How To Get Rid Of Dog Smell In A New House [6 Practical Methods]

Foul dog odor can be unpleasant in any home, but it's especially unpalatable in a house you just moved into. Perhaps you noticed the smell when you toured the property, or you might have discovered it after moving in. Regardless, one thing is for certain—the smell has to go. But how exactly do you get rid of a dog smell? We did the research to bring you the answer.

To get rid of the pesky dog smell in your new house, do the following:

  1. Vacuum and clean the carpet
  2. Open the windows and doors to aerate the house 
  3. Wash the curtains
  4. Clean the upholstery
  5. Add a coat of paint to the walls
  6. Replace the carpet (if needed)

If you still have some more questions about getting rid of the dog smell in your house, don't worry. This post will serve as a comprehensive guide to the topic. We'll also discuss some great odor-absorbing products, and much more. Without further ado, let's get into it!

Nosy dogs at the door. How To Get Rid Of Dog Smell In A New House [6 Practical Methods]

Getting Rid Of Dog Smell

When it comes to eliminating unwanted pet odors, the best approach is a thorough, aggressive one that will cover all of the potential problem areas.

Here we'll discuss some ways to remove that pesky dog smell in greater detail. If you follow these steps, your new house will smell nice and fresh in no time!

1. Vacuum And Clean The Carpet

Red vacuum cleaner cleaning a carpet.

Carpet harbors dirt, dust, pet hair, and all kinds of other debris, so it's generally the most significant culprit when it comes to foul odor. And naturally, the more carpet you have, the more severe and extensive the odor problem might be. 

Thoroughly vacuum all of the carpeted areas throughout the house. Then, sprinkle a liberal amount of baking soda on parts of the carpet where there is a noticeable odor, as baking soda does an amazing job of soaking up unpleasant odors. If your carpet is particularly thick, use a brush to work it in. Allow the baking soda to sit for a few hours (or preferably overnight, if possible), and then vacuum the carpet again. 

Depending on the state of the carpet, you might have to repeat this process a few times to extract all of the debris. This step alone should have a noticeable effect. 

Once the vacuuming is done, use a carpet cleaner to further extract the debris from the carpet. Again, several passes might be necessary to get the carpet nice and clean. This should significantly reduce the perceptible dog odor in the house. 

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2. Open The Windows And Doors To Aerate The House

Another simple yet effective way to eliminate dog odor from your new house is to open the windows and doors for several hours. This will allow fresh air to replace the old, stale air that has been festering inside the house. While this won't eliminate the odor at the source, it will certainly improve the smell. 

3. Wash The Curtains

If the curtains in your house are machine washable, wash them. Since they're made of fabric, curtains tend to absorb all kinds of odors and debris. The thicker the curtains, the greater their potential for harboring unwanted smells. 

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4. Clean The Upholstery

If any furniture was left in the house from the previous owner, it could a contributing factor in regard to the dog smell. Use a steam cleaner or the handheld attachment of a carpet shampooer to thoroughly clean the upholstery. Cloth chairs and couches are notorious for holding and giving off all kinds of foul odors. 

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5. Add A Fresh Coat Of Paint To The Walls

Male hand painting wall with paint roller. Painting apartment, renovating with blue color paint

If the dog smell is still lingering, consider adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls. While this approach might seem extreme, believe it or not, walls can harbor foul odors. Simply painting over the existing coat of paint should mask any preexisting odors. 

6. Replace The Carpet (If Needed)

If the dog smell persists after following all of the above steps, you might need to replace the carpet and the underlying padding altogether. Depending on the source of the odor (i.e. dog urine), the damage might be too deep for a mere topical treatment to be successful. If the original source of the stench made it through the carpet and onto the padding, the only solution is to replace it entirely. 

The good news, however, is that this will absolutely eradicate that pesky dog stench. 

What Is The Best Thing To Absorb Odors?

As mentioned, baking soda does a great job of eliminating unpleasant odors. The small particles easily permeate carpet and fabric and absorb unwanted odors. What's more, baking soda is a remarkably inexpensive option, and practically everyone has some readily available. 

How Long Does It Take For Baking Soda To Absorb Odors?

The longer baking soda sits on the affected area, the more effective it will be. As a general rule, it's best to let it sit for several hours for the best results. 

How Do I Get Rid Of Dog Urine Smell In My House?

The smell of dog urine can be particularly unpleasant. To get rid of a lingering urine odor, simply concoct a mixture of water, vinegar, and baking soda. Then, apply it to the affected area, and allow it to soak for a few minutes. Next, scrub the area thoroughly with a rag or brush. Once the area dries, go over it with a vacuum or a carpet shampooer to pick up the baking soda particles. 

If you still notice the odor, simply repeat the process. 

Does Febreeze Get Rid Of Dog Smell?

It's no mystery that Febreeze is one of the best odor eliminating products on the market. The Febreeze Pet Odor Eliminator has a great reputation for successfully eliminating all kinds of pet odors.

However, if you choose to use Febreeze, we recommend using it in conjunction with the steps listed above. While Febreeze is generally effective, it's important to eliminate the odor at the source with other absorbent products (such as baking soda) and a thorough cleaning of the area. 

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In Closing

We hope this guide has equipped you with the knowledge you need to purge your new house of that pesky dog smell. If you follow these steps, you can rest assured that your new house will be free of the dog smell in no time!

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