17 Fabulous Furniture Ideas For A Small Living Room

Small living rooms provide unique challenges. There's still the need for conversation seating and a place to gather, but the square footage can prove difficult to arrange. You can overcome many of these challenges with the furniture that you choose. You may need to think differently than a large suburban living space to use smaller pieces and clever storage solutions. We've put together 17 clever ideas for how to think about furniture in a small living room with images for you to see.

Interior of a modern contemporary living room with white couches, black round coffee table, and a gray carpet, 17 Fabulous Furniture Ideas For A Small Living Room

1. Size Matters

A spacious and elegant living room with a white wall, picture frames on the wall, wooden furniture's, and a patterned carpet

If you have a small living room, buying a large sectional will overpower the space. Keep things compact and tidy. Choose a compact sofa and a smaller occasional chair. A low depth and tall storage piece can provide room for living room storage and decorative objects. Tie it all together with a great throw rug.

This 65" sofa will fit onto walls less than six feet long. It's a great size for a small space. Click here for this sofa on Amazon.

2. Use Color To Create A Unique Vibe

A dark blue colored living room incorporated with brown furniture's, bookshelves, and a Mediterranean inspired room architecture

Small spaces don't have to be boring. Here a gorgeous small living room in an older building is unique and beautiful. Rich deep teal covers the walls. A perfect vintage leather sofa is great for napping. And a hot pink pillow is a standout on the upholstered rocking chair. Even the antique chandelier has been dressed up and made fabulous.

3. Choose A Compact Coffee Table

A bright and elegant living room with a beige sleeper sofa, throw pillows, and a light pink carpet

If your living space is small, but you still want a traditional seating area, including a coffee table, think outside of the box. Choose something smaller that won't overpower the room. This lovely little table takes up a small area but provides a handy surface for drinks and reading material. Beneath the tabletop is an open cubby for additional storage.

Stacking tables are another viable option for a small living room space. They can push together when you need the room or can be pulled apart and used individually. Click here for these nesting tables on Amazon.

4. Paint The Ceilings And Wall A Bright And Light Color

Small modern narrow living room incorporated with gray nd white furnitures

One way to make a small living room feel larger is with paint. Keep things bright and light for maximum space. Here the same color has been used on the walls and the ceiling. Light-colored pieces are mixed in with a few medium grey pieces. It's a clever way not to feel too hemmed in.

5. Use Your Bicycle As Decor

A gorgeous living room with elegant matching furniture's, wooden flooring, gray painted wall with decorative picture frames on the wall

Is a bicycle your primary mode of transportation? Then put it to use indoors when you're not using it outdoors. With a bit of clever engineering and the proper placement, you can turn your two-wheeled steed into a gorgeous bit of artwork. It's out of the way and looks super cool as well. 

6. Find A Clever Storage Piece

Interior of a modern living room incorporated with a Scandinavian inspired architecture

Chances are if your living room is small, then the rest of your home is too. Which puts storage at a premium. One way to help yourself is to find furniture pieces that serve double duty. Here a large wall piece works for showcasing decorative objects and house plants and hiding other storage behind doors. You could keep clothes or shoes or other items you don't want visitors to see behind those doors.

This bookcase storage takes up less space on the wall and still gives that combo of storage options. The open shelves keep things light and beautiful in your living space. The rustic styling of this will look good in a variety of decorating styles. Click here for this sotage piece on Amazon.

7. If You Need An Office, Opt For A Table Rather Than A Desk

A gorgeous work area with a white painted wall, modern standing desk, and a comfortable working chair

In many living rooms, we end up needing a space for a small office. Rather than buy a bulky desk, consider using a flat table. Here a simple table serves as the desk along with a proper office chair. Out of the way storage solutions hang on the wall. If you love to entertain, it's relatively easy to clean up this surface to provide another spot for eating or setting up a bar.

8. There Are Apartment Sized Sectional Sofas

An ultra luxurious modern living room apartment with white walls, gray and wooden furniture's and sofas

If you love a good sectional but are worried about it commandeering your space, there are options available. Small sectionals are on the market to fit into smaller living rooms. Keep in mind it may be your only seating, but if it's comfortable enough, it could even serve as a guest bed.

