27 Glam Living Room Ideas

When it comes to adding some glamour to your living room, there are so many small details that can make or break the space. Is it possible to potentially overdo it with sparkle and elegance, or do you need even more? We have researched this in-depth and have the answers you have been waiting for. Let's get into it.

Having a glamorous living room can mean very different things depending on who you ask. When we think glamour, the first thing that comes to mind would be old Hollywood and the many lavish details that rooms of that era had. Adding a little sparkle and class to your space can be done without having to start from scratch, and we are here to show you exactly how to do it. 

As we get started, we will share our top 27 glam living rooms that can inspire you and your design process. We will also be sharing some excellent products to help add some glamour to your space and give tips and tricks on how to get your room ready to take a selfie in. Let's get started!

Modern contemporary living room with gray sofa with light pink curtains, gray ottoman, and a round glass coffee table, 27 Glam Living Room Ideas

1. Grey With A Touch Of Blush

Modern contemporary living room with gray sofa with light pink curtains, gray ottoman, and a round glass coffee table

First, we have this simple grey and blush accented living room space that feels very glamorous. The grey sofa and ottoman pair nicely with the soft blush pillows and modern decor in this room and give it a very classy final look.

2. Tufted Furniture

A big light blue colored accent chair with a white end table on the side

Another great way to add some glamour to your area is to incorporate a tufted chair or sofa and some beautiful flowers. This room has a spring color palette and feels very posh and well planned. We want to note how the designer also chose a rug with little flowers to match the pastel glam theme.

Artechworks Velvet Tufted Push Back Arm Chair

Here is a tufted accent chair from the Artechworks brand that will add some glam to your living room. This chair is made from velvet and comes in both grey and soft pink.

Check it out on Amazon here.

3. Feeling Blue 

Interior of a blue room with a patterned throw pillow and an end table with a plant on top

Next up, we have this super blue glam living room that feels very Mediterranean and chic. Choosing a single color to decorate with can turn out amazing with the right art and accessories, just like this room is using.

4. Velvet With Gold Accents

A dark green teal themed living room with dark teal furniture's and hanging plants inside

Following a velvet theme, we have this glam living room with a deep rich green velvet sofa and chair that looks amazing. Gold accented furniture and decor tends to pair well with green, so we recommend trying to find similar styles to place in your own space.

5. Sparkle To The Max

A light brown natuzzi sofa with a light brown carpet with white coffee tables in front

This next room is for all our sparkle addicts out there looking for a more posh living room idea. This room uses a soft gold palette and even went with glitter material curtains. The wood-accented decor and furniture look great with the sofa and ties the room together very well. 

Lush Decor Night Sky Dramatic Curtains

Here we have a set of sparkly and elegant curtains that are from the Lush Decor Store. These have a very upscale design and ombre color scheme and look great in a glam living room.

Click here to see them on Amazon.

6. Royal Blue Hues 

A dark blue themed living room with a long dark blue sofa, round coffee table, a dark floor length curtain, and a gold floor lamp

Another fantastic glam living room idea we have to share is this deep rich blue and gold accented room that we are loving. Blue has a very royal feeling, so it is a popular color in luxury rooms and designs worldwide.

7. The Bigger The Better

A long comfortable sofa with white throw pillows, gray accent chairs with a white round ceramic table, and a floral accent wall

Next on our list is this stunning living room with wall art so massive it almost doubles as a wall. A floral art piece and matching throw pillows make this space look super glam and ready to be photographed. We also like how this room uses different grey furniture to add a neutral component with all the colors.

8. One Of A Kind 

A wicker chair with a white ottoman

Following a more eclectic and thrifted vibe, we have this super-personalized glam living room that turned out amazing. The wicker chair and side table go well together and look very elegant and one of a kind in a room like this. Going with a fun and quirky lamp or piece of art is a great way to add both glamour and personalization to a living room design. 

9. Fun Wallpaper

A dark gray patterned wall, a small accent chest, and dark blue accent chair with a red throw pillow

Next, we have a living room idea that went with a fun and detailed wallpaper design that looks great in the space. The light wood floors match the wall art design very well and don't fight for attention in this space. We recommend choosing a neutral wallpaper so you can have more fun with your furniture and decor. 

10. Roman Accented 

Spacious and luxurious living room with golden framed furniture's, and white painted walls

Coming in at 10, we have this stunning Roman accented living room that looks fit for a king (or queen). The use of wall molding and pillars makes this room feel lavish and glamorous. Rounded seating is very in right now and tends to give off a classy look, so we recommend giving that style a try. 

11. Old Hollywood Charm

[PIN id="79516749661148327" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

One of the favorites on our list is this old Hollywood-inspired living room that looks utterly glamorous. The shell accent chair pops in this space and makes for a unique detail in the room. We also love the massive portraits they have framed on the wall and the beautiful furniture throughout. 

This glamourous and Hollywood-themed art print from the Haus And Hues shop will add some old-school charm to your living room. This Audrey Hepburn print has a very retro and chic style to it.

Follow this link to Amazon to check this out.

12. Parisian Suite 

[PIN id="296463587957024327" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Next on our list, we have this glam living room with a Parisian touch to it. This space feels very eclectic and urban while also maintaining that timeless charm Paris is known for. The mustard yellow sofa paired with the grey furniture and rug can stand out while also fitting perfectly in. 

