15 Funky Living Room Ideas You Should See

Choosing a living room theme is challenging. Finding inspiration can also be tough if you don't know how or where to search. That's why we pulled 15 of our favorite funky living rooms to share with you! We hope you find inspiration on how to (or how not to) style your space.

Cozy living room in grey with window, modern furniture and colorful details, 15 Funky Living Room Ideas You Should See

1. Steal This Teal Deal

This teal room shows the dynamic between a darker shade and a neon color. The dark, haunting teal is met with a bright, energetic neon pink heart.

This is one fun way to add more color to your living room. The overhead lighting might be our favorite thing about this, though!

It almost looks like a sun with rays of sunshine beaming out of every inch of it. Try experimenting with different lighting options; they can change the atmosphere.

Another funky feature of this room is the strange cheetah statue on the floor, don't be afraid to explore with odd decor around the house.

Many of these inspirational pictures will have plenty of weird decorations, making the room feel more personal. A room without personality is as good as high school algebra; boring.

2. Artistic Perfection

Look at the beautiful art on the wall! The framed pink piece, the sculpture on the wall, and the old telephone show bursts of creativity around the room.

There also appears to be a leaf shape behind the frame, incorporating layers on the wall. That isn't a common sight in living rooms, but we love it! The more artistic you can make your home, the better.

3. Peace And Love

Woah! The '60s called, they want their flower patterns back. Just kidding, we can't get enough of the floral theme. And combined with the beautiful shades of yellow!

This funky room is built in different hues of yellow. It uses an analogous color scheme, a form of harmony according to color theory.

This is undoubtedly a bright living room, but if you aren't ready to commit to this color pallet - we've got you covered.

See this blue and gray floral rug on Amazon.

4. Patterns Galore

The tiling in this living room is unlike any other in this article. The art on the back wall also uses similar colors featured in the wallpaper, tiling, and other decors.

This helps keep the room from feeling full of life without feeling stuffy. The bold-colored couch is also a fun piece of furniture in this room. The stunning red sofa adds to the warmth around it.

For more red couch inspiration, visit 15 Awesome Red Sofa Color Schemes!

5. GROW. 

That is, green, red, orange, and white! This color combination is foolproof, especially if lines or geometric shapes overlap. This gorgeous living room uses rich colors to complement each other.

There is such simplicity in it, yet it looks so put together. This is great inspiration if you want to change your wall colors.

6. A Little Bit Of Everything

A lot is going on here. This style is not for everybody, especially if you've never done maximalist work. Let's start with the photographs on the wall.

They provide a sense of familiarity, and the different frames can be fun to play with. Not many homes have Halloween masks on the wall year-round - and we applaud those who make it work.

Next, let's take a look at that rug. That red and brown rug is in every grandmother's home! It's practically a staple for homes over 50.

Something that makes this one appear different, however, is the complementary colored seats above it. Red and green are complementary colors on the color wheel, thus making one another pop.

The chairs are a funky green, completing the room.


Much like the simple yet colorful wall in design #5, this room uses many different solid colors. This room also uses different patterns, such as the zebra print on the pillow.

The plants behind the couch are a nice touch as well. The walls are a very light pink color, similar to something that may be in a nursery.

Well, we've got news for you - all of the rooms in your home deserve more color! Painted walls shouldn't be reserved for nurseries and preteens' bedrooms. Let color enrich your home.

8. 3-D Printed Furniture

Now, this is a funky room! The chair is such a unique shape that we can't take our eyes off it. The rug is just the right amount of pattern and color. Then there's that... object in the back. Is it a table?

Is it a chair? Decoration? We don't care what it's used for - we love its funky shape, which is a good reminder that furniture can be 3-Dimensionally printed.

Keep an eye out for other futuristic designs you may want to incorporate.

9. Unlikely Beauty

The portrait behind the couch is mesmerizing. It immediately captures our attention. It also sets the color palette of the room. The warm colors welcome all guests.

One key element of this room is the beautiful lamps emitting plenty of light. Funky lamps are one way you can personalize a space and add more light.

View this quirky lamp on Amazon here.

10. Funky Red Rug

This one is pretty self-explanatory. This is a fairly interesting living room. There is a small bench rather than an armchair or couch, and very tall feathers are used for decoration.

What sticks out is that funky red rug. Regardless of how you feel about it, we're sure we speak for everyone when we say it certainly is funky.

11. Pocket Full Of Sunshine

This is a pretty open concept living room; you could use more furniture to fill the space. A simple way to elevate a room is to put out a few candle sticks in fancy holders.

Or, as this has become a returning favorite, use funky rugs! Change up the room and introduce colors that aren't generally in your home. We also love how all the walls are a cute yellow color.

View this swirly rug on Amazon here

12. Cute Yet Comfy

The layout of this living room is a bit obscure, but it is comforting. It reminds us of a sleepover pillow fight just begging to begin. A television could be set on top of the small nightstand.

There isn't too much space in this funky little room, but the designer made it work. The nightstand and ottoman may also provide storage. We love practical furniture!

See this velvet ottoman on Amazon.

13. Pinkalicious

Some of us still want to live in the wonderous land that Pinkalicious lived in. The little pieces of decor are the show stoppers here. The cheetahs come back in this design, holding a grass plant.

We can't neglect to mention the outstanding artist, Frida Khalo, whose face is on the pink pillows. We couldn't find this exact item, but we found some other Funky Frida pillows!

Find these Frida Khalo pillows on Amazon.

Consider these other inspirational posts if the Pinkalicious living room resonated with you.

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14. Dollhouse Dream

This living room looks like the inside of the dollhouse of our dreams! That Rubik's Cube table is absolutely to die for. The chairs almost look similar to the ones in barber shops (but they're styled much better here!)

This living room transitions smoothly into the dining room, which features one table and two bar stools. This is the perfect funky yet chic look we've been looking for.

15. Oh So Lovely

We can't hide how much we adore this living room. The couch is unique; those furniture pieces aren't as often seen indoors as outside.

The plants and artwork are the greatest additions to this room.

Self-expression in the home can even include framing your pieces of artwork. Not only can it spark conversation among guests, but it makes a house feel like a home.

Closing Statements

Bright and colorful retro modern living room

These 15 funky living room ideas were a blast to explore together. We sincerely hope you found new inspiration in this post!

There were various styles, from maximalism to a room right out of the '60s. Be sure to incorporate as many personal details as possible along the walls or shelves.

That is the real key to a fabulous living room design.

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