3 Garden Tub Replacement Ideas To Inspire You!

A garden tub is sitting in your bathroom, and you decide it’s time to replace it. But what can you do with the new space? We researched this concern for you and consulted with different experts to give you the following information.

You can replace the garden tub with a walk-in shower or another freestanding bathtub. Otherwise, you may paint the old garden tub to make it look like you recently bought it.

Remember that each option has details you need to follow to achieve good results from replacing the garden tub. So continue reading as we talk about these choices!

3 Garden Tub Replacement Recommendations

Replace With A Shower

Refreshing bathroom with large glass walk in shower with two heads

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Ditch the old garden tub for a walk-in shower to experience unique benefits. For example, you should now enjoy more space than when you had the garden tub.

Plus, the new fixture should be easier to clean than a garden tub. In retrospect, you might remember trying to clean underneath the garden tub, which can be pretty challenging.

How To Convert

Converting the space where your garden tub used to be to a walk-in shower generally requires sufficient DIY experience and know-how. But completing the renovation project may not need professional help if you follow the correct steps.

Here is the tool you’ll need before starting:

  • Steel tape measure
  • Screwdrivers
  • Standard/Allen wrench sets
  • Putty knife
  • Utility knife
  • Drywall saw
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Pry bar
  • Level
  • Caulk
  • Plywood boards

Once you have your materials:

Step #1: Measure The Space

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Measure the space, 3 Garden Tub Replacement Ideas To Inspire You!

Take note that not every walk-in shower can fit into every bathroom. So your new walk-in shower should have dimensions compatible with your garden tub’s old location.

Assuming that you have already removed the garden tub, use your steel measuring tape to determine the dimensions for your walk-in shower. Document the space’s length, height, width, and depth.

Then, use those to find a suitable shower for the area. You can also use the measurements if you make a walk-in shower enclosure from scratch.

Also, make sure to follow these general guidelines:

  • The shower should have a 15-inch space from the toilet
  • The shower should have a 30×30-inch floor space for one person to move around the area comfortably
  • If the walk-in shower has a door, ensure that the fixture doesn’t slam into nearby objects

Step #2: Select The Walk-In Shower Design

You can select from different pre-built walk-in shower designs on the market. However, these pre-built models can be restrictive, considering you need to choose the fixture that fits your bathroom.

On the other hand, you can create a walk-in shower with a look that matches your interior design preferences from the ground up. But that may require more time and effort than you might expect.

Also, using professional services to customize the shower design can be expensive.

So weigh your options as you go through this step. Select the choice that fits your design and budget.

Step #3: Remove The Surrounding Material

You can now remove the tiles and drywall surrounding your old garden tub. Doing this might make it easier for you to install the walk-in shower instead of keeping the materials intact during the setup.

Start this step by covering the floor with plywood boards. Next, turn off the water line connected to the bathroom.

Then, start removing the tiles for your walk-in shower space. Do the same with the surrounding drywall.

Be careful, as you shouldn’t remove more material than needed. That way, the tile and drywall reinstallation won’t require more time and effort than needed.

Step #4: Install The Walk-In Shower

Install the shower kit according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Otherwise, use the appropriate procedure if you’re setting up a walk-in shower you made using DIY techniques.

After setting up the enclosure, don’t forget to connect the plumbing lines to the faucet and shower head. If required, you may need to hire a reliable plumber for this particular step.

See this walk-in shower enclosure on Amazon.

You can also watch this video to help give you an idea of how to install a walk-in shower enclosure:

Swap For A New Freestanding Tub

Styled bath towel draped over a freestanding vintage style bath tub

Take note that the garden tub is a type of freestanding bathtub. But you can swap out an old garden tub for another freestanding bathtub.

Some options that might pique your interest are:

  • Single-Ended: A reasonably inexpensive option as compared to other freestanding tub models.
  • Double-ended: It typically has a sufficiently large space that can fit about two adults.
  • Clawfoot: The design might be ideal for property owners who like vintage designs on their interior décor and fixtures.
  • Pedestal: Also called a skirted tub, this model is a variation of the clawfoot design but without the “feet.”
  • Japanese soaking bathtub: This freestanding tub can generally fit relatively small bathrooms but can be pretty expensive because of the premium materials used.

Check out this contemporary freestanding bathtub on Amazon.

Repaint The Garden Tub

Although it’s not a replacement job, you may still breathe new life into an old garden tub by painting it. This option may also be ideal for budget-conscious property owners.

However, you may still need to put in extensive time and effort, mainly if you paint the fixture with an intricate design.

How To Paint

Paint trough and roller. repair and painting of walls in the house

Although it might seem relatively straightforward, you still must follow the correct bathtub painting procedure to achieve a good look.

Following the appropriate guidelines can also reduce the risks of painting mishaps, such as bubbles and drips. Keep reading to know the general steps on how to paint your garden bathtub:

Before starting, here are the materials you’ll need:

  • Paint tray
  • Bathtub paint
  • Regular paint roller

Once you have your materials:

  1. Pour the paint into a paint tray.
  2. Dip a regular roller (not a foam roller) into the paint tray.
  3. Apply the paint onto the garden tub’s surface.

It should take about 4 hours to complete this procedure. But it may take more time than intended if you need to apply paint on hard-to-reach areas. You may also add details to the paint job if preferred.

Check out this product on Amazon.

You can also watch this video to see this painting process in action:

How To Remove A Garden Tub?

Replacing a garden bathtub with another bathroom fixture generally requires its removal.

Remember that garden tub removal procedures may require unique steps based on factors like your bathroom’s design and the fixture’s initial installation.

You can watch this video to gain insight into how to complete this task:

Is It OK To Remove A Garden Tub?

Contractors removing bathtub in house bath room

It can be a good decision to remove a garden tub and replace it with another bathroom fixture. However, the final decision often depends on your preferences.

Also, don’t forget to follow safety precautions like:

  • Always keep the worksite as clean and as tidy as possible
  • Only use materials and tools that are in good working condition
  • Equip yourself with safety gear, such as a hard hat, protective goggles, and work gloves
  • Secure all the necessary permits before starting the remodeling job to avoid government charges

This ultimate choice may also result from thinking about the possible cons of owning a garden tub. Some of the drawbacks of a garden bathtub that may enter your mind are:

  • It may take up a large amount of floor space
  • You may want a bathtub with Jacuzzi jets
  • A garden tub’s materials might be challenging to maintain
  • The fixture may require a dedicated water heater

What Is The Difference Between A Garden Tub And A Regular Tub?

Garden tubs are typically larger variants than regular bathtubs. But many garden tub designs don’t often significantly stray away from the regular bathtub appearance.

Also, many garden tubs have dimensions of about 60x30x19 inches (length, width, and depth).

You might also be curious about the difference between a garden and a Roman tub. Follow that link to know the answer to that concern.

Our Final Thoughts

Bathtub with flowers

The wide frame of a garden tub may make you want to replace it with a smaller unit. Otherwise, you may ditch the bathtub and install a walk-in shower instead.

But make sure to take the time to think and finalize your decision to avoid spending more time and money on remodeling your bathroom’s fixtures.

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