11 Front Door Shade Ideas

Front door shades are used to cover the glass panes on the door. They give the option of letting them down for privacy or tying them up and letting natural light inside. They also provide added insulation during the winter and block out intense sun rays during the summer. 

More than their functional purposes, they also satisfy one's need for visual appeal. Front door shades come in various designs that can easily blend with your interior. Just make sure you choose high-quality material so they don't cheapen and fray over time. 

Although having front door shades looks ideal, you will need to prepare yourself for issues you might encounter. Since the window treatments are placed on the door, expect them to collect dust and dirt more quickly. You will also need to be careful not to break the blinds or shades since it will be very difficult to fix them.

Keep reading below to learn more about front door shades and the best styles you can incorporate with your entryway. 

shiny surface of white ceramic tile floor texture, 11 Front Door Shade Ideas

11 Front Door Shade Ideas

These shade ideas will give you inspiration on how you can design your own front door window.

Remember that they will need to fulfill both their functional and aesthetic purposes, so you will need to choose one that will complement your home's insulation, the weather patterns in your area, and the interior itself.

Check out these treatments you can try. 

1. Blackout Roman Shades

Gray roman shades and a pink curtain

Blackout roman shades are affordable, lightweight, and can blend with any interior. They have a timeless design that can give a contemporary look to your home; just make sure the fabric suits your preference. 

Their styles also range from soft to tailored. Unlike hard blinds, roman shades offer variety and versatility.

Flat roman shades are the most popular since they don't take up too much space with their straight panel. If you want some texture, go for looped roman shades. Balloon roman shades are scrunched at the bottom, which can look a little dated.

They have a cord you can pull to open or close the shades, which may not be ideal if you have pets or children in the house. You will need to consider this since the shades may be a hazard if the cord somehow loops around them. 

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2. Classic Venetian Blinds

Window and sliding glass door coverings in home

Venetian blinds give you the best of both worlds--you get to regulate the amount of light coming in, and you can choose to shut it. Venetian blinds have different-sized slats you can choose from and adjust using two different cords: one to tilt the slats and one to pull the blinds up or down. 

These blinds suit most interior designs since they look almost built-in into the windows--just make sure you choose the right colors. When in doubt, go neutral. 

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What's the downside of Venetian blinds?

Take note that Venetian blinds are more difficult to clean since you need to deal with several slats that are all collecting dust--especially placed on the front door. You will need to wipe each one with a damp sponge submerged in a soapy water solution and wipe them dry again. 

3. Cellular shades 

Cellular shades--or honeycomb shades--share a resemblance with Venetian blinds, except they have key differences.

  • For instance, each slat is not independent of one other, unlike Venetian blinds.
  • They also come cordless, making them safer for pets and children inside.
  • Cellular shades are also not good at controlling lighting, unlike Venetian blinds, since they only expand and contract like accordions.

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Do cellular shades have good insulation?

Cellular shades make up for the lack of light control by providing better temperature control courtesy of the shades' honeycomb structure. The fabric and structure can trap the heat and slow the thermal transfer from the outside-in. 

Are cellular shades for you?

Take note that cellular shades may need to be cleaned more often since it is also prone to trapping moisture. This is crucial if you live in a humid area, so you may need to consider other treatments if the weather does not agree with this shade. 

4. Privacy sheer curtains

soft brown curtain with morning light

Sheer curtains are easier to install than shades or blinds. They give the room an airy appeal that can go well with any interior design. You also have the option to have them embroidered to add personality to the design. 

Because of the material, these curtains can't shut out sunlight entirely. If this is your preference, going for this choice is not a bad idea. 

You may enjoy an adequate amount of privacy if you layer sheer curtains together. Having only one layer may not bode well for privacy, so it is best to have at least two or three pleated sheers layered together. 

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5. Wood blinds for a rustic look

Wooden chairs at table in bright open space interior with lamp next to grey couch

Wood blinds add architectural interest to a home. They also suit rustic or farmhouse-inspired aesthetics, adding dimension and personality to the room. 

Wood blinds come in various designs and finishes that can accommodate any style preference. If you are leaning towards a more minimalist appeal, you can go for wood in a lighter and smoother finish.

Darker and rougher-looking wood will fare well in a rustic theme or add a vintage flair to a classic-looking home.

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Do wood blinds warp?

Though wood may be attractive, they also come with downsides. Wood can expand and contract depending on the weather, which makes them prone to twisting and damage.

They also absorb moisture which will make the shades warp and collect mold over time without maintenance. 

Are wood blinds for you?

If you are sure you can maintain your wood slats, it might be a good idea, especially if it suits your style.

However, you should consider that some wood shades can be difficult to adjust because of their heaviness. It would be more beneficial to choose wood blinds that are easier to operate. 

6. Cordless Roller Shades

Window roller, duo system day and night

Cordless roller shades have a sleek design that can seamlessly blend into any interior. They are also safer since they don't have a cord that can potentially wrap around a pet or a child. 

Cordless roller shades also do not bunch when they are up, creating a clean and polished look that lets the sunlight in. 

7. Vertical sheer shades 

If your front door has a wider frame or a sliding mechanism, vertical sheer shades are more beneficial. They are less likely to accumulate dust, but you may want to leave them a few inches off the floor so they won't collect dust from the floor.

You won't need to be concerned too much about cleaning it since a simple cycle in the washing machine could keep it fresh and clean.

Vertical sheer shades also give off a light and airy appeal, which is perfect if you want to maintain a soft neutral color palette in your area. This is also ideal if you want to let in sunlight while maintaining a level of privacy.

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8. Window films for easy maintenance

You can go for a stylish window film and stick it into the glass panel of your front door. Not only will it have a wide variety of style options; but it can also cut your energy costs by 30-40%.

They come in interesting patterns that can add personality to your door. You can choose an all-white pattern for a sensible approach, or you can choose a more artful design for a unique flair. 

You won't have to worry about dust accumulation and cleaning since the film will completely adhere to the glass panel. If insulation isn't a concern, window films might be for you.

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9. Beaded strings

Beaded strings are a unique choice if you want something to cover your door. They won't insulate the area, but they provide adequate privacy and can give the area a more hip and contemporary vibe. 

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10. Pinch-Pleated Curtains

A quiet and bright room infront of the garden

For a more traditional style, simply cover the front door with pinch-pleated curtains. Not only are they great for added insulation; but they can also blend with the rest of your interior--just make sure you choose light-colored or neutral fabrics. 

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11. Blackout and Sheer Drapes

Warm light through sheer white tulle and vintage floral curtains in the bedroom

Go for a combination of blackout and sheer drapes to introduce texture and depth into your door treatment. That way, you can have more control over light filtration.

Final Thoughts

shiny surface of white ceramic tile floor texture

Front door shades can elevate the overall look of your home from the inside and the outside. Just choose the one that will benefit you both in form and function. 


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