How to Get Rid of Dog Smell in Dyson Cordless Vacuum

If you have inside dogs, you know the struggle of keeping the smell out of your home. You likely vacuum your carpet and furniture regularly, but that leads to another problem. How do you get rid of the dog smell in Dyson cordless vacuum? To better assist you, we scoured the internet for the best resources to answer this question. See our findings below. 

The simplest and cheapest method for getting rid of dog smell in your Dyson Cordless Vacuum is by washing the canister with warm, soapy water. Dish detergent works well.

Make sure to check the bristles as well, removing any clogged pet hair. Each time you use your Dyson, you should dump the debris immediately, taking the time to also remove the trash bag from your home. 

These are the basic steps to keeping your Dyson cordless vacuum from smelling like a dog. There is still more to learn, so follow along as we discuss additional cleaning methods, using vacuum freshener products, how often you should be vacuuming if you have pets, and more. 

Opening a vacuum dirt container, How to Get Rid of Dog Smell in Dyson Cordless Vacuum

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How to Get Rid of Dog Smell in Dyson Cordless Vacuum

With indoor pets, you will inevitably begin to have a lingering smell at some point or another. No matter how clean you keep your dog, they will still smell at times. This smell can become trapped in your vacuum cleaner, causing it to spread the stench around the home each time you use it.

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Vacuuming a pile of dog hair 

Dump Canister After Each Use

The first step to prevent your Dyson cordless vacuum from stinking is to dump the debris after each use. However, leaving the dirt and grime in your trash can will only cause your home to smell. Therefore, it’s important to discard all remains into a small bag, immediately placing them in the outdoor garbage bin. 

Clean Canister with Soap and Water

Simply dumping the debris after each use is not enough to keep the smell away. You will also need to clean your Dyson cordless vacuum regularly. The cheapest and easiest method of cleaning is by using dish detergent and warm water.

Once you have emptied the contents of the vacuum cleaner, wipe it clean using a dry cloth. Next, take your dishcloth or sponge soaked in the cleaning solution and thoroughly clean the dirt compartment of your Dyson. Rinse out all the soap, and dry the compartment. 

Clean the Filter

A woman squeezing a piece of cleaning cloth

Not only will regular maintenance give your Dyson cordless vacuum more suction power, but it will also help extend the life of the filter. You don’t need to clean your filter after each use. You don’t even have to clean it every week.

Instead, Dyson recommends washing your filter with warm water approximately once per month. If dirt and hair build up faster, feel free to clean the filter as often as you feel necessary.  

While you are cleaning the filter, it’s important to also check the bristles. Dog hair and strings can become tangled around them, trapping odors and preventing the wheel from spinning. This can also burn up the motor. 

Coat the Canister with Vinegar

Once you have finished cleaning the cordless vacuum, you can wipe it down with vinegar if there is a lingering dog smell. Do not dilute the vinegar. Instead, dampen your dishcloth with it, and wipe it down thoroughly. Don’t worry; once the vinegar dries, you won’t be left with an overpowering smell. 

Fight Dog Smell in Dyson Cordless with Vacuum Fresheners 

Although fresheners alone will only mask the dog stench in your Dyson cordless vacuum, once you have it nice and clean, you can use fresheners to assist in fending off the odor.

You can utilize odor-eliminating crystals that run through the vacuum container, or you can purchase vacuum freshener sticks. Some smell good, leaving your home smelling fresh after each vacuum. Others, however, don’t offer a smell. 

Check out these on Amazon.  

Fight Dog Smell with Baking Soda

Baking soda is a cheap but effective odor eliminator. Although it will not eliminate dog smell in your Dyson vacuum, it will help minimize it. Unlike vacuum fresheners, you do not pour baking soda into the Dyson cordless canister.

Instead, sprinkle it evenly across your floor. Let it settle for 24 hours, then vacuum the floor as usual. This will help diminish the dog smell in both your carpet and the vacuum cleaner. 

Where Do You Put Vacuum Fresheners in Dyson?

When using vacuum freshener beads in your Dyson cordless vacuum, pour the beads into the dirt trap. Leave them in there while you vacuum. As the dirt and grime circulate inside the container and mix with the beads, the odor-eliminating properties will take effect.

The same concept applies to vacuum freshener sticks. Pop one of the sticks into your vacuum canister, and let it work its magic while you vacuum. 

How Do You Clean the Filter on a Dyson Animal Cordless?

Opening a vacuum dirt container, How to Get Rid of Dog Smell in Dyson Cordless Vacuum

You know it’s important to clean the filter on your Dyson Animal Cordless, but do you know how to do so correctly? Dyson warns against using any type of detergent or cleaning agent on the filter. Instead, follow the steps below to clean your Dyson Animal Cordless filter: 

  1. Remove the filter. 
  2. Gently tap the filter against the garbage can to remove excess dust and hair. 
  3. Hold it under a stream of cold water, rubbing it gently with your hands. 
  4. Now, it’s time to fill the filter with warm water. Cover both openings with your hands, and shake it back and forth, allowing the water to cleanse every part of the filter thoroughly
  5. . Pour the water out. It should appear dirty. Repeat steps four and five until the water looks clean. 
  6. Now, shake the filter vigorously to remove excess water. 
  7. Let the filter dry completely before replacing it. Using the vacuum with a wet or damp filter will destroy the motor. Although you must never place the filter in the microwave or dryer, you can position it in front of a fan or open window to aid in the drying process. After 24 hours, you can replace the filter if no water remains.

You can find Dyson cordless replacement filters on Amazon. 

How often should I replace the Dyson filter to eliminate dog smell? 

A properly maintained Dyson filter will need to be replaced approximately once every three months. If you don’t take care of it properly, however, it won’t last as long. As a general guideline, you should wash it about once per month. If you use the Dyson a lot and experience an excess in dog dander, you should clean it more often.

How often should I empty my Dyson? 

Although it may not seem like a big deal to allow the canister to become too full, doing so puts strain on the motor, forcing your vacuum to work extra hard. It can also cause clogs and reduced suction power, or your vacuum could begin to disperse the dirt back into the air.  

While you don’t technically have to empty your Dyson after each use, you should not wait until it’s full to dump the canister. Emptying when it reaches two-thirds or halfway full will help extend the life of the motor. If you empty it after each use, on the other hand, it will help prevent the dog smell from lingering. 

How often should you vacuum with pets?

Different people will provide varying answers to this question. Many suggest vacuuming twice per week if you have pets. However, this number is a bit low. If you live without inside pets, it is ideal to vacuum once per week unless you or your family members track in excess dirt. 

This number increases significantly for pet owners. Since animals shed and track in dirt and allergens, you should probably vacuum every day instead of once per week. With the extra dust particles and dander floating around, your family will breathe easier and benefit from cleaner air. You may even want to consider getting an air purifier. 

In Closing

Dogs can bring a lot of joy to our lives. They keep us company and become members of the family. Like kids, however, they make messes. Their hair gets everywhere, and it can cause your Dyson cordless vacuum to smell like a dog. When you fire it up and start vacuuming, the horrible smell radiates through your home.

By implementing the above techniques into your Dyson vacuum maintenance habits, you can eliminate and prevent lingering dog odor. 

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