13. Neutral And Bright

An ultra modern living room with white walls, retro inspired couch and sofas, wooden laminated flooring, and dangling lamps, 27 Glam Living Room Ideas

Another great glam living idea would be to follow a more modern and bright palette when choosing your decor. This room uses a softer wood and neutral color scheme that looks amazing in the space. Glamour can also be soft-spoken, and this may fit your style more than the uber lavish options.

14. Scarlett Red

Living room with two red chairs with throw pillows

Coming in at 14, we have this bright red glam living room that catches the eye. Red is a hit or miss color in design and should be used wisely, like in this room example above. Pairing a red sofa with a softer coffee table and curtains is a great way to successfully add vibrance and glamour to a space. 

15. Soft And Comfy Glam

A light beige colored sleeper sofa with a red floor lamp and a small indoor plant on the side

Next up, we have this cozy and glamorous living room design that feels very homey. Softer glam can be done using a statement piece of furniture or decor, like the bright red lamp and assorted pillows in this room.

16. Art Deco Chic 

[PIN id="31032684922625865" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Following a more artistic and whimsical glam design, we have this gorgeous living room idea. The classy and simple light fixture works as a statement piece in this room and makes it extremely memorable. If you love to collect art, why not showcase it in your living room?

17. Adding Some Leather

A comfortable leather sofa with indoor plants on the side

Here is a softer glam living room idea for those working with a leather couch or furniture who want a little more elegance in their space. This living room follows a contemporary and simple design using throw pillows and a beautiful light fixture. 

18. Palm Springs Midcentury

[PIN id="10203536645656834" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Here we have another glam living room style that follows a more midcentury design that looks amazing. This room is very colorful and artsy, which makes it feel welcoming and fun. This room's design has a very Palm Springs aesthetic and will look great in an open-concept home.

19. Family Hangout

A long purple sectional sofa inside a white flat paneled wall living room

This next living room is a more simple and cozy glam design that is great for families. Choosing a huge sectional where everyone can sit and watch movies is a great way to transform your space into a family hangout.

20. Ambient Lighting

An ultra modern living room with an elliptical ceramic coffee table, gray tiles, and mixed with different sizes of plants

Another glam living room concept is one with ambient lighting and modern decor. Using LED or warm lighting behind a wall or bookshelf is a great way to add extra light and design to your living room.

Jonathan Y Iris 59.5" LED Modern Floor Lamp

This modern LED floor lamp will add ambient light to your space and catch your guest's attention. This lamp comes in multiple colors and connects to your wall by a plug-in cord.

View this on Amazon by clicking this link.

21. Tropical Print

A floral accent wall and a skyblue sofa with a fuchsia pink drape

For those of you wanting a tropical and bright-themed living room, this one is for you. This room uses a chic and trendy wallpaper to create an oasis-like theme that we are living for.

22. Straight Off The Press

[PIN id="4996249577626353" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Here is a super glamorous and designer-inspired living space that is almost picture-perfect. The printed magazine cover art makes this room feel on-trend and high-end glam. The rose gold and blush accents throughout the room make this feel well planned and ready to pose in. 

23. A Touch Of Purple

[PIN id="2322237296694564" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Next up on our list is this stunning purple-accented living space with high ceilings. This glam living room features very modern furniture and a centerpiece light fixture that brings this entire look together.

24. Animal Print Accessories

[PIN id="1266706131524235" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Another great way to add glam to your living room is to try out animal pattern decor like this example. You can see how the designer went with leopard print accessories that bring the theme all together very well.

Phantoscope Decorative Leopard Pillowcase Covers

These leopard pillowcase covers from the Phantoscope brand will add that pop of animal print to your glam living room space. These measure 18 inches by 18 inches and can be used with your existing pillows.

View them here on Amazon.

25. Bachelor Pad

Ultra modern contemporary living room, white ceiling, white floor length curtains, and a long brown sectional sofa

Next on our list, we have this modern glam living room with a bachelor pad design featuring darker wood accents. This room feels very contemporary while also achieving a glam design using lighting and structural details.

26. Classic Glam

A Mediterranean inspired living room with incorporated architecture, bookshelves, and blue sectional sofas

We couldn't make this list without including a more classic glam living room option incorporating a grand fireplace and chandelier. This living room features a breathtaking wall of bookcases that make us feel like we have stepped into a scene from Beauty and The Beast.

27. Rustic Glamour

A Mediterranean inspired living room with incorporated architecture, bookshelves, and blue sectional sofas

Finally, we have a stunning rustic glam living room that feels like it fits right in Aspen. This option is for the more outdoorsy type that can appreciate the finer things in home design and love an exposed beam feature. The gorgeous candle-inspired chandelier is a great touch that makes this space feel glamorous and chic. 

The Wrap Up

Glamour is very subjective when it comes to home design and can be achieved in so many different ways. Using bold accent decor and lighting seems to be a common theme in traditionally glam spaces and is an easy way to elevate a room. From modern design to one-of-a-kind quirkiness, any room can feel glamourous with the right accessories. Have fun with your space, and when in doubt, add some color and a feather centerpiece. 

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