18 Front Door Decor Ideas For Winter [Inc. images]

Winter doesn't have to give you the blues. Why not use it as a time to work on beautifying your home? We spend all spring and summer in our yards, so it seems apropos that we could use the cooler months for working indoors. But wait, making your home gorgeous doesn't have to mean staying inside. Why not jazz up your front door with fabulous door decor?

Decorative wreath with pine cones acorns and other decorative item for front door decoration, 18 Front Door Decor Ideas For Winter [Inc. images]

We've found a collection of beautiful front door imagery with envy-worthy front door decor. Each of these ideas could easily be put into play on your own front entrance. So let's see what we found!

1. A Little Bit Holiday, A Little Bit Patriotic

This evergreen wreath is more than your typical holiday wreath. With its red ribbon, blue flower accents, and lightly frosted pinecones, it's giving us some patriotic vibes for the red, white, and blue. Plus, the understated simplicity looks super elegant against this dark door.

Black door with christmas wreath decoration with blue flowers attached

2. Vines And Berries Wreath

The birds will be sad they flew south when you send them a postcard of this delicious-looking wreath. Sparse vines coil amid bright red berries and pine fronds creating a woodlands feel. The bright red velveteen bow adds a splash of cheery welcome.

Blue door with christmas wreath attached with red ribbon and red berries for front door decoration

3. Poinsettias On Turquoise

This is a smashing color combination. The rich red of a poinsettia wreath against a vibrant turquoise door framed in white trim. We'd walk by this front door six times in a row just to make us happy.

Blue green door with rose christmas wreath for front door decoration

4. Teddy Bear Welcome

How adorable is this door ornament? A snow-coated star out of fabric with a darling coat-wearing bear dangling from its tine will have all the kids in your neighborhood wanting to say hi. It's also different than just your typical winter wreath.

Brown door with wooden star coated with half white cover and hanging teddy bear

5. An Orange In Your Stocking And On Your Door

It used to be citrus was rare in northern climates, so many children would find an orange in the toe of their stockings. Nowadays our supply lines are more regular, but the tradition of citrus and the holidays hasn't wained. This delicious looking wreath is a perfect nod back to those days. It probably has a delicious aroma as well.

Christmas wreath attached with sliced oranges and red decorative berries for front door decoration

Oranges Pre-Dried For Crafty Types

Like to make your own wreaths but don't want to deal with the mess of drying fruit out? Consider purchasing orange slices in bulk.

Find these here on Amazon.

6. Pinecones And Christmas Ornaments

A traditional holiday wreath is always a good look. Here sprays of varying types of evergreen are dotted with small pinecones and red and gold Christmas ornaments. It's a large wreath that looks super on this black door.

Christmas wreath with christmas ball and plastic pine cone for front door decoration

7. Farmhouse Style Frosted Wreath

A light dusting of white or ivory spray paint on a typical evergreen wreath with a complementary white-dusted burlap string and you've got the perfect farmhouse front door decor.

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Christmas wreath with pine cone decor item for front door decoration

8. Mistletoe And Goodnight Kisses

Date night could take on new meaning with a large spray of mistletoe on your front door wreath. This wreath is teaming with pearly white berries and soft olive-colored leaves. This wreath can take you all the way through winter until you're ready for spring freshen ups.

Dark brown door with flower designed wreath for front door decoration

More Greenery And Less Berries

Here's a reverse take on the above wreath. This one features more greenery and a few mistletoe berries.

Click here to see this on Amazon.

9. Sultry Cinnamon And Walnut Wreath

This evergreen wreath is perfectly studded with pinecones, whole walnuts, and the cutest tied bundles of cinnamon sticks. It's going to give your front door a fragrant punch.

Decorative wreath with pine cones, acorns, and other decorative item for front door decoration

10. Festive Garland

This low door sports a beautiful holiday garland but is made more mysterious by the standing broom propped at its side.

Industrial designed door with red hanging ribbon attached with gold balls

11. Keep It Simple With A Burlap Bow

A simple gathering of evergreen fronds has the perfect understated accent in this burlap triple-looped bow. The use of an over door wreath hanger keeps you from having to poke holes in the door with nails.

Leaf wreath attached in front of blue door with golden ribbon

Over Door Wreath Hanger

Overdoor wreath hangers are a super easy and convenient way to install a wreath on your front door. No nails are needed. No installation is necessary. Just slip it over the top of your door, hang your wreath, and you're done.

Click here to see this one on Amazon.

12. A Draping Lighted Garland With Matching Wreath

Garland is draped in generous loops around this gorgeous red door. Soft twinkling lights appear between the evergreen fonds and cast a welcoming light on the wreath decorated in ribbons of gold. The holidays may come and go but you'll want to leave this combo up all winter long.

Red door with arched window attached golden decorative plastic flower

13. Ribbons, Netting, And Ornaments Make This Wreath

Want something a little out of the ordinary? Forgo the greenery and focus on color instead. This wreath crafted of ribbons, netting, and coordinating ornaments is a vibrant hello from your front door.

Red door with glass window attached with red decorative christmas wreath

14. Add A Porch Garland For Even Extra Pizazz

Do you have a beautiful front porch railing? Consider taking your door decoration and expanding it to your railing with a coordinating porch garland. It's small-town beauty at its best. You drive down the street to turn into your home and all of the little lights twinkle a greeting. You can't get much better than that!

If you want to read more about how to hang door decor, check out this post: 21 Cool Front Door Decor Ideas

Red front door with window and decorative wreath for christmas

15. A Crafted Angel

Maybe you don't want to bother with a wreath or garlands but still want a little something to greet the season. This charming little crafted angel hanging from a red ribbon is a simple and subtle way to embellish your entrance.

White double door with hanging christmas decoration

16. The Whole Holiday Shebang

Garlands, porch garlands, a wreath, all of the lights—your home has it all. What more can you do? Think about adding a vignette like this upturned sled and hanging ice skates. It shouts that winter is the season.

White themed facade with christmas trees and wreath decoration on front door

17. Light It Up

Holiday lights can be for the entire winter if you choose. Now there are so many fantastic draping and LED light varieties to give your home a special nighttime glow. If you have a two-story entry, consider hanging your wreath in the space between your door and upper window.

Wreath christmas tree and leaves decorative with red light for front door decoration

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights like these work indoors or outdoors and come in a wide variety of colors. The remote makes them easy to operate if they're on higher places like a roofline. The lights give a perfect amount of glittery, soft twinkle.

Click here to see this style on Amazon.

18. Potpourri Smells At Your Front Door

This magnificent wreath brings all of the best potpourri smells to your front door. Orange rinds, lavender, cinnamon bundles, and evergreen make this beauty an olfactory treat. Plus it's absolutely gorgeous and will easily work from fall into spring.

Wreath with orange slices, pine cones, and purple leaves hanging in-front of white door

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