Top 20 French Country Furniture Online Stores

French country is a home decor style inspired by the elegant farmhouses in the countryside of Provence. This style is created by blending luxurious touches with the rustic look of country style. That could mean style choices like distressed wooden chairs upholstered in velvet or ruffled curtains hung over window frames covered in chipped pastel paint. Curved sconces and chandeliers are other popular touches, as are fabric styles such as tapestries and silk. These luxe items are contrasted by rustic style elements like rusted metal, faded paint, and toile fabric.

Top 20 French Country Furniture Online Stores

It can be challenging to find furniture that is specifically in the style of French country, so to help you out we've selected a few of the best online sources. This way, you can create the home of your dreams without leaving the comfort of your couch!

1. Amazon

French Country Furniture on amazon's page.

Amazon has become known as the ultimate online shopping destination, and for good reason! You can find almost anything at reasonable prices and yes, that includes high-quality furniture. Amazon offers unique French country furniture like curvy dining room chairs, furniture in soft pastel shades of worn paint, and ornate table lamps. As always, most items ship for free with Amazon Prime.

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2. Wayfair

French Country Furniture on wayfair's page.

For a huge selection of quality furniture, Wayfair is always a good choice. They make it easy to narrow your search according to specific furniture types or expand it by using one of their room inspiration pages. In addition to French country furniture, you can also find finishing touches as drawer pulls and kitchen faucets. You can also get lots of inspiration by browsing their expansive collection of Room Idea photographs.

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3. Shop Factory Direct

French Country Furniture on Shop Factory Direct's page.

You'll find a treasure trove of French country style furniture on Shop Factory Direct. They offer furniture for every room of the house - you can find an ornate easy chair with ticked fabric, a curvy end table with distressed paint, or a padded, fully upholstered bed. Plus, everything is offered at significantly reduced prices, so you can stay within your budget without sacrificing style. This budget-friendliness extends to their shipping policies, as they offer free shipping on every item to the contiguous 48 states.

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4. Perigold

French Country Furniture on Perigold's page.

As a leading supplier of luxurious furniture and home goods, Perigold has a good selection of French country furniture and other home decor items. Fill your space with the perfect luxurious furniture, and then finish it with unique, rustic decor and hardware. You can also find design inspiration using their "Shop the Space" page that allows you to view over 100 rooms furnished with Perigold's products.

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5. Zin Home

French Country Furniture on Zin Home's page.

Even though they're known for modern and industrial chic furniture, Zin Home has a large collection of French country style furniture. Their selection ranges from ornately carved dressers to an upholstered canopy bed with sleek, modern lines. Even better, their entire stock is offered at a significant discount. You can shop by collection or type search terms for specific furniture into their powerful search engine.

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6. Kathy Kuo Home

French Country Furniture on Cathy kuo home's page.

You'll find a carefully curated collection of French country furniture pieces at Kathy Kuo Home. With a variety of ornate furniture made from distressed wood for every room of the house, you're bound to find what you need. It's easy to find exactly what you're looking by refining your search within the French Country collection page - they offer search terms that include details like back style, features, and frame material.

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7. The Bella Cottage Inc.

French Country Furniture on The Bella cottage Inc.'s page.

The Bella Cottage Inc. offers furniture brands that specialize in French country and farmhouse style. You can find furniture by designers such as Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic, Brier Furniture, They also have several brands of their own, including one featuring vintage finds that fit their style. You're sure to find French country style treasures across the entire site!

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8. Overstock

French Country Furniture on overstock's page.

One of the best places to find a wide variety of affordable furniture online is Overstock. They offer lots of furniture in that distinctive French country style of distressed wood paired with ornate carving and elegant fabrics. Plus, since Overstock sells surplus merchandise from other companies that would otherwise end up in the landfill, it's a great choice for the environment too.

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9. Chairish

French Country Furniture on chairish's page.

As the leading online spot for buying and selling vintage furniture and home goods, Chairish deserves a spot on this list. You might have to do some digging, just like at a real-life flea market, but you're sure to find some completely unique furniture to set your French country style home apart from the rest. Additionally, they offer some new and custom furniture and home decor from a small collection of designers and their own brand. Plus, to keep the inspiration flowing, they have an extensive design blog and a newsletter.

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10. Ashley Furniture

French Country Furniture on Ashley furniture's page.

