Goodwill Vs. Savers Vs. Salvation Army: Where To Donate?

Periodically, cleaning out closets and garages is a great way to reduce clutter in your home and help others access affordable clothing and household items. Maybe you have a few boxes of stuff you need to donate but are unsure which donation center would be best? These are excellent questions. We've done the research and found answers to your questions.

Goodwill, Savers, and Salvation Army are comparable regarding how to donate your used goods. Drop off your donations at the nearest center at the donation dock during regular business hours. 

Perhaps you are interested in learning more about various nonprofits to donate your used items? Or how to keep track of your donation receipts? Please continue reading this post. We have a great deal of information to share with you about donation centers. 

A box filled with cloths and other used goods for donation, Goodwill Vs. Savers Vs. Salvation Army: Where To Donate?

Goodwill Vs. Savers Vs. Salvation Army: Where To Donate?

Choosing to donate your used goods is great for the environment and your local economy. 


Goodwill retail store sign

Goodwill Industries has over 3,300 locations between Canada and United States, where you can drop off your used item anytime the store is open. 

The funds generated for selling the items go towards business expenses and help fund job training programs. Fun fact, 85% of Americans and Canadians live within ten miles of a Goodwill center, which makes donating to Goodwill easy and quick!


Savers is a for-profit business that accepts donations from individuals and other nonprofit organizations. Also, Savers is the largest for-profit thrift company in Canada and the United States. 

Donating or shopping at Savers does not directly support nonprofit organizations. However, the company purchases a lot of its merchandise from nonprofits, which provides those organizations with funds to keep their humanitarian work possible. 

Salvation Army 

The Salvation Army sign

Salvation Army is a 501 nonprofit registered in the USA since 1955 and is serving people worldwide to fulfill basic needs and learn skills to lift them out of poverty. The funds generated from selling the donations are used for an array of programs caring for today's most impoverished people. 

Donating your used goods is as simple as dropping off boxes at one of their donation centers or having them pick up your items from your home. 

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