Front Door Colors For Tan House: 13 Photo Ideas

Finding the perfect door color for your home is an important part of your overall decorative scheme. One of the biggest factors in choosing the color of your front door is the color of your house. It’s much easier to change the color and style of your front door than it is to change the color of your house!

We’ve created a list of front door color ideas for tan houses to give you some creative inspiration!

A collage of three photo ideas of front door colors for tan house, Front Door Colors For Tan House: 13 Photo Ideas

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Teal Doors For A Tan House

Using teal, or other blue doors presents the front of your house in a cool way, as opposed to warm. Using colors on the cooler end of the spectrum will help present you and your home in a calm, inviting way.

1. Rustic

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Front door and porch of an English town house, decorated with plants and topiary

This blue door with matching trim and similarly shaded planters gives the front of the house a nice relaxing appeal.

2. Suburban Charm

American beige house with teal front door beside garage and driveway

This blue door adds a pop of non-traditional color that is complemented very well by the light wood railing off to the side.

White Doors For A Tan House

White is a classic color to use for a front door. Neutrals are always a safe choice, as you won’t have to worry about them clashing with any of your outdoor decor or landscaping.

3. Subtle Contrast

Beige house with large tree near the walkway to front door and mailbox in front yard

A white door on a tan house gives a subtle contrast that is easy to appreciate. Add some white trim on the exterior windows, and you’re good to go!

4. Function And Fashion

Concrete house with white door and nearby plant on each side of the walkway

White doors serve a function as well as a fashion. In hot areas, they help reflect the heat, which can play a small part in keeping your house cooler.

Yellow Door For A Tan House

Warmer colors, like yellow, can help you and your home seem more inviting and energetic.

5. Coordinating Landscape

Beige house with white trim, concrete walkway to the entrance door

Darker yellows can add a desert tone to your house, which can be accentuated by the surrounding landscaping.

Blue Door For A Tan House

Dark blue can provide fantastic contrasts to a number of different decor items and is eye-catching without being flashy.

6. Christmastime

Modern dark blue wooden front door decorated with garland

This dark blue, spruce, and white stone all come together in a very picturesque, Christmas kind of way.

Gray Door For Tan House

Grey is a great neutral to use that will give you a bit more variety than white.

7. Cohesion

Beautiful glass door house entrance with column porch and spiral topiary opposite each column

This lighter grey door goes along well with the tan, creating a housefront that is overall light in color.

8. Darker Aesthetic

Modern house with grey front door, walkway and brown steel fence

A darker grey door will help the rest of the house seem darker and will be easy to compliment with decor and plants.

Red Door For A Tan House

Red doors give energy and warmth, and they attract a lot of attention. It can also bring out the warmer tones in the shade of tan you use, helping the home seem more inviting. Click here to read more about red doors!

9. Energy

Brown rambler with red door and maple tree adjacent to the walkway

On this particular house, the red of the door helps tie together the wood shingles that are part of the siding on the house, and the tan that makes up the rest of the siding.

Brown Doors For A Tan House

Using brown doors on a tan house is a great way to accentuate the earthy tones in the tan, and make the exterior more cohesive.

10. Contrast

Modern tan house with dark brown front door and walkway

Using dark brown for the door will help make the tan on the house seem much lighter.

11. Natural Wood

Luxury house entrance porch with walkway and wrought iron on wooden entry door

When installing a brown door, brown pain isn’t your only option. Consider keeping the natural wood.

12. Complimenting Trim

Modern wooden house with walkway to brown front door

Using natural wood with lighter, more red/brown tones is a great way to subtly grab people’s attention.

13. Organic Brown

Lovely house entrance with potted decorative ferns and flowering plants

Using an earthy brown complemented by surrounding plants will give the front of your home a very natural and organic feel.

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  1. Wishing you had named the colors/manufacturers for each door. We like the Christmastime one but can’t seem to find a match.

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