What Color Furniture Goes With Oak Wood Floors?

Choosing a color palette for your home can be a difficult decision to make. Do you have oak wood flooring but don't know what other furniture colors will look good with it? Well, we've done extensive research into this topic and have some ideas to share. Let's check them out below.

If you have oak wood floors, there are plenty of hues to try. To start, we recommend sticking with warmer Earth tones. These typically include shades of orange, yellow, red, and green.

Furthermore, you can also try decorating with jewel tones if your floors are oak, so purple and blue may be ideas to consider.

As we begin, we will cover all things oak wood flooring and show you how to decorate them. Whether you're renovating or recently purchased a new home, we've got plenty of inspiration to share. With that said, let's dive right into this post!

By the way, if you're still early on in the planning stages, and still not sure what type of wood flooring you're going for, make sure to read our article about furniture color options with wood flooring in general.

Different samples of oak wood for choosing of homeowners, What Color Furniture Goes With Oak Wood Floors?

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How Do You Find Furniture For Oak Flooring?

When working with oak flooring, the best thing to do is find a cohesive color palette. Typically, the warmer undertones in the oak will work best with Earth and jewel tones.

Considering that wood already has a somewhat rustic appearance, you can follow that aesthetic in your furniture and decor. On the other hand, oak wood floors can also be modernized using minimalistic color palettes and decorating, so they go both ways.

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Up close photo of oak wood flooring

If you prefer a clean, simple design, neutral colors will also work nicely with oak. Luckily, this flooring material is one of the more versatile options, so any style will likely turn out good.

Earth Tone Furniture

A living room with white and emerald green themes

Here you can see how using other rustic Earth tones with oak floors gives your space a welcoming feel. Generally, the warmer your color scheme, the more "homey" your design will turn out, so that's something to think about.

Furthermore, you can also try mixing Earthy elements with more modern furniture or art, so you don't have to go 100% this route.

The nice thing about oak is that it has a timeless appearance, which makes decorating around it easier.

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Jewel Tone Furniture

A gorgeous blue and yellow throw pillows and blue sofa.

Another idea we have for oak wood floors: is using jewel tone furniture and decor. As we mentioned, blue and purple fall into this category, which are fun hues to use for designing.

This room, although simple, does a great job of bringing various wood and vibrant elements into the space without making it feel "busy."

Furthermore, the mixed pillows add the perfect amount of pop here, so we recommend doing something similar at home.

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Can I Use Neutral Furniture With Oak Floors?

A suede sofa with matching dark colored throw pillows, wooden flooring and an expensive coffee table

Yes! If you want your oak flooring to have a more modern aesthetic, choosing neutral furniture is a great idea. As we mentioned, oak tends to have a timeless feel, so any design will look good with it.

However, if you decide to incorporate more wood into your room, make sure it shares a similar undertone with your flooring.

This applies to your home's decor, furnishings, and any other finishes. Although mixing colors and patterns can be fun, too many will give your design a confusing final look.

Creams, browns, and whites tend to go nicely with oak, so those are the colors we recommend trying for your furniture pieces.

Neutral Furniture

White and modern living room

Here is a great example of using neutral hues alongside oak wood floors. The softer grey and beige elements in this living room bring out the cooler tones in the wood, which give it a more spacious, up-to-date feel.

Additionally, the use of similar colored wood accents in the table and mantel help tie the design together. Sometimes, less is more when using wood, so you don't need to do much while decorating.

With that said, it's OK to throw in a few bright pops of color within a neutral room, so don't feel like that isn't an option.

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Does Dark Wood Furniture Go With Light Oak Floors?

Oak wooden flooring and wall cladding with a huge wooden dining table and metal dining chairs

For anyone wanting to have dark wood furniture with light oak flooring, this can turn out nicely. Generally, as long as your dark wood matches, it will complement lighter oak floors.

For example, if you decide on a super deep mahogany coffee table, you want to make sure you use the same wood for your TV stand or any other wood pieces in your space.

Doing this will help tie everything together while allowing more color into your room.

Do All Wood Floors In A Home Need To Match?

Although the wood floors throughout a house don't need to match, they probably should. Assuming you want to have some fun with your wall color room-to-room, keeping your floors one shade of oak is the best idea.

Having your wood match or be very similar will create cohesiveness. With that, you can have more vibrant walls, decor, furniture, and even appliances.

However, if you want light wood and dark wood, make sure they are far enough apart. So if your living room is light oak, make sure the rooms close by are the same.

From there, you can change the wood in your bedrooms, ideally making them have the same darker tone. There are also patterned wood floor designs that use light and dark pieces, so that's another option to consider.

Does White Furniture Look Good With Oak Floors?

Yes, all shades of white will look good with oak wood flooring. As we said earlier, oak is versatile. That means you can get away with an all-white interior or the complete opposite.

With that said, you might want to use a warmer white palette for your furniture, as this will bring out the natural oak undertones. The same applies to the walls, so don't be afraid to warm them up.

Although brilliant white paint and furnishings will give your house a modern feel, using too much of this color can make a space feel sterile and uninviting.

Does Grey Look Good With Oak?

Yes! Grey will look nice with oak furniture and floors. Like we showed you earlier, using neutrals, like grey, with oak can turn out very well.

Grey has cooler undertones, which can make your floors seem a bit cooler too. For example, if you paint the walls in your house light grey and have oak flooring, this is completely fine.

The same goes for furniture, although we think grey accent pieces are the best option. Beige, white, and grey are all in the same aesthetic, so consider mixing them while designing.

Are Oak Wood Floors In Style?

Interior of an Oak wooden flooring, white painted walls and elegant modern furniture's

Surprisingly, oak wood floors are making a major comeback in real estate. Wood, in general, tends to be what's "in" as of 2022, so choosing this flooring is a great investment.

Furthermore, the timeless look of oak wood is also in part to its popularity, impressing home buyers of all ages. As we covered, you can decorate oak with almost any color palette or aesthetic, making it a great choice for a rental property.

Oak cabinets are also coming back into trend, so the more wood, the better!

What Type Of Oak Is Best For Flooring?

Hard Oak wooden flooring at the kitchen

Generally, red oak floors are the best. Besides being one of the easier options to find, red oak has a Janka rating of 1290, meaning it can handle wear and tear.

With that said, red oak will be warmer in color. This can be great for some designs but won't always appear super modern.

If you want something more current, we recommend white oak. Of course, this lighter wood won't be as rich as red options, but it's certainly worth checking out if you love oak wood.

Moreover, red oak will have a stronger grain pattern between the two, so that's another detail to think about.

To Wrap Things Up

Different samples of oak wood for choosing of homeowners

Whether you have wood floors or want them, it can be tricky to know how to furnish your space. From what we found, Earth tones, jewel tones, and neutral palettes will all look good with oak flooring.

It's also important to use colors and wood that shares a similar undertone with your floors. Of course, this doesn't always need to be exact, so don't worry if you use cooler tones.

Regardless of your style, make sure to find furniture that fits your room, and don't be afraid to have some fun with brighter colors and patterns!

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