32 Front Porch Ideas For Small Houses

Just because a house is small doesn't mean its front porch has to lack in aesthetic value. In fact, it can be easier to spruce up the front porch of a smaller house. The porches of smaller houses are more quaint and cozy, and it's easier to create a sense of decorative balance.

Modern home exterior with walkway to front porch and manicured lawn, 32 Front Porch Ideas For Small Houses

Take full advantage of the space of your front porch and create a completely unforgettable design. Use creative liberty and don't hold back.

If you're looking to dress up the front porch of your smaller home, look no further. We've compiled a list of 32 decor ideas for your porch that'll inspire you to transform the space. Just keep reading for some photo inspiration!

1. Porch Rockers

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A quaint house with front porch, stairway and lawn

A pair of rocking chairs is the perfect way to enjoy your porch and beautiful lawn and garden.

2. Seasonal Wreath

Modern stucco house with stairway to front door

The addition of a wreath goes a long way in terms of decoration. Wreaths are an easy way to add aesthetic value to your house. One of the best things is that you can quickly change out the wreaths as the seasons change or when you simply want to change things up.

3. Garden Hedge

Tiny gray house with white door and front porch

A small garden hedge provides shape and structure to your small home's porch.

4. Porch Bench

Small modern home with front garden and covered porch

What better way to enjoy your front porch than by sitting on a cushioned bench? Occasionally change out the pillows for a new look.

5. Garden Glam

Pretty vinyl clad ranch home with Amish made chairs on the porch and lovely spring landscaped yard

Glam out your garden with lots of plant and flower diversification. This gives your home great natural color and depth.

6. Flag Holder

Porch of a blue house with American flag and two white wooden rocking chairs

Even without much space, you can find the room to install a flag holder. Show off your patriotism with an American flag or change out the flags you wave over your house.

7. Manicured Lawn

New luxury home with elegant touches including covered entrance and manicured lawn

Without a doubt, a well-manicured lawn increases the aesthetic of your home. It shows care and thoughtful consideration to the design of your space.

8. Cozy Porch

Modern maroon house with front porch and lawn

Ensure you have a cozy porch by providing lots of shade and having a nice enclosed porch.

9. Furniture Set

Modern house with nice front porch, wooden double doors, wicker furniture and mexican tile paver floor

An outdoor furniture set fosters an environment perfect for gatherings and enjoying the outdoors.

10. Warm Lighting

Modern home exterior with walkway to front porch and manicured lawn

Warm lighting makes everything feel cozier. It creates a comfortable, relaxing environment.

11. Stonework Porch

Modern blue house with stone brick walls on front porch

Create a contrasting texture and color combination by using different materials on your porch area. The stone walls differ from the panel siding exterior of the rest of the house, adding intrigue and differentiation.

12. Hanging Plants

Modern american house with stairway, porch and front yard

Hanging plants automatically increase the curb appeal of your home.

13. Wraparound Porch

Luxury home with garage, white doors, stairway and front porch

A wraparound porch enhances the charm of your house. It can also help your house appear larger than it really is.

14. Wicker Furniture

Landscaped front yard of a house with flowers and green lawn

Wicker furniture provides warmth and texture to your front porch. Keep it classic white or paint it any other color under the sun.

15. Foliage Arch

House with white brick walls and wisteria arch door

Form an arch above your doorway with the use of vibrant plants. You can train the plant so that it creates the perfect arch or whatever kind of growth you want to create.

16. Stylish Door

House porch with white door, plants and flowers

Beautify your small home with the installation of a stylish front door.

17. Covered Porch

Front porch of a modern house with well kept garden

A covered porch easily enlarges the appearance of your home since it extends the roof of the home.

18. Large Porch

Front porch of a modern house with plant decorations

Having a small house doesn't mean the porch has to be equally small. This large porch expands the home in appearance and allows for additional outdoor living space.

19. Outdoor Accents

Front porch of a modern domestic house with American flag

Accent pieces go a long way when used well. The combination of the tiered hanging planters, outdoor couch, and potted plants ties the look together. Rotate different plants throughout the year for a constant flow of new color.

20. Simplicity

Front porch and stairway of a traditional American home with pot of geraniums

Color alone can do a lot for a home. The smooth grey shades used all around this porch are calm and soothing. It softens the space and allows accent colors to really pop.

21. Front Door Color Pop

Front of a white wooden domestic house

The cherry red door stands out against the snow white exterior of this home. A front door makeover has the power to transform the space.

22. Foliage Framing

Front of a beautiful two storey antebellum style home

Frame your home with lots of foliage. This is a great, natural way to intensify the aesthetic.

23. Wooden Planked Porch

Front entrance with porch of typical north american city residence

The wooden planks of this front porch add a sweet charm to the space.

24. Potted Flowers

Front entrance of modern shingle and stone style home with autumn flowers and arrangements on stairs, porch and door

Potted flowers bring a lot of beauty to your front porch. Use pots of all shapes and sizes to bring different dimensions to the area.

25. Front Door Decor

Frame home facade with front porch and stairway

Front door decor spices up the door. Change it out occasionally to keep the look fresh.

26. Porch Sets

Facade of a modern home with manicured lawn, backdrop of trees and walkway to the front porch

Flank your front door with outdoor furniture sets. Create outdoor living spaces to fully capitalize on your space.

27. Lined Walkway

Facade of a beautiful home with walkway and manicured lawn

Accentuate the beauty of your small home by using evergreen hedges and carefully designed flower beds to line your walkway.

28. Porch Swing

Colorful and modern boho outdoor front porch decoration with seating and plants of a traditional house with red brick walls

Don't underestimate the power of a porch swing on your front porch. Pair a potted plant and an outdoor rug with the porch swing to create an outdoor set.

29. Craftsman Style

Beautiful luxury home exterior with green grass, landscaped yard and walkway to front porch

A craftsman style home is all things traditional. The large tapered columns, wood siding, stone exterior, and white trim all come together in a cohesive look. The earth tones are lived up with the dark navy exterior paint color.

30. Sweeping Staircase

A traditional home with front porch, lawn and stairway

A broad, sweeping staircase intensifies the look of your home in the most gorgeous way. It accentuates the style of your home.

31. Elevated Porch

A row of three modern wooden homes with front porch and stairway

An elevated porch adds dimension and depth to your small home. Having an elevated porch may also increase the space of the porch, too.

32. Brick Porch

A row of modern houses with front porch

To diversify the look of your home, use mixed materials on the exterior. Brick and side paneling together has a very polished look.

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