This sectional is only 78.5" long, so it will fit on a seven-foot wall. The chaise is long enough to stretch your legs out on. If you added an ottoman as your coffee table, then there's room for two to stretch out. Click here for this small sectinoal on Amazon.

9. A Circular Coffee Table Helps With Flow

Interior of a modern contemporary living room with white couches, black round coffee table, and a gray carpet

Since space is the problem of small living space, so is walking around. One way to keep from banging your knees into sharp corners is to opt for a circular coffee table. This allows for a natural flow for people to get to the seating. It also looks really beautiful and anchors the couches and chairs.

10. A Floor Lamp Takes Up Less Space Than A Table

Interior of a modern Scandinavian living room with wooden shelves, floor lamps, and indoor plants

If you love to read in your living room, but space is limited, you might opt for a floor lamp rather than a side table. If chosen correctly, the base takes up very little space and can often be tucked partways beneath your sofa. There are so many interesting styles of floor lamps too. Find something fashionable and exciting, maybe even with a bright spot of color.

This floor lamp has a base that is only 9.8" in diameter. The brass color and glass shade are very fashionable and will look great in a lot of rooms. Click here for this lamp on Amazon.

11. Think About Function And What You Need

A small narrow living room with white furniture's, indoor plants, and picture frames on the wall

When planning for your small living room space, think about what you need. If you don't entertain, you don't need a ton of seating. One couch might be enough. In this simple space, a single couch, a lovely coffee table, and a small desk with a chair create a welcoming room that has a function for the owner.

12. Use Functional Objects For Decor

Interior of an elegant living room with picture frames on the wall, a small armless sofa, and different throw pillow on the sofa

Do you go shopping with some beautiful straw bags? Consider hanging them in your wall arrangement when they're not being used. This is a clever way to show off your more beautiful functional items. You can do it with purses, shoes, musical instruments, shopping bags, anything you may have more than a few of and need a unique way to store them.

13. Set A Few Brightly Colored Pieces Against Neutral Walls

A modern small living room with a green accent wall on the kitchen section and a white brick decorative wall

We've already mentioned how light-colored walls and ceilings can keep a place from being too crowded. But what if you adore color? Consider adding a few pieces or maybe an accent wall of the color you really love. It's a way to make a small space work for your own taste.

A small profile armchair in a pretty bright color is wonderful in a small living room space. Click here for this swoop armchair on Amazon.

14. Don't Use A Couch

A gorgeous warm and rustic reading and study area with rustic flooring and white painted walls

If your living room is very small, you may want to forego a couch altogether. Instead of a sofa, the homeowners have placed two cozy chairs for reading and relaxing by the fire. Instead of a couch wall, a large bookshelf commands the space. For those who are readers, this might be the ideal situation.

15. Use Poufs or Ottomans For Additional Seating

A white small loveseat sofa with patterned throw pillows and round coffee tables

One way to create additional seating in your small living room is by using poufs or ottomans. Poufs are absolutely adorable and come in so many styles and colors. They're great to sit on or put up your feet. They can double as coffee tables and be easily tucked away into a corner when it's time for yoga. Ottomans are slightly larger but can often serve as great surfaces for eating in front of the television, and many have storage inside of them.

16. Mount Your Television On The Wall

A small white colored living room with a mounted TV and a small dining table up front

Televisions can waste the useable surface of a good buffet or side table. But hanging them on the wall can get them up and out of the way, providing more space for other activities. Because most wall mounts can pivot and move, it makes it so you can watch your favorite shows from several locations within your small living room area.

17. Pick A Limited Color Palette

A gorgeous blue-gray themed living room with a gray ottoman

Choose a limited color palette that keeps things from getting overbusy in a small space. Here white, grey, and some soft blues and greens work together to hone a calming and fresh atmosphere. The narrow bookcase provides needed storage, and the pouf and metal chair add to the seating arrangement.

This knitted pouf is available in a bunch of colors but is shown here in kiwi. Click here for this pouf on Amazon.

Small Spaces Don't Have To Be Without Style

Don't let your small living room bring you down. Remember to think about scale, lightness, and ways to utilize things cleverly. With a few of the right pieces and figuring out exactly what you need for your room's overall function, you're on your way to the perfect small living room.

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