12 Awesome Golf-Themed Decor Items for Your Office

For every hobby or sport you love, there’s sure to be a wide variety of decor for your home or office space. Golf is no exception. Whether you work at a golf course and want your office to match or you work in a small cubicle and just want to dress it up, there’s a large selection of items for you to choose. From wall art to shelf decor to trinkets for your desk, you can be sure your office space will avidly and proudly display your love for the sport—and maybe even draw in a few new golf buddies along the way.

12 Awesome Golf-Themed Decor Items For Your Office

Golf-Themed Decor Items

We've taken the time to dig into Amazon and find the best decor items for gold lovers. These would make fantastic gifts to someone dear and near who enjoys golfing, or you could use them for decorating your own office room.

1. Golf Ball Coaster Set

Tired of condensation from your water or soda getting on your desk but want to keep in theme with the rest of your office? 1337 Shady Studios sells a set of four golf ball coasters. They’re handmade, featuring a golf ball design that’s been etched into the wood. Each coaster is 3.5” in diameter and comes with a cork backing. Even more fun: each set is sanded before shipment and comes unfinished, so you can leave them as-is or make them truly your own with your favorite finish.

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2. Iron Golfer Bookend Set

This bookend set features two golfers in different swinging positions, ready to hold up as many books as you need. Crafted from durable iron, these bookends use the golfers as the part to hold the book up, so you can even use them as a simple shelf, desk, or table decorations. Danya B.’s set makes the perfect gift for any gold dad, coworker, boss, or just for yourself!

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3. On Par Golf Bag Table

Got some empty space in your office? Fill it with Design Toscano’s glass-topped golf bag table. Each piece is individually hand-painted by Design Toscano’s artists, The table stand is hand-cast from crushed stone and bonded with high-quality resin, and the glass tabletop adds a bit of class. It’s perfect for a lamp-stand in your office, for keeping pictures of loved ones, or even just to showcase a golf trophy.

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4. Black Golf Bag Pen and Pencil Set

This black golf bag pen and pencil set from Things Remembered is the perfect gift for the golf-lover in your life! They can keep it on their desk in their office as a nice, delicate way to display their love for the sport. Better yet, you can have the small metal plate on the front of the bag engraved with their initials, making it feel like the golf bag is truly theirs. The set comes with a letter opener, a pencil, and a pen, that feature golf-shaped designs on top: a golf tee, a golf club, and a golf ball (respectively).

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5. Vintage Golf Wall Art Prints

This set of four vintage golf-themed prints feature patent images of a golf ball, caddy bag, golf club head, and tee. They look perfect in a two by two square on the wall or spaced out around other decorative items. You’re free to hang them however fits your space best. Not only do they show your love for golf, but they’re a way to display that your interest in the sport goes a little bit deeper than surface level. They show passion.

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6. Golf Ball Hole Clock

Sugar Vine Art’s golf ball hole clock is the perfect way to spruce up an otherwise bland office. Do you love golf but don’t want it everywhere? Hang it where people only look when they need to know the time! It shows just the right amount of personality without overwhelming anyone who enters your office. It’s non-ticking and has large numbers, so you won’t have to worry about the constant sound when you’re trying to have peace and quiet to get some work done or have a meeting.

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7. Golf Ball Pint Glass

Ben Shot USA’s golf ball pint glass is hand-sculpted, meaning each one is unique. They use real Titleist golf balls when making them, and they can hold roughly 16 ounces of liquid. The glasses come individually packaged, so you know they'll be safe if you want to order more than one. It’s perfect for a new water cup, or even as a makeshift pen and pencil holder!

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8. Crystal Paperweight Golf Ball

Love golf but want to keep your office a bit classy? Matashi’s crystal paperweight golf ball is the perfect desk decoration for you! It conveys a love of golf without being too overbearing to your space. It’s elegant, sitting atop a two-inch by two-inch base that tapers out to two-and-a-quarter by two-and-a-quarter inches on the bottom. The golf ball itself is three-and-a-quarter inches in diameter, perfect for nestling next to some office supplies or beside your desk phone.

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9. Three-Piece Golf Pen Set

10LOL’s three-piece golf pen set features a rolling caddy bag with golf clubs sitting atop a green alongside a tiny ball. Inside the caddy bag are three golf club pens: one red, one blue, one black, allowing you to have your choice of ink. The handle is movable, so you can adjust it based on the height of the items surrounding it, and the bag is made from soft PU leather. Best of all, there’s a small zipper compartment that can store little things like paper clips or erasers.

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10. Mini Golf Cart LED Clock

The mini-golf cart LED clock from 10LOL features an LED display on the front of the cart where you can see the time, as well as the month, date, day of the week, and temperature. 10LOL has ten years of production experience and focuses on even the minor details of the gift. It’s about 5.5 by 2.5 inches and has an easily accessible battery, allowing you to change it yourself when it needs a new one (as opposed to having to throw the whole thing out and get a new one).

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11. Vintage Golf Wood Sign

This vintage golf wood sign by Local Artist asks the real question: to golf or not to golf? It’s silly, of course, because if you hang this sign up, it’s likely you’d much prefer golfing to sitting at your desk. And is that even a question? But this sign is sure to be a talking point for any guests you have in your office, whether coworkers or interviewees or golf buddies coming to see if you want to get in a few holes at lunchtime. It’s a fun way to say, “Hey, I like to golf!,” and invite people to talk about their love of it, too.

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12. Golf-Themed Business Card Holder

This stylish golf-themed business card holder from Clarke features a delicate, metal golf ball with two crossed tees underneath. The base is made from wood and has a mahogany finish while the business card holder and accents are made from pewter. It’s about 5.5 by 3.5 inches and will flawlessly (yet subtly) let anyone who takes your business card know that you may be up for a game or two.

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Hopefully, you liked our selection. If you're a golfer, leave us a comment to let us know, or share with your friends (maybe they'll get the hint *wink*)

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