Ashley Furniture offers a sleeker, modern take on French country style that embraces clean lines rather than ornate Baroque-style curves. However, everything still has that signature French country look of rustic materials combined with luxurious touches such as an upholstered headboard or gilded carving. Ashley Furniture offers sales throughout the year and free shipping on select items.

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11. Etsy

French Country Furniture on etsy's page.

By now you've probably heard of Etsy as a great source for unique, handmade gifts. But did you know that you can also purchase handcrafted or upcycled furniture? Etsy has over 5,000 listings under the category "French country furniture", so there are lots to choose from. Plus, you're supporting an artisan or small business, which makes it a win-win situation! Some sellers even offer free shipping and seasonal sales so that you can save some money too.

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12. Cottage Chic

French Country Furniture on cottage chic's page.

As the name suggests, Cottage Chic specializes in furniture and home goods in styles such as cottage, farmhouse, and French country. They offer furniture from a variety of brands including Eloquence, Bobo Collection, and Somerset Bay that was sourced across the world. You'll find a wide variety of options, all neatly organized by brand or furniture type, and you can receive complimentary online designer assistance Monday-Saturday.

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13. French Country Furniture USA

French Country Furniture on french country furniture's page.

Although French Country Furniture USA offers all sorts of luxury furniture, its main focus is French country. This makes it the perfect place to shop if you'd like to decorate your home with an emphasis on the "luxe" part of the French country style. If you're looking for something like a curvy, upholstered bed frame with gilded details or dining chair finished with distressed gold paint, you've come to the right place! You can shop their products by searching for specific furniture pieces, brand names, or by browsing one of their themed collections.

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14. Belle Escape

French Country Furniture on belle escape's page.

Belle Escape started as a seller of French country furniture, and even though they've expanded to include other decor styles, French country remains at the heart. They offer thousands of high-quality reproduction furniture pieces that look as though they were snatched up from a flea market in Provence. You'll find the perfect piece to give your home a look of true authenticity.

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15. Lavender Fields

French Country Furniture on Lavender field's page.

The fittingly-named Lavender Fields offers lifestyle collections in several different styles, one of which is French country. Among other home goods, they offer a variety of furniture for every room of the house. You can find styles ranging from curvy and ornate to sleek and modern, but each piece would fit seamlessly into a French country style home.

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16. Elsie Green

French Country Furniture on elsie green's page.

If you're looking for furniture that embrace the rustic side of French country style, you should check out Elsie Green. They offer a wide range of furniture that includes pieces that would work beautifully for a French country style home. As a bonus, they offer a huge French kitchen section so that you can add some finishing touches! You'll also find lots of inspiration on their blog that details their sourcing trips to Europe, style tips, and featured homes. Plus, you'll know that you're supporting an environmentally sustainable, family-owned business.

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17. French Heritage

French Country Furniture on French heritage's page.

French Heritage offers a curated collection of French furniture, including some specifically in French country style. You can find the perfect furniture by searching "French country style", or by browsing their "Maison" collection, which was inspired by traditional French homes across the country. Whatever you're looking for, you're sure to find an authentic option. You can find their products at multiple dealers, or order from them directly to save 30%.

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18. Vermont Woods Studios

French Country Furniture on Vermont woods studios's page.

For a slightly modern take on traditional French country style furniture, check out Vermont Woods Studios. Their solidly-built furniture has the ornate curves of French country style but is made from sleek finished wood for a unique look. Every piece is handcrafted from hardwood by artisans in Vermont, so you can be assured that they're built to last. You can choose from a variety of wood finishes to achieve a look that fits your home perfectly.

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19. Ballard Designs

French Country Furniture on Ballard design's page.

You'll find a wide selection of French country style furniture at Ballard Designs. Most of their furniture is for the kitchen and foyer, although they do have a few options for other rooms as well. It's obvious that customer service is very important to them - each piece is described in great detail on their website so that you can shop with confidence. You can also receive design consultations through email or over the phone, and they even periodically offer free shipping!

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20. Maison de Kristine

French Country Furniture on Maison de Kristine's page.

Maison de Kristine offers specifically French home decor, which includes a large collection of French country furniture. They have furniture from contemporary brands such as Shabby Chic and The French Market Collection listed alongside one-of-a-kind vintage finds dating from as early as the 1700s. You can also find plenty of design inspiration on their Pinterest boards or by emailing their experienced design consultant.

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