15 Incredible Front Porch Bench Ideas

Benches make an excellent addition to your front porch because they're perfect for relaxing and engaging in conversations. If you're having a hard time deciding which bench would suit your needs, we're here to help. Today, we've got 15 front porch bench ideas to inspire you. 

Large covered porch with skylight and wood bench and floor. 15 Incredible Front Porch Bench Ideas

1. Rustic 

Covered front porch with rustic wood bench next to entrance door

Rustic wooden benches add a bit of country charm wherever you live. These sturdy benches are crafted in various woods, including acacia, oak, and eucalyptus. Designs range from simple to elaborate. One of the most simple designs resembles a half log, while a more elaborate design has intricate carvings.

2. Storage 

Storage bench in wood and fabric upholstered

Storage benches combine all of the best features in one product: decorative items, seating, and storage. Buy them in a wide range of materials, like wood and all-weather plastic. They are available with or without a backrest and are ideal for safekeeping your outdoor valuables. 

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3. Rattan

Still life. Light and shadow play. Old rattan bench with same rattan flower pots with green plants on a yellow wall

Rattan is a pliable vine used for making outdoor furniture, typically wicker weave. Synthetic rattan may be the better choice for your front porch since natural rattan doesn't fare well when wet. The synthetic material is also more durable, fade-resistant, and is available in various colors to match any outdoor décor. 

4. Metal

Covered Front Porch With Metal Chair For Two With Red Cushion

These sturdy metal benches can last for up to 50 years! With the proper weather-resistant coating, they are less prone to rusting and fading. Add a colorful cushion to customize your metal bench and to add instant comfort. 

5. Rocker

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Rocker benches combine the look of a bench with the comfort and style of a rocking chair. These two-seater rockers can be crafted in wood, metal, or plastic and add a charming look to any front porch. 

6. Planter

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Planter benches are the perfect front porch addition for flower lovers! This style incorporates bench seating with a planter box situated at either end to house your favorite flora. You can also purchase planter benches with a trellis, which would work well for a small porch garden. 

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7. Swing

Front porch swing with comfortable pillows

You'll spend hours on your front porch bench swing! These benches are usually made from rattan, wood, or metal and are suspended from your porch's rafters by metal chains. If you prefer a more portable option, bench swings are also available to purchase with a frame. Many frames come with a canopy for extra shade. 

8. Convertible

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The backrest of a convertible bench transforms into a table with a few quick steps. This type of bench is ideal for family cookouts on the porch when you need extra seating and eating space. You can also use the table portion to set flowers or knickknacks on and still have a place to sit. 

9. Curved

A blue curved bench in a shady area of a garden

These attractive seats look beautiful when placed in the corner of your front porch. Curved benches offer plenty of extra seating, which is perfect if you love entertaining guests. The bench pictured seats an additional four to five people, but different sizes are available depending on your needs. 

10. Adirondack 

Adirondack double chair in the park, very early spring with still lots of snow on the ground

Adirondack benches sit lower to the ground with roomy slanted seats, high backrests, and wide armrests. Typically made from wood, they are very durable and will withstand the elements. These benches are very comfortable, especially when you add seat cushions. 

11. Distressed

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Distressed benches are purposely made to look worn, giving them a vintage flair. This type of seating would look fantastic on the front porch of a farmhouse, log cabin, or cottage. The distressed look can become a DIY project with some sandpaper, or there are many options available to purchase. 

12. Settee

[PIN id="394909461084554218" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]Adirondack double chair in the park, very early spring with still lots of snow on the ground

Think of the settee as a luxurious bench. To best preserve the upholstered fabric, store settees on a covered or closed-in porch. Many come with high, comfortable backrests, but they are also available backless. If you're looking to add sophistication to your front porch, settees are the way to go. 

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13. Accent

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Accent benches are typically found in your home's entryway, living room, or bedroom but will look lovely on your front porch as well. Place a small accent bench on each side of your front door to hold plants, vases, or any décor. Of course, you can always take a rest on an accent bench as well!

14. Shoe

Old vintage wooden bench with shoes shelf, storage of shoes on the shelf

Shoe benches aren't just for indoors. Place a shoe bench beside your front door to store your muddy gardening boots or dirty gym shoes; this is a great way to keep from tracking dirt inside your home. Plus, you'll always know where to find your shoes!

15. Conversation

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The conversation bench, aka kissing bench, has a unique design. This bench seats two people but not side by side. Instead, the seats face opposite directions, making it easy to whisper in each other's ear or share a kiss. Adding this romantic piece of furniture to your front porch will surely be a conversation starter!

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