibrant golden tone that is sure to brighten any space. 

Dark walls can lend some definition and a striking effect to this look. A dark-colored rug separating the golden flooring from the deep-colored furniture can help to create a cohesive look in your room. 

6. White Hardwood

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White hardwood offers a unique look that can create a stark contrast with dark furniture for a dramatic look. This color of flooring can give your space a softened expansive illusion. 

Bright and cheery accent colors will make this color scheme pop. A fun colored or patterned rug is the perfect accent to the dark furniture and white flooring combination. 

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7. Beige Hardwood

modern living room mock up with dark blue sofa, armchairs near coffee table, modern rug, floor lamp and empty gray wall, luxury living room interior background

To make your dark furniture the focal point of the room, consider a light neutral color for your flooring. Beige hardwood is a subtle warm-colored flooring that adds a hospitable ambiance to your space. 

Deep shades of navy blue furniture add a sense of tranquility and sophistication. Beige and navy create a classic color combination that brings an element of intrigue and drama into any space. 

8. Grey Acid-Stained Concrete

Interior Of Luxurious Living Room With Sofa And Bookshelf. Dusk Scenery From The Window.

A grey and brown color palette is a great choice for any room. Rich warm shades of brown and cool shades of greys combine for a balanced color scheme. 

Acid-stained concrete can give your space a modern urban feel. Combining this stylish flooring with a traditional dark brown leather couch makes for an inviting contemporary look. 

9. Brown Acid-Stained Concrete

Dark blue home interior with old retro furniture, hipster style, 3d render

For a warmer approach to a modern urban look, consider acid-staining your concrete a toasty shade of brown. Brown tones combine with dark furniture to create a cozy welcoming atmosphere. 

A brown acid-stained concrete incorporates a variety of brown tones that are accentuated by dark brown furniture for a coordinated look. Blue accents are the perfect color companion to brown, creating a sophisticated color scheme. 

10. White Marble

Make a deep navy blue couch the center of attention in your room by pairing it with brilliant white marble floors. White flooring is sure to add a bright expansive look to your home. 

Break up the expansive white color by adding a coordinating colored rug. Add some elegance to your space with warm metallic splashes of gold. 

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11. Beige Tile

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Beige and charcoal grey is a modern color combination. This color scheme creates a balanced look in your space by pairing a warm and a cool neutral shade. 

Tile floors give your home a geometric look that is sleek and low maintenance. Beige tile floors combine with charcoal furniture for a subtly contrasting color scheme. 

Should Your Furniture Be Lighter Or Darker Than Your Floor?

Furniture color, like other aspects of decorating, is a matter of personal preference. For the most part, if your furniture is light, you may want to use a darker color flooring and vice versa.

Many experts recommend partially matching your furniture to your floor. For example, if your floors are dark brown hardwood, have the legs of your coffee table or couch match the hardwood of your floor.

Can Dark Furniture Go On Dark Floors?

Dark furniture and dark floors can be combined for a striking look. Caution should be used when combining dark colors so that they don't overwhelm your room or make your space look smaller. 

Dark furniture on dark floors can tend to darken a space, but there are ways around this. Using a lighter-colored rug in between the dark furniture and dark floor is a great way to break up the dark colors.

What Color Furniture Goes With Light Hardwood Floors?

Light hardwood floors can give your home a timeless welcoming look that is extremely versatile. There is no particular furniture color that goes with this flooring, so you really can't go wrong with light hardwood floors. 

A modern look can be achieved by using neutral, beige, or grey shades for your furniture to pair with light hardwood floors. For a more country look, use bright colors such as reds, yellows, or country blues. 

How Do You Match Furniture To Wood Floors?

Use caution when matching furniture to wood floors. Using the same wood shades on floors and furniture can create an overwhelming look. 

A buffer, such as a carpet or a rug, can be used between the furniture and the floor to keep them from overtaking your space. Using small amounts of matching wood, like couch or table legs, will also help successfully achieve this look. 

To Wrap It Up

The flooring in any room of your home should reflect your tastes and appeal to your family's lifestyle. Flooring color choices can accent dark-colored furniture, giving it different looks.

Darker flooring can add a dramatic effect, while lighter flooring colors can create an alluring contrasted look. We hope that the above listing of flooring colors to pair with your dark furniture has helped to inspire your flooring choice. 

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