15 Awesome Gerbera Daisy & Daisy Flower Arrangement Ideas

Gerbera daisies come in a rainbow of colors like white, orange, yellow, purple, pink, red, and bicolor.

On the other hand, regular daisies have classic white petals and yellow centers that add a simple, charming touch to any arrangement.

Arrangement of beautiful bright flowers using orchids, chrysanthemums, and yellow gerbera flowers on a glass vase, 15 Awesome Gerbera Daisy & Daisy Flower Arrangement Ideas

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Both types are favorites because they last long, pair well with other flowers, and look stunning!

If you love daisies, check out these amazing gerbera and daisy flower arrangement ideas for inspiration.

1. Warm Tones

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A bouquet of flowers using red roses, red margaritas, and yellow chrysanthemums

This gorgeous floral arrangement contains the beautiful colors of autumn. Red and orange roses, yellow mums, and red gerbera daisies look stunning against the green ferns.

The picture shows the flora in an oval basket, but they also look lovely in a hanging basket or tall vase. 

2. Mason Jar Bouquets

A small vase with violet gerbera flowers on a glass jar

Simple can be extraordinary! Mason jars, coupled with chalkboard signs, add a bit of Southern charm to your bouquet.

Use this floral arrangement for your spring wedding centerpieces, with each guest’s name written on the easels. Best of all, gerbera daisies come in various colors to match any wedding décor. 

Mini Rectangle Chalkboard Label

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3. Tied With A Bow

A colorful flower arrangement using striped bow pink flowers on a brown glass vase on a white background

Here, bright pink gerbera daisies are complemented by red tulips, yellow calla lilies, coral carnations, and pale pink roses.

This colorful and cheerful bouquet is placed in a frosted orange glass vase and tied with a pink-striped bow. Place this flower arrangement in a room with grey or beige walls to add color and personality. 

4. Bright and Sunny 

Arrangement of beautiful bright flowers using orchids, chrysanthemums, and yellow gerbera flowers on a glass vase

The sunny yellow gerbera daisies are the focal point of this arrangement. The daisies are paired with blue irises and white chrysanthemums, making for a bright, beautiful color scheme.

You can turn an ordinary vase into something special with the addition of glass gemstones. These flat marbles come in various colors to match any floral décor. 

Blue Mixed Gemstone Vase Fillers

The blues and whites of these gemstones will look lovely with this arrangement. Click here to see these glass marbles on Amazon.

5. Pretty In Pink

A small stainless steel kettle decorated with pink gerbera flowers on a table

Gerbera daisies placed in a vintage jug add country charm to any room. This picture shows single and crested gerberas in an array of pink hues.

Light pink gerberas signify respect and compassion, while darker pink conveys gratitude, making this floral arrangement a thoughtful gift for a loved one. 

6. Yellow Beauties

A gorgeous bouquet of mixed pale yellow and green leaves arranged on a white background

Yellow gerberas, pale yellow orchids, white English daisies, and orange roses are displayed in this beautiful arrangement.

The pastel hues are offset by the rich green ferns, red artichokes, and blue feverweed. Place this bouquet in a roomy basket finished with burlap wrap as shown in the picture. 

Natural Burlap Ribbon with Lace

Add a feminine touch with lace. Click here to see this burlap ribbon with lace on Amazon.

7. Neutral Hues

An elegant arrangement of gerbera flowers, green peas, and other variegated leaves on a glass vase

You don’t need lots of bright colors to create an eye-catching floral arrangement. Achieve this look by adding white roses, gerberas, and orchids surrounded by a copious amount of variegated greenery.

Complete the look with a round, transparent vase tied with cream-colored ribbon. 

8. Beautiful Basket 

A small basket of gerbera flowers on a white background

This beautiful wicker basket is the epitome of spring with its white and yellow gerberas, purple English daisies, green pom flowers, sprigs of lavender, and blue cornflower.

The dainty butterfly accents add the finishing touch to this arrangement. Add this to your entryway for a bright welcome for your guests or as your dining room table centerpiece. 

Basket for easter

Recreate this look with a wicker Easter basket. Click here to see this basket on Amazon.

9. Pink Pot

A bouquet of different varieties of flowers perfectly arranged on a pink vase on a white background

This picture shows a brightly colored bouquet in a hot pink flower pot. The pot draws attention to the pink tones of the gerberas and roses, making them the focal point for this lovely floral display.

Sunflowers, multicolored mums, and clusters of ageratums are also featured here. This bouquet is truly a rainbow of colors that would illuminate any room! 

10. Triangular Treasure

A centerpiece bouquet with margaritas and leaves for decoration

Pictured is a triangular floral arrangement. This eye-catching design contains lots of greenery with tiny, yellow daisies, orchids, and bicolor carnations.

The star of the show is the lily that coordinates well with the bouquet’s pinks, yellows, and whites. A diamond-patterned pot is a clever addition, as it matches the triangle shape of the flowers. 

11. Purples and Pinks

A gorgeous arrangement of flowers with a spring theme placed on a gray wooden table

The purple and pink hues of this horizontal floral arrangement are stunning.

Light pink gerberas pair well with the darker pink of the bicolor roses and look elegant next to the lilac tulips and deep purple thistle.

The wooden heart accent would make this the perfect gift for someone special.  

12. Gerbera Cactus Garden

A Gerbera daisy decorated with succulents and small grass planted on a clay pot

Here is a unique pairing that you probably haven’t seen: an adorable cactus garden with towering gerbera trees!

White gerberas are placed in ribbon and wire-wrapped tubes throughout the shallow dish to create this look.

Recreating this arrangement would make for a fantastic conversation piece and add a fun touch to any décor. 

Assorted Cactus Collection

Want to get started on your own cactus garden? Click here to see this cactus collection on Amazon.

13. Just Peachy

A stunning set of Gerbera flowers perfectly arranged on a small weaved tray

Beautiful peach and yellow gerberas harmonize with orange ranunculus and purple wildflowers.

This arrangement has the ideal combination of spring colors and looks lovely in the elongated wooden basket. The pink bow and lace-trimmed ribbon add a graceful touch. 

14. Romantic With Roses

A gorgeous bouquet beige roses leaves and red margaritas

This bouquet is the definition of romantic, with crimson gerberas, cream roses, English daisies, and bicolor orchids.

Wrapped in burgundy cloth and tied with a red bow, these flowers would make for an excellent Valentine’s Day arrangement. 

15. Autumn Vibes

Bouquet of orange and red roses on a banquet table perfectly arranged on a vintage vase

Here, we have autumn-colored flowers in a vintage ceramic vase.

Orange roses, yellow gerberas, and bicolor lilies are combined with sprigs of hypericum berries to create this look. The bold flowers and simple vase make for a flawless combination. 

Rustic Ceramic Flower Vase

A vintage vase without a lot of fuss will make your flowers pop. Click here to see this vintage-inspired ceramic vase on Amazon.

We hope you enjoyed reading our inspiring gerbera and daisy floral arrangements list. For more awesome flower arrangement ideas, please be sure to read:

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