Front Door Colors For Red Brick Homes [Inc. 19 Photo Examples]

Red brick is one of the most classic looks for the exterior of a home. The aesthetic is calm and timeless. And the front door — namely its color — is one of the best ways to visually complement the look to make the most out of your home's exterior.

We put together an inspirational list to give you some ideas for the front door color of your red brick home. Keep reading for some creative inspiration!

bike front brick facade old dutch, Front-Door-Colors-For-Red-Brick-Homes-[Inc.-19-Photo-Examples]

Red Doors For Red Brick Homes

1. Classic Design

Red front door of colonial red brick home

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The contrasting shades of red blend seamlessly into a cohesive aesthetic. This color palette is warm and inviting.

2. Red Boldness

Red front door of brick home

This shade of red is just bold enough to stand out from the surrounding brick without appearing too dominant. The result of these tones is a flawless color mix that draws you in.

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3. A Perfect Harmony

House facade with red front door and brick walls

This front door's red color is bold and vibrant. The black doorframe acts as a visual buffer that unifies the medley of hues into a harmony of color.

4. White Complement

Red door entrance of a typical british residential brick house
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This front door's darker shade of red is less loud and imposing. Surrounded by a simple white frame, it quietly yet warmly beckons visitors inside.

5. Nostalgic Vibes

Front view of a brick house with red door along the sidewalk with an abundance of flowering plants in the windowsill

Lighter shades of red catch the eye and make the front door the focal point of a red brick home. This quaint aesthetic elicits a sense of nostalgia for simpler times.

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6. Dark And Soft

Large red brick home with red door in Midwest suburbs

Darker shades of red that border on maroon add a soft warmth to the home's exterior.

White Doors For Red Brick Homes

7. Simple Color Contrast

White door on a brick home

Shades of white strongly contrast with red brick for a cute and simple look. This color combination helps highlight the front door as the focal point.

8. Soft Modern White

Red brick house facade with entrance portal and white front door

Some shades of white helps draw out the greyish tones of the mortar for a soft, unified aesthetic.

9. Uniformity And Balance

Home with brown brick walls and white door

Matching the front door color to the color of window frames creates a sense of balance. This particular color scheme makes the building look old but cozy and inviting.

10. Quaint White Accents

Brick house with glass window and white door

On this home exterior, the color white is used to create a strong visual contrast between the brick, trim, and front door.

Brown Doors For Red Brick Homes

11. Rich Dark Brown

Beautiful holiday wreath on front wooden door of a modern brick home

Dark brown adds a sense of depth and visual intrigue, especially when paired with red brick. The vibrant greenery of the fern helps tie the look together.

12. Light Brown Gothic

Brick house with patio and hardwood door

This front porch showcases the harmony between the lightly stained wooden door, light border stone, and red brick. The result is a smooth compilation of inviting tones.

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13. Wood-Colored Complement

Majestic, modern, red brick house with brown wooden door in country estate

This dark brown front door seems to recede into this tall red brick home, creating a welcoming sense of warmth. The color makes the front door neither the focal point nor completely vanish amidst the looming face of the house.

14. Timeless Chestnut Invitation

Brick home with american flag and wooden door

This chestnut brown front door seems to transport this red brick home back in time. Complemented flawlessly by the white frame and unique wreath, the result is color perfection.

Black Doors For Red Brick Homes

15. Black Serenity

Luxury brick home mansion with glass and wooden doors

Black is another color that was made to go with red brick. This front door-shutter combination balances the home's exterior perfectly.

16. Black And Ornate

Brick residential home with black front door

This black door blends in with the dark windows on the face of the house. The intricate glass also goes great with the deep black front door.

Yellow Doors For Red Brick Homes

17. Bold Yellow Statement

Yellow front door of a brick house

The color of this front door makes a bold statement. Coupled with the color-matched shutters and red brick, the aesthetic result is stunning.

18. Subtle Focal Point

New red brick home exterior with honey yellow front door

This yellowish-orange front door is the focal point of this red brick home. The color is loud enough to draw attention but subtle enough to not be visually overwhelming.

bike front brick facade old dutch

Green Door For Red Brick Homes

19. Minty Hue

View of a beautiful light green front door of a red brick house

Light green helps provide a quiet visual balance when paired with red brick. Vibrant green foliage and a bold white door frame help complete the look with seamless perfection.

A collage of front door colors for brick homes with 19 photos example, Front Door Colors For Red Brick Homes [Inc. 19 Photo Examples]


    • Hi Patricia, our writer discussed door colors and used stock photos to illustrate them. These guides are meant to inspire and help home owners see what different door colors might look like on a red brick home. Unfortunately, we don’t know the make and brand of these doors, and have no way of contacting the home owners to find out. We hope you found this article helpful all the same and appreciate your feedback.

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