Best Front Door Color For A Green House [Color combos in pictures]

Green is a magnificent color for the exterior of a house. A green house looks cozy and welcoming, and it's sure to stand out from the other houses on the block. And the design element that completes the aesthetic of a house is the front door. The front door is the first thing guests see as they enter the home, and it's the last thing they see when they leave. So, it's no wonder that this design piece is so visually important. 

Thankfully, a green house is visually compatible with a number of front door colors. To give you some decorative inspiration, we created a list of 10 front door color ideas for a green house. Without further ado, let's get into it!

Modern light green color house with brown front door, Best Front Door Color For A Green House [Color combos in pictures]

A Brown Door For A Green House

Brown is a popular front door color choice for a green house, and for good reason. The warmth of the brown coupled with a fresh green color makes for an amazing combination.

1. Reddish-Brown

Brick walled house with brown door

Light green colored walls and brown door

This reddish-brown front door works harmoniously with the house's light green color. The door's color stands out just enough to be bold yet welcoming. 

2. Color-Matched Door And Trim

Small shed like house with green painted walls and brown door with white framed windows

This reddish-brown front door is flanked by color-matched trim pieces that line the exterior windows. Together, these light brown elements create a balanced aesthetic against the light green paint.

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3. Cherry Red

Front porch of a house with green walls, brown door with glass window on the side

Front porch of a house with green walls, brown door with glass window on the side

Cherry red offers that perfect, sought-after pop of color. The sage green exterior of the home serves as the perfect backdrop for this color. The cherry red bench situated next to the door ensures that there's a look of balance. 

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4. Red Brick

Green walled house with brown door on the side and windows on the right

If you don't have red brick covering the exterior of your home, why not incorporate a red brick color into the design? The red brick-colored door grounds the exterior aesthetic of the home. The trim between the glass panels on the window even matches the door.

5. Matching Doors

Green walled house with shed on the left and glass french door on the right

If you have more than one green building on your property, use a matching color for all the doors. This ensures that the buildings complement each other and don't clash with different styles. The solid door and glass-paneled French doors look harmonious. 

6. Natural Wood

Front porch of a house with a brown wooden door and green colored brick wall

As you can see, natural wood complements light green very well. The natural wood grain on the door shows intricate, organic detail. The ornate glass panel in the door adds a unique look and welcomes natural light into the entryway. A welcome mat, sign, and various planters complete the look. 

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7. Cherry Brown

Green colored walls with brown door and wall lamp on the side

Cherry brown features a dark chocolate color with hints of a cherry tint in it. When paired with a green exterior, it looks absolutely captivating. Subtle tones in the stonework match the door and trim as well. 

A Green Door For A Green House

Green is a slightly less common front door color for a green house, but when executed well, it can certainly pay off. Whether it's the same shade of green or not, it makes a big impact on the outdoor aesthetic. 

8. Elegant Dark Green

Green colored brick wall with a matching green door

This house's exterior is already dark green, but the front door is even darker. The deep, dark green front door looks elegant and regal against the green walls. The matching stone framing around the windows and door creates balance. 

A Black Door For A Green House

Black is a timeless color option that does an excellent job of elevating the allure of the house. The dark color can't be missed, so your home will certainly stand out.

9. Midnight Black

Black door with dark green colored walls and wall lamps on each side

Midnight black couldn't be a better fit for this emerald green exterior. It's dramatic and eye-catching. Using the dark hue throughout the outdoor features such as the porch lights, bench, and planter help frame the door. 

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A Yellow Door For A Green House

Yellow symbolizes all things cheerful. The sunny color will completely transform the exterior of a home. Believe it or not, yellow and green are a great visual combination.

10. Soft Yellow And Green

A small house with dark tinted windows and trees surrounding the area

A small house with dark tinted windows and trees surrounding the area

The muted green and yellow hues of this house soften all the features of the home. Using such attention-commanding colors pays off in the aesthetic. The yellow trim and shingles complement the front door to make the home look complete.   

After reading through this inspirational post, we're confident you found just the right color pairing for your green house! Before you go, be sure to check out these other home decor guides that might be of interest:

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