11 Unique Foyer Lighting Ideas

First impressions are everything, and they are often made in the foyer of your home. Take advantage of the space in your foyer to display a unique light fixture that wows your guests as soon as they walk through the door. Whether your foyer feels small with low ceilings or large with high ceilings, a good light fixture helps create a more welcoming entryway.

When your foyer only contains a few square feet of room, consider your ceilings' height and the number of windows you have. For standard height ceilings with few windows, opt for a semi-flush mount chandelier with bright bulbs. Choosing something not quite flush with the ceiling draws your eye up but doesn't intrude in the space like a chandelier or pendant light. For a foyer with high ceilings, choose a chandelier or pendant light with a long chain.

When choosing the lightbulbs for your fixture, consider the amount of light coming in through your entryway door and windows. The less natural light, the brighter bulb you may choose. Also, consider if you want your guests' eyes to be drawn to a different space in your foyer, away from a messy shoe or coat rack. In this instance, utilize wall sconces and off-center pendant lights.

Now that you know what to look for based on your own foyer's design and needs, you can choose your light fixture! Here are 11 unique foyer lighting ideas for your design inspiration. 

Interior of modern hall with two doors, 11 Unique Foyer Lighting Ideas

1. Intricate Brass Chandelier

Front entrance to beautiful home

Brass chandeliers look excellent with dark-toned hardwood floors and stairwells. The warm tones of brass and wooden flooring look especially great in a bright home with white walls and lots of natural light.

These types of chandeliers come in antique and modern varieties that fit almost any type of decor. Dress up a cozy, laidback decor with an intricate leaf and vine design like the one pictured above.

2. Modern Tree Chandelier

Home interior showing hallway and carpeted stairs

Pick a modern tree chandelier when you want a chandelier in your foyer but don't want to be too traditional. The symmetrical lines of the "branches"  hanging down from the ceiling look simply stunning, especially when you choose unique bulbs. 

This chandelier pairs well with mid-century modern, boho, farmhouse, and eclectic styles. It even works with industrial decor when you opt for Edison bulbs instead of standard bulbs. 

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3. Extra Large Lantern 

Beautiful entryway with chair and a flower vase, How To Create an Entryway in an Open Floor Plan

Lanterns look so classic in a Hamptons-style, farmhouse, or vintage-chic home. When your foyer leads to a hallway into your home, think about hanging multiple lanterns starting in the foyer and leading down the hallway for a cozy cottage feel. 

For a warm look, use yellow-light bulbs to mimic a candle flame, especially when you already have plenty of natural light in your foyer. If you live in a country, mountain, or forest landscape, this is a great way to bring a little bit of the outdoors into your home.

4. Glass Shaded Chandelier

View of the interior front door from a hallway corridor entrance of a new construction house with hardwood floors

Another way to incorporate a more modern type of chandelier in your foyer is by hanging a glass shaded chandelier. This differs from a pendant light in that an actual chandelier shows through the glass, not just a single bulb covered by a shade. 

This option works great for laidback homes, especially those with kids. It brings a beautiful touch to your foyer without being too fancy.

5. Modern Semi-Flush Mount

Modern interior design of house, hall, living room with staircase

Nothing looks more modern than a semi-flush mount light fixture. It bypasses all tradition and brings in a whole new dynamic. Still more visually interesting than a flush mount light, it draws the eye without taking away from the rest of your home's decor.

This option works awesome with open floorplans where you walk in and immediately see the living area and kitchen. It also looks great with modern design types like boho-chic and mid-century modern styles. 

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6. Traditional Crystal Chandelier

The interior foyer or entryway of an old restored Victorian style home, with oriental rugs and period furniture

Sometimes a traditional crystal chandelier works perfectly, even in a modern home. This option works perfectly when you want to emulate a vintage-chic style and use antiques in your home. This is especially true when you live in a renovated historic home. 

Add intricately designed wooden banisters, dark wood tones, and stained glass to amp up the traditional antique vibe. If you want the feel of a traditional chandelier without being too formal, look for a wooden bead chandelier instead of a crystal one. 

7. Off-Center Single Light Bulb

 Interior of white entrance hall with a large mirror, vintage furniture and gold hanging lamp

When you want a minimalistic entranceway but still want something unique, hang a single light bulb from the ceiling. This looks best beside a door, especially if hung in front of a large mirror. 

For more light and texture, hang multiple lightbulbs from the ceiling at different heights. Edison bulbs work great in this context, as well, especially with industrial decor.

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8. Large Barrel Pendant Light

Entry foyer of architect designed modern Australian home with wooden floor and staircase

Remain casual in your decor while also making a statement with a large hanging light by choosing a large barrel pendant light. This type of pendant light normally comes in metal varieties, but you may choose a different type of material like rattan wicker or wood, depending on your style.

Large barrel pendant lights pair well with farmhouse, industrial, and some mid-century modern design styles. Rattan wicker pendant lights frequently appear in boho-chic decor, as well. 

9. Industrial Wall Sconce

Interior of modern hall with two doors

When you don't necessarily want to draw attention to the foyer as soon as you walk in the door but prefer to highlight another part of your entry, utilize a nice wall sconce. Hang it above a highly used space like an entryway table where you drop your keys or the mail.

You may also choose to highlight wall art or a mirror that you hang directly opposite the door as soon as guests come in. Hang two sconces on either side of whatever art you want to highlight so that it draws the eye first thing. Two table lamps also work well for this type of lighting. 

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10. Vintage Flush Mount Fixture

Foyer in new construction home

Never underestimate a good flush mount fixture. When chosen well, a flush mount light looks classic and like it always belonged in your foyer. Matte black and frosted glass fixtures take a tired design concept and elevate it to a new level. 

This might be a great option for an open floorplan where the guest may choose to go left, right, or forward of their own accord without being led. It also works for a foyer with a lot of furniture and wall art. 

11. Custom Metal Chandelier

Front Door and Foyer of Luxury Home

When you look everywhere but can't find what you want already in stores, consider special ordering a custom chandelier. This works for more obscure styles, like medieval, goblin core, and fairy core design.

Whatever you design, feel free to have fun with it and show off a bit of your unique personality in the process!

More Tips For Your Foyer

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Modern interior design of house, hall, living room with staircase, 11 Unique Foyer Lighting Ideas

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