11 Framed Wall Art Ideas For The Living Room

Nothing is as classic as having some printed artwork on your wall. Ever since people first started framing paintings, they were used to give a home personality or pay homage to the people living there. Living rooms, in particular, are a perfect place to flaunt your artwork. The question, of course, is what kind of artwork works best for your home. 

So, what are the newest trends in framed wall art? Take a look at what we were able to dig up for some inspiration for your own wall art.

Bright orange and white living room with framed abstract photos hung on the wall. 11 Framed Wall Art Ideas For The Living Room

1. It's Black And White

Interior with armchair, coffee table and black wall

Colors are going to be a major influence on the way your home looks and feels. A new way to get a modern look to your living room is to use a color palette primarily based on black and white, with light shades of grey. The greyscale look of this home makes it ideal for people who want to have something artsy and edgy but still modern.

2. Motivate Me

Motivation words Do small Things with Great Love. Success, Self development

While they may be given a little stigma, there is something to be said about getting the motivation you need to get through the day. This framed wall art works well in home offices, sure, but it can also work in the right living room. If you're the type of person who enjoys a sunny reminder regarding your attitude, this is a good choice.

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3. Frame It

Fashion sketches on board with frame near sticky notes and plants with green leaves

Most all art involves paint and prints, but why stop there? This framed grid is a great way to add your own functional touch to your home. This lets you clip photos, inspiring quotes, children's art, or even keepsakes to your grid and modify the look daily. The grid looks elegant thanks to the frame but still has a nice touch of functionality to it.

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4. Desert Gold

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Desert themes are starting to get a huge following among interior design fans, many thanks to their clean lines and gorgeous golden looks. This designer involved a set of pretty desert-themed photos, all done with the same shades of bronze, white, gold, and pink. The result is a Western vibe that is absolutely breathtaking. If you have a modern home, this look might work.

5. Stick In Frame

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Sometimes, the art you choose isn't the biggest issue you should be thinking about. In this room, the interior designer didn't just choose some artwork that matches. They decided to make a statement by mixing and matching frames. This gave the room a more eclectic feeling that works well with the overall bohemian vibe they wanted to go with. 

6. Let's Hang!

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Most of the time, the way to hang a portrait involves a hammer and nails. It's a simple look that was turned on this ear by creating a new way to display works of art (or photos). By hanging the frame off strings attached to a bar, the artists created a sleek and sophisticated way to group their photos in a new way.

This is also a matter of convenience. All you have to do is choose your living room artwork and set the bar high.

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7. Paper Cuts

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A problem that many people have with standard wall art is that it's two-dimensional, literally. A lack of texture can make your home feel a little flat, and that's not a good thing to deal with. In smaller rooms, you need to work your walls with texture. One of the easiest ways to do it is to get paper art built-up on multiple layers. 

You can make your own, or buy some pre-cut, pre-made art. It's up to you. Regardless, it looks good. 

8.  Triptych

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In the days of yore, people used to display wall art in series of three. This is starting to come back in style once more, especially since odd numbers have been proven to look more natural. The trick to getting a good triptych is to have some kind of continuity to them. In this case, the artist came up with a similar theme and a landscape that continues from frame to frame. 

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9. Splat

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Modern abstract art is a major staple in the interior design world. This is primarily because abstract art is fairly neutral in terms of subject. This is particularly true of the paint splatter type of artwork, simply because it can be made to work with any color scheme you have for your living room. 

This designer coordinated the pillows, throw, and sofa with the artwork. If you're looking for an easy way to add some elegance to your room, this is a reliable way to do it. 

10. Family Portrait Wall

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There is something to be said about having a wall completely and totally devoted to the photographs of you and your loved ones. Family, especially those who passed on, is an incredibly important thing to keep in mind. Many homes are now starting to create a family portrait wall---a special place to hold onto important memories of the people who matter most in your life. 

Sentimental families will find this option to be a good one. You can jazz it up by adding some family-centric kitsch to the mix, too.

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11. An All-Time Record

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Wall art doesn't have to be paintings or photos. If you're a music lover who has a record collection, then you might be able to get some extra use out of records that you don't listen to anymore. A cool trend among music studios is to frame record sleeves or the records themselves. Cover art always looks neat, which is why you can never go wrong with this pick. 

While you might need to get extra record sleeves, the truth is that this look is timeless and offers a sense of uniformity to your living room walls. 

Final Thoughts

Deck the walls of your living room using your own style with any of these great ideas. You'll find color, creativity, and memorable images will take center stage in your home for a pleasing aesthetic and warm feel